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  1. Hey just wanted to say - found Color Gotcha today and played in on my VCS via Harmony. Thanks for putting it together, much appreciated. I've played the original arcade machine (BW version of course) and its great to see on the VCS.  Kind regards, Steve.

  2. Just caught up on this thread. Great work. I've got a PAL and NTSC 7800 that have old (+10yrs) composite mods in. About time I looked to improve on that as they are better than RF but still leave a lot to be desired!
  3. Jobf


  4. I'd say focus your efforts on Australia. Keep checking Ebay.com.au so you see the 'ship to Oz only' auctions. Most of my non-Atari 7800 games came from Australia.
  5. All my Absolute or Salu games came from Germany or Australia. I just need PAL Baseball and F14 Tomcat for a 'complete' PAL collection. I could have bought them from Telegames UK for £39 each, but where's the fun in that? I have a few Salu AND HES (cardboard & Clamshell) releases like Super Skateboardin' but really I'm just happy with one or the other. I have a spare HES Kung Fu Master & Double Dragon for trade. In an ideal world I'd like to trade them for the two I need I got my Dark Chambers from Belgium because I never saw any appear in the UK. Seen a few since then though. Also Donkey Kong came from Belgium and Centipede from Australia. In my experience these titles weren't as widely distributed in the UK compared to most other Atari 7800 titles.
  6. Hey, looks like we're in a similar boat! I have spare F18 and Kung Fu Master (Australian HES clamshell). I need F14 and Baseball to complete my PAL collection. Do you have any boxed PAL 7800 stuff for trade? Could be interested in some box variations.
  7. Heheh, nice pictures man. Thanks for posting! See, that Atari jacket was a great fit! Sandra has also uploaded a video to Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_niPT9mE6g
  8. Put me down for a #2, please.
  9. Just like to add my thanks.. Had my standard Harmony a few weeks. Over the moon. Thank you! Superb product! :-) Jobf/Steve - UK
  10. Great pictures! Thanks Dieter and Iwan. Gutted I couldn't make what looks like it was a fantastic event. The T-Shirts look awesome! Any chance of ordering one or maybe sending the GFX so I can get an extra long one printed? Hopefully I would qualify for one based on past attendance Hopefully see you in Manchester :-)
  11. I'm hoping to get them all in the post tomorrow. I currently have a large pile of carts packed, addressed and ready for the customs form. They should be with everybody within 2 weeks. Expect PMs tomorrow (including tracking info for those who requested it). Excellent. Cheers for the update. Being in the UK, should have mine by the end of the week!
  12. I need some more information, as quickly as possible please Flights at the moment are coming in at around £150 return via Zurich into Vienna. Ryanair offer flights to Bratislava but by the time you factor in the cost and hassle of transfer and the fact it's Ryanair then I don't fancy that! I'd have to travel down to Heathrow to get direct flights to Vienna, and so that would add on costs and lots of time. Swiss are offering good prices from Birmingham at the moment via Zurich as I mention. This seems the best for me. But I won't book until I have some more concrete details about hotels, location in Vienna, cost for Eurocon etc. And the price for the flights rises all the time! Cheers Steve
  13. Add me to the list please!
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