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  1. Here are my times for this past week (February 22nd through 28th)... Browser based: Forge of Empires - 464 min. in 19 sessions I continued to play Forge of Empires, and I managed to bring down the numbers a bit and also shorten the average session time... not much more to say though, I'm near the end of the early middle age and will probably enter the high middle age tomorrow.
  2. Sorry, I don't remember... I don't even remember which arcade this was in since I visited multiple ones in that week. I didn't know there were two versions of that game... I can only remember that the version I played didn't move (either because that machine doesn't move or because it was somewhat broken), and that my father actually tried to discourage me from visiting arcades alone. ;-). I can try to visit those arcades again, but right now I suspect they are all closed because of the pandemic.
  3. Here are my times for this past week (February 15th to 21st) on modern systems (didn't play any classic ones)... Browser based: Forge of Empires - 572 minutes in 22 sessions Hero Wars - 4 This week I continued to play Forge of Empires. I actually had planned to further cut down on playing time, but somehow the game gets more diverse, so there's more to do per session. But I still managed to shorten the sessions, so the play time was divided in 22 sessions. This gives 26 minutes per session. Actually I would like to keep the sessions to 14 minutes maximum and a maximum of 210 minutes of playing time per week, which would be roughly 2 sessions per day. Then I briefly played Hero Wars but stopped after I noticed that the game was very different from what's shown in the ad I clicked on.
  4. Here are my times for this past week(February 8th through 14th) on modern systems: Browser Based: Forge of empires - 557 minutes in 21 sessions It's been another week of mainly playing Forge of Empires, but I've tried to shorten my sessions because they ate up too much time, so I'm down from about 15 to 9 hours this week. I strive for about 30 minutes of gaming per day which would be the optimum thing for me. It's also that not so much is happening anymore in this game and you have to invest more time to get further in the game, so I'm somewhat losing interest in it as well. I'm now through the iron age and have started the early middle age.
  5. Here are my times for this past week(February 8th through 14th) on classic systems: Channel F: Pac-Man - 7 minutes The only classic game I played this week was "Pac-Man" on the Channel F. I didn't get particularly far though and only played one game of it.
  6. Here are my times for this week (February 1st through 7th) on classic systems... Commodore 64: Joust (prototype) - 8 min. The only classic game I played this week was the unreleased Atarisoft version of Joust which also doesn't quite seem finished (especially regarding the sound), and then I only played one game of that in which I died at the pterodactyl wave.
  7. Here are my times for this week (February 1st through 7th) on modern systems... Browser based: Forge of Empires - 884 min. in 15 sessions This week I almost doubled my playing time on Forge of Empires, but it will probably go down again next week since I've reached a point where achievements get harder to reached, so you have to spend more time collecting funds and goods before you can do anything. I'm close to completing the iron age in that game though.
  8. Here are my times for this past week (January 25th through 31st) on modern systems... Browser based: Forge of Empires - 527 minutes in 10 sessions This week I started playing Forge of Empires, a typical browser game where you build your city and your empire through the ages. I'm still in the early stages, just getting a hold on the trading system, and I'm not in a guild yet. We'll see how this turns out in the next weeks...
  9. Here are my times for this past week (January 25th through 31st) on classic systems... Atari 2600: Alligator people -16 min. The only classic game I played this week was Alligator people. The 16 minute were a single game in which I reached about 42,000 points, and I decided that's enough. I then started to play Forge of Empires, but that's on the modern side. Apart from that, I basically gave up analyzing the format of the Yamaha Playcards. What I did find out is that it's bit oriented, not byte oriented, which makes it a similar mess as the LPC data format of the TI-99 speech synthesizer. There are also some tables with values which I can't fully see through. The format of my old Yamaha PRS-60 keyboard (as saved on tape) is much easier to understand since it's basically also a straight RAM dump, so what's on tape gets loaded that way and stays in memory until it gets played. And it's divided into several tables which get played through from start to finish in the order they are stored.
  10. Here are my times for this past week (January 18th through 24th) on classic systems... Arcade: Mario Bros - 117 min. in 4 sessions Atari 2600: Alligator people - 30 min. I played 2 different games this week. In Mario Bros., I finally managed to reach the KO round, which is phase 25. After that, however, it continues counting KO + 1, KO + 2, KO + 3 andl KO + 4, but then it reverts back to KO, however the numerical phase display at the start of each round keeps counting up, but the game doesn't seem to get any faster. It's at its breaking point at that point however with occasional slowdowns occurring. So I think I've beaten that one. Alligator people actually seems to be a very relevant game to the current COVID-19 situation in that you play as a syringe and have to spray antidote at people who slowly turn to alligators in order to cure them. And the antidote is scarce, very much like the COVID-19 vaccine now given to people. I caught myself giving names to objects in the game which I didn't use when I last played the game, which was way before COVID-19 broke out. For instance, the yellow things you collect are now clearly doses. Nowadays you see syringes and people treated with them on TV every day, and the number of doses available comes up regularly as well, so the content of this game feels quite different than it did a year ago. And it wouldn't be difficult to rewrite the backstory so that it's about COVID-19 instead.
  11. Here are my times for the past week (January 11th through 17th) on classic systems... Arcade: Mario Bros. - 19 min. I only played a single game of Mario Bros. this week because I found something else interesting to do... I'm currently working to comment a disassembly of the MSX cartridge Yamaha Playcard System (or Yamaha Playcard Program), trying to find out the format in which the music is stored on the Playcards after being successful with finding out the format in which their PRS-60 keyboard (which I own) saves the music on tape. For the Playcards I haven't had success yet though I did find out some routines and their probable purpose. In Mario Bros. itself, it's the usual fare of about 160.000 points.
  12. Just for the record, I won a Game Gear back in 1992 at a Karaoke contest. It was the bundle pack with the power adaptor, and the power adaptor says "Adaptor for use with power base", so at that time, and for Europe / Austria at least, it was the same adaptor as for the Master System. The ratings are 9V 1A. The actual power requirements of the GG are lower though... it draws about 250-300 mA from the batteries while the Master System (at least the first generation) draws about 400 mA from the adaptor.
  13. Here are my times for the last two weeks (December 28th, 2020 through January 10th, 2021) on modern systems... including non-consoles: Browser Based (Flash): Castaway - 104 min. in 3 sessions I've completed Castaway in time for the disappearance of the Flash player which will probably take away many old games with it. The trend now actually as I see it goes to phone apps and to other platforms which at least in part don't run on Windows XP at all, at least not in their current version, for instance, Unity or HTML5. Shapez.io is one of those games which only work on my laptop which runs Windows 10, but not on my desktop PC which still runs Windows XP.
  14. Here are my times for the last two weeks (December 28th, 2020 through January 10th, 2021) on classic systems: Arcade: Donkey Kong 3 - 7 min. Elevator Action - 19 min. in 3 sessions Funky Fish - 9 min. Hyper Sports - 13 min. in 2 sessions Jr. Pac-Man - 6 min. Mario Bros. - 144 min. in 8 sessions Atari 2600: Ixion - 19 min. Mario Bros. - 17 min. Oystron - 13 min. I've returned to playing the arcade version of Mario Bros., but I've also tried the greatly simplified Atari 2600 version. In order to avoid too much flicker, they changed some game elements which would make things easier for the player, so this had to be counterbalanced by making the physics more difficult to master and by sending through more and faster fireballs. I don't really like that version very much. I also played a bunch of other games where there's not much to report. In Hyper Sports, I still didn't manage to complete the triple jump which seems to be picky about when you're really able to jump as far as you should.
  15. Uh, sorry, I forgot to add my numbers for the broken week from December 28th through 31st since I didn't anticipate the week to be broken, and I didn't plan on posting them mid-week. Since by now the stats have been calculated, should I rather add those times to the 2021 tracker?
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