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  1. The reason for the odd color scheme in Bowling is because they wanted the colors to match up as closely as possible to an actual bowling lane.
  2. "Heavy sixer problem.... the hole is tooooo big!" That's what I said about my ex-wife. OH!
  3. I've never had a problem with Bittorrent either. Sure, some speeds are a bit on the slow side but if you have a lot of seeders then you can usually get speeds of 150 - 200KBs per second.
  4. Ok, that link says there is an NES prototype of Batman but it doesn't say if it is the one I am speaking of.
  5. I posted this awhile back and got a few responses but nothing definate. In an early issue of Nintendo Power (January 1990 I believe) there were early screen shots of the NES Batman game from Sunsoft. They showed a complete set of cut scenes that never made it into the game. Batman was questioning a crook on where Vickie Vale was being kept. These scenes were never included in the released NES game. Has a prototype ever surfaced with these in it?
  6. Actually some of the items those pics look like a Doctor 64 N64 copier.
  7. Wow, I never thought about using the arcade fighter stick on my Atari. Great idea!
  8. BTW, I finally did play the Famicom version of Chase HQ and it is a very poor port.
  9. I picked up a JVC X-Eye Sega Genesis/Sega CD combo unit. It came with all the hookups and a generic Genny controller for $4. I also picked up a Sega arcade fighting joystick for $1.50. I don't know if the JVC X-Eye is rare or not but I figured for $4 I couldn't pass it up.
  10. Not sure if it's considered a classic or not (I know I love the arcade game) but Chase HQ was released in Japan for NES but never here in the states. It actually was supposed to be released and a cheat code even showed up in Nintendo Power for it but it for whatever reason they decided not to bring it out over here.
  11. I picked up 30 Sega Saturn games complete with original boxes and manuals (including Virtua Cop 2 with the gun), 2 Game Gear games, 1 Sega Genesis game, a Game Genie complete in box for Game Gear and a original PC game pad still in the package for the price of..... $19.99 See? You *can* still find good deals at your local thrift store.
  12. I loved the GAH show. "Believe it or not I-I-I-I'M walking on air, I never thought I could feel so freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Bahahahahhaa
  13. I'd like to point out that getting an Xbox "chipped" (or modded) is not as easy as downloading a freeware emulator and trying it out on your PC.
  14. Oh, what a bastard! (insert sarcastic emoticon here) Well I'm glad someone else noticed it too. Thanks!
  15. It's not what he said, it's how he said it EXACTLY!
  16. Hell yes! He's probably thinking "Gee, if I tell them I got it for a dollar then maybe they won't be willing to pay as much considering I got it for so cheap". I'd be proud to say I got it for a buck or two.
  17. Obviously he's not going to answer. He's probably going to sell it on E-bay so I'd really rather not know. To hell with him.
  18. Heh. Can you please just tell us what you paid for it? What's the big freakin' deal?
  19. I've had numerous 300 games on variation one. What is the point of bowling if you can control the ball after you release it? That's not bowling, that's radio controlled bowling
  20. Yes I've had quite a few 300's. I remember when I first bowled one back in the day on my real 2600. My father took a picture of it to show my brother as proof. There is a certain spot that you position the ball towards the bottom of the pins. As soon as it hits that spot you hold up on the joystick. It's a great game for the 2600. I'd love to see an updated version.
  21. "Are you in California? If so, what part?" Hahahahaha, no offense dude but I don't think he is going to tell you what part of California he is in. I know I wouldn't want to give up my favorite thriftin' spots.
  22. My wife and I took a cruise on our honeymoon and we stopped into Cozumel. I saw the boat and thought of you guys so I couldn't resist taking this snapshot.
  23. I believe the chip that SFA2 used was called the SA-1. Sorry if this was mentioned previously.
  24. I loved MSR on Dreamcast but didn't get into PGR1 on Xbox. PGR2 is another story. I'm seriously addicted to it. It gives you a feeling of "just one more race because I know I can beat it" and that really makes it a worthwhile game.
  25. They made a SNES version of ROTJ but it was so bad that they didn't release it. A dumped rom is available for download. SNES B&R is totally different than the Genesis version. It's a lot, lot better.
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