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  1. With all this talk about Jaguar Carts That stop working and the Falty jag Pins. Would it be nice to have all the good Jag games Ported over to The jag Cd. This way you Could play all the great games on cd. just like the new systems. It would be nice to play tempest 2000, Doom ect. on the jag cd. No more carts!! or beter yet no more red screens. Just my Brain at work. have a great day.

  2. I Know all about the copyright laws. but that olny takes affect if you go to sell the item. i just want to know if someone out there can make the sega games play on the jag cd. i have a lot of sega cds but dont want to get a sega cd. It works by making Sega Cd Games themselves can't go on a jaguar cd, There has to be a lockout

    code. Putting them on a disc that works for jaguar shouldn't unless the code

    was made for Jag CD.


    Here's the thing: it is very unethical in terms of trademarks and Copyrights if

    is possible. Game companies that exists today from the Sega Cd period might care. I see why you want sega cd games on Jaguar Cd: so you can play games like Shining force cd. What would happen if other jaguar owners may want rare games for sega Cd for that you make for Jaguar Cd by copying rare games? There had been homebrew games that are the same the arcade games and changed names of these games to prevent a chance of a lawsuit that released or haven't been sold but being downloaded instead.


    Trust me in Trademarks and copyrights were involved in a couple classes I took.

    I am no lawyer by they are important in what ever you degree is based in.


  3. Can't happen.  It's like a Sega Dreamcast playing Playstation one games.  Bleem does not count.


    Why Cant it Happen? There Cant be much to a sega cd game. If they can be copyed why cant the jag play them? whats stoping them from playing on the jag cd?

  4. Has AnyOne Ever Tried To Play A Sega CD Game On The Jag CD?(what does it do) I Have Always Dreamed That Some Day I Could Play Sega CD's On The Jag Cd. Does Any Know What would have to be done to Allow the jag cd to play sega games? I Have Heard that the sega cd games are very easy to copy. I Know that the jag cd can handle playing the sega cds. I Also know that the jag cd and the sega cd games have a ecription code. There is not very manny jag cd games out there. someone needs to break the ecription code so we can play sega cds on the jag cd. sega and atari have been very close in the past look at the plug ends on the old sega and atari 2600 systems. There has to be a way. if anyone else out there feels the same way let me know. i would love to here from you. :?:

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