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  1. how about a 2600 port of this classic robots in mazes shooter? can it be done?..
  2. pics this I took about 20 years ago when building a GeoCities website about Atari computers
  3. awesome game here, this is wonderful to have new life in the 7800. can't wait to see what's next
  4. edit to my post.. there was not a Winter Games II but a game called World Games
  5. I had this on my ST way back long ago, and this version looks great! oh... I posted this in the gallery a while back
  6. I'm bummed that Epyx had never finished it's Summer and Winter Games 7800 titles with the sequels that were made for Commodore 64 and other home computers. there was Summer Games II, Winter Games II, and California Games bad enough that the released ones had some events missing
  7. what a treat to see this, I had a nearby arcade with this game years ago and the (ugh) 2600 version. Looks great !! hope to play a ROM sometime 7800 is the best!
  8. has the "Rampage" arcade ROM been uploaded yet❓ I would love to play this awesome version, all I have is my emulation
  9. I didn't know this was not released yet? , it looks exactly like the 8-bit XL/XE cart that I bought and played way back in late 80s (it's in storage now, with my Atari 130XE). that cart works with the trakball
  10. I have used Stella for Mac OSX for a long time, truly awesome, two thumbs up!! however, my MAME collection is crippled by MAME OSX now, hardly half of my ROMs work on it (that I played on older WinMAME versions many years ago), I had a different version called MacMAME that was much better but doesn't work in the new OSX LION so I'm stuck with the bad one, updates please!!! i refuse to install Windows just go get WinMAME on my Mac - not worth it
  11. once an atari fan always an atari fan

    1. purduecrum


      I believe it is possible to become an Atari reprobate.

    2. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      Once an NES fan, always a _________ !

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