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  1. Sorry, but I didn't play any modern games this week (July 8th through 14th).
  2. Here are my times for this past week (July 8th through 14th)... Mattel Aquarius: Burger TIme - 28 min. Atari 2600: Boulder Dash (Demo?) - 10 min. Burger Time - 159 min. in 3 sessions Colecovision: Burger Time - 10 min. Q*Bert - 20 min Commodore 64: Burger Time 1997 - 31 min. Intellivision: Burger Time - 61 min. TI-99: Burger Time - 20 min. This week I mainly played various versions of Burger Time in order to compare them to ChaoticGrill on the Atari 2600, also to compare how well the music is translated. The most challenging one actually seems to be the Atari 2600 version although I didn't try to finish the Mattel Aquarius version. While at it, on the Colecovision I also played a game of Q*Bert which lasted 20 minutes, and on the Atari 2600 I also played Boulder dash... this is the version "BoulderDash100.bin" which is probably a demo since as far as I know the finished version was never released. I didn't manage to get through the 1st level... I guess you have to somehow create the diamonds you're suppose to collect by interacting with walls, but I don't exactly know how.
  3. Here are my times for this past week (July 1st to 7th) on modern systems... sorry, I didn't play any games on modern systems this week.
  4. Here are my times for this past week (July 1st to 7th) on classic systems... Arcade: Burger Time - 19 min. Atari 2600: Chaotic Grill - 16 min. in 2 sessions Commodore 64: Munchy - 7 min. I'm just helping out with the creation of Chaotic Grill, which at the moment still is a WIP, by redoing and improving sounds and music. In order to do that, I played both the WIP version of Chaotic Grill and the original version, Burger time. Chaotic Grill is improving from build to build. Other than that, I was playing Munchy on the C-64, but only one game of it.
  5. Here I attempted some of the sound effects... note that they actually should have a falling envelope (like the sound when a burger falls a level). That is, each of the two sounds should start playing on volume 7 (they are also some of the loudest in the arcade) and then gradually decay as they play until they reach volume 1 at the end. The "Squash" sound is actually only 4 frames long, the "Enemy riding" sound lasts about half a second. I hope you can see what's going on in these ones... Burger Time Enemy squashed.ttt Burger Time Enemy riding.ttt
  6. Thank you for your versions of the tunes! Here are some of mine... I've amended your burgertime.ttt in order to more closely resemble the one in the arcade. Also, there's a new version of the death tune which I actually created from scratch just before you posted yours. I think it sounds much closer to the original... Then, another version of the level start and end tunes. The level start tune mostly plays in three parts, so for this new version I took advantage of the fact that the bass only plays short blips to have that channel play 2nd voice at the time the bass doesn't play. I tried the same with the level end tune, but it isn't such a big improvement because great portions of the original are only 2 parts, and the bass doesn't take as many breaks as in the level start tune. I don't think there needs to be a real envelope for the tunes, but the background music should be played at a lower volume setting than the rest in order to have the sound effects stand out. burgertime V2.ttt Burger Time Chef death.ttt Burger Time Level Start V2.ttt Burger Time Level End V3.ttt
  7. Thank you for posting this new version! Much improved sound there! There are still some things that occured to me about the sound: - Something's wrong about the main background music. While the overall tempo is correct, the individual notes need to be played shorter, I think, with rests in between. Also there are places when they seem to get somewhat out of sync to each other. - The start of the level end music gets drowned out by the last sound effects. Maybe you should either start it later so that it's fully played, or disable the sound effects immediately once the level is complete so that they don't prevent the level end music from playing fully. - The sound when Peter Pepper walks over the burgers seems to be too quick in tempo. The tempo of the last version seems to have been correct though. - The sound effect for "burger part starts falling without an enemy" at the moment also seems to play if one or more enemies are on it, in which case a different sound effect should be played. I know I didn't provide that one because it's not actual music... Basically it's kind of a sweep from high to low tone, but on both channels... - The player death tune isn't quite correct. I know I didn't provide that one either since you didn't report having difficulties with it, but I'll do so tomorrow if I'll get to it... - Two sound effects that are either missing or don't come close to the arcade is spraying enemies with pepper (not spraying pepper in general, but hitting enemies with it!) and squashing them with burger parts. - Generally, I think the background music should be softer in volume, and the sound effects should be louder in comparison. Sorry about nitpicking...
  8. Here's an updated version of my level end tune... I set it in the wrong key, now it's in the correct one (on both channels). One suggestion about the level start tune... the last note is off... the last note on the higher channel should be the same as the 2nd note the higher channel plays in that tune (D-5 instead of C-5). In fact, I've now tried to recreate several of the tunes that occur in the arcade original. I hope they are usable in one way or another... Burger starts falling without enemy.ttt Burger falls one level.ttt Bonus item appears.ttt Walk on burger.ttt Pick up extra pepper.ttt Burger Time Level Start.ttt Burger Time Level End V2.ttt
  9. Here are my times for this past week on classic systems: Arcade: Burger Time - 15 min. Atari 2600: Chaotic Grill - 12 min. Crystal Castles - 8 min. Like last week, I didn't play much because it was hot outside and I went swimming on 5 days. However, I did sneak in a round of "Chaotic Grill" because a new version of it was released. After that I played a bit of the original Burger Time for comparison. Also I viewed the demo "Danger zone" for the Atari 2600 for one minute (but that's no game, so it doesn't qualify here), followed by "Crystal Castles" for the same system.
  10. OK, uh... would it help if I try transcribing the level end tune for you? I read you're using TIA tracker, so I attempted to create something that resembles the level end music in it. This should at least give you a hint at what's going on... Burger Time Level End.ttt
  11. Very nice improvements there! The background music is now correct on both voices. This time I also had no hiccups (other than the enemies sometimes turning around when you don't expect it). However, there are still some things that could be improved about the music: - The starting tune is mostly correct, but the last note on the high channel is wrong. You could also revisit the note durations in some places - The dying tune isn't quite correct, especially not both voices - The level end tune is still missing, replaced by only, I think, 5 notes.
  12. Here are my times for this past week (June 17th through 23rd)... I didn't play any modern games, so I'll post the times I spent on shared e-scooters instead, which are also somewhat modern, but no electronic games... Uneligible: Rides on Flash / Circ scooters - 203 min. in 2 sessions... er... standings Ride on Tier scooter - 18 min.
  13. Here are my times for this past week (June 17th through 23rd)... Arcade: Puzzle Bobble - 20 min. Atari 7800: Frogus - 6 min. I didn't play much this week because the weather was hot and I went swimming with my father, also I rode some shared scooters again... Frogus is a variation on Frogger, but I don't think it plays as well as the original game. Puzzle Bobble actually was a single game... I don't think I ever got this far in the game as in this session (I think it was Level 14 or so).
  14. Here are my times for this past week (June 10th through 16th) on modern systems... Rides on shared electric scooters (ineligible): WIND - 67 min. in 2 sessions Circ (formerly Flash) - 34 min. in 1 session which was broken up in 3 Since I didn't play any games on modern systems, I decided to instead post the time spent on shared electric scooters this week. I did 3 rides in total, but the Flash scooter died 2 times and was reactivated. When it died for the 3rd time, reactivating it was unsuccessful. Support said this was because of low battery, now because of riding outside the business area. By the way it is possible both for Circ and WInd scooters to begin a rent outside the service area if you find one of their scooters there, but it should be impossible to end the rent of a Circ scooter outside the service area, and if you do that to a Wind scooter, they charge for it extra.
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