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  1. FTP would be a really nice solution, especially as there is an official esp32 ftp client and TNFS simplicity is not really a dealbreaker for a relatively (to ZX Spectrum) powerful esp32.
  2. Oh boy!!! Good times!
  3. cannot wait to see it in atari800 and altirra :))))))))))))))))
  4. pirx


    just slap raspberry pi pico to this bad boy and wait for the NES emulator.
  5. years ago we did something like this in our version of MicroSpartaDos (checking for various turbo routines), but later we found out basically the only one making any sense was the one with '?' command (Speedy?) oh, also it would be better to load compressed data to higher memory by setting `load_addr` to $6c00, one memory copy less. and `buffer` to $9100, so it starts with BASIC ON. added LZ4 compressed file, maybe it will get faster? ----------------------------------------- and now for something (barely) completely different: it should be possible to glue the turbo routine and banner into a single file with compressed CONFIG.COM for an untimate pleasure and speed-up - one file looku-up less :)))) if @tschak909 gets a command line commands for his makefile he could incorporate this development easily into the official FJN firmware :] conf_ex4.xex conf_lz4.xex
  6. nice with divisor=0 depacking is barely faster than loading. exomizer is not the fastest in depacking, possibly lz4 would be better. It compressess the most, but it might be more optimal to go for a bit worse compression and a faster decompression. Also turning off the screen for depacking could cut decompression time ~20-30%
  7. Ha! XL RAM usage is configurable, moved the data around and this should do the job. Turned off decrunch effect. Turning off the screen would get it a bit faster, too. CONF_EX3.COM
  8. CONF_EX.COM Yea, this one works, I used fatastic (albeit a bit tricky to use) Superpacker from the A8 god TeBe: http://madteam.atari8.info/uzytki/sp.7z Superpacker works like a charm under wine. But when looking on the font change I am afraid it uses XL RAM, so no good for production use due to Thomas' (reasonable) requirements.
  9. yes, it does not work, i haven't got energy to check it, so this is only a silly proof of concept (that compression is very effective for the current CONFIG.COM. I've never used exomizer sfx, but was compressing/decompressing the data myself. I'll look a bit where it is loading, possibly some conflict arises. And yea, CONFIG.COM does not work on A400 16KiB, so 48KiB is the right target.
  10. exomizer cuts the baby better than in half. i do not know if it works, but proof of concept is worth exploring! command: wine exomizer-3.1.0/win32/exomizer.exe sfx sys -t168 CONFIG.COM CONCOMPR.COM
  11. @apc this is fantastic! the process could be sped up even more by having CONFIG.COM compressed, with e.g. exomizer
  12. Oh thank you @Probabilitydragon, I have a very well formed support group that is encouraging me to return to the trade. Right now struggling with real life, but I promised myself to return to 8-bit world this year.
  13. Hello, in the "current" version of our scorch the only defensive weapon are parachutes. They were difficult to implement so we thought the rest would be easier : ] The version on the github is not really abandoned, I just do not have energy required to get it going again... I would be lying about not having time, because I could now be coding and I am typing here :))))))
  14. As for high score I had to stop here because my fire finger got sore :))))) BTW - after ~~ 10mins the "attract mode" kicks in, but it is cool, it adds an eerie feeling :] to clarify, I am a big fan, just pointing out where it can get even better
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