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  1. thinks it would be nice indeed if this painting would come together quickly.

  2. thinks it would be nice indeed if this painting would come together quickly.

  3. Awesome pixel artwork on your site!

  4. Nice to see a good looking girl here on AA. If you come to New York, lets have some Tea together.


  5. I always saw it like a sword...but I've found a lot of people prefer it to look like an arrow pointing to the dragon.
  6. Married people always post the same thing at the same time.
  7. It's not just "art" it's my "art"! You can find it here at a discount: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5706339
  8. It also looks great for sale in my etsy shop: Samus
  9. Here are some pics that I took of our booth.
  10. I'm popping in for the first time in like a year to say I'll be there, ripe with art for all to buy. Come see me in person! My hair is short now. It's quite a show! Looking forward to seeing some of you people again!!
  11. I had noticed this, too. I wonder if its a matter of "Oh, he has a picture, so I guess it's ok now" because early on, this was hardly seen at all. I've also seen several with distractingly large, multicolored text that's almost as bad as an image.
  12. They have reruns on G4 about everynight. I know, but I don't want to pay for cable right now, because ST:TNG was all I ever watched anyway.
  13. Worrying about how dorky a Star Trek fan will look while playing an interactive Star Trek game is like worrying about getting your clothes wet when you put them in the washing machine. *misses watching ST:TNG every night*
  14. See, it was more the gameplay that turned me off. I flat out did not like having to juggle menus at the SAME TIME as actively fighting. I also hated the lock-on because it wasn't a promise that the camera would follow (as in Zelda-ish games) I thought the Gummi ship as a means of navigating the "world map" was a complete and utter misery. Pointless and mandatory arcade sequences where you fight gelatin and legos is not my ideal way to spend five, ten or fifteen minutes. I understand that later in the game you get the ability to warp, but, frankly, this ability should have been offered immediately if they wanted to keep me in the game. Also, in an otherwise slick and beautiful game (graphically), the Gummi sequence looked like StarFox. I could have dealt with the rest of the disney cowplop if we didn't have to revolve the whole thing around Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. These have to be my least favorite characters in the history of everything, and historically, mixing classic-style cartoons with 'real' people (if you consider the FF-style folks to be the element of reality here) has been pretty risky. It can work out ok (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) or it can go horribly, horribly wrong (SpaceJam!?) Here I just don't think it works, and, I would have preferred a Disney RPG to be made using ONLY the Disney elements, similar to the way Mario RPG was handled on the SNES. And this is all assuming I felt the basic game was playable, which it wasn't, at least for me. After I went "Oh, look, it's Cid" and "Wow, this game looks nice" I was done.
  15. Granted, I don't play too many newer games, least of all newer RPGs (although I do like them). But, a few months back, I borrowed this game from a friend, and started playing it, only to stop before I ever really did anything, because the Diz-nee overtones were too much for me. The nail in the coffin was the "Gummi ship." I understand that a lot of people clearly LOVE this game, everyone I've talked to seems to love it, and the sequel, and the gameboy games, etc... Like maybe this is "teh best game EVAR!!!!!1" Am I missing something? Do you really have to love Disney and Square to get this? Technically, I also found the introduction level tedious, and the battle system was difficult to get used to. I also really, really, REALLY hated that Gummi Ship, mostly because it was called the "Gummi Ship" but also because there was some kind of horrible manditory arcade-ish sequence in order to travel in something called a "Gummi Ship". Now, if there really is something GREAT AND REDEEMING in this game that I missed, I'd probably give it another try...but I just don't see what the fuss was all about. This is why I stick to puzzle games.
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