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  1. Great. While I have the iphone out here is a quick walk through of the config tool:
  2. OK, here is a landscape one 🙂 It only uploads correctly if I record in landscape in the iphone with the volume buttons facing down. Well done Apple and Google!!
  3. OK, we found out the issue. The channels each have a divider. If this is set wrong and too many instruments are playing at once them clipping occurs, which is the scratchy sound I think you hear. By default these were intended to be set as: 1 (internal): 2 2 (XEL) : 2 3 (left out): 4 4 (right out): 4 Unfortunately we accidentally shipped some with channel 1 and 2 set to a divider of 1. Here is a video of how to adjust this setting and save it to flash. Sorry wrong way round. I give in trying to convince youtube and apple to communicate the orientation correctly. Turn your head!
  4. It’s definitely wired as the diagram from @Duddie showed? Please double check. Could you make a short recording of what you mean by scratches please? Just internal audio or the two external outputs too? Also is there a chance of a screenshot of pokeycfg.xex, so I can check some settings please?
  5. Hi Tom, Please help me write an HDL Amy clone! Mark
  6. Also some stereo and covox demos from previous discussion threads: http://www.64kib.com/pokeymax_files/software/demos/
  7. I'll put some players here: http://www.64kib.com/pokeymax_files/software/players/ Also some example software here http://www.64kib.com/pokeymax_files/software/examples/ So far they are sparse. The sid player linked above and the drumkit example I wrote. + sid wave test example + psg wave test example
  8. Checked, they are currently the old versions. We'll ask nicely...
  9. Try the psgplayer and stcplayer from here http://mono.i-demo.pl I know mono added pokeymax support but am not 100% sure they are uploaded to his site. For mod, I don’t think anyone wrote one for the sample engine yet. Of course you can use covox players that support d280.
  10. Dev guide is here http://www.64kib.com/pokeymax_files/pokeymax_dev_122.pdf Can be fun to poke some sounds from basic etc.
  11. Which sid player software are you using? This one?
  12. Yes it is possible. However nothing plays them all at once - yet! There are PSG, STC and SID players from mono. There is a SID player from xxl. There are a bunch of covox players. There are many dual pokey players, though no quad ones I know of yet. I wrote a basic drum machine demo for the Paula-like sample dma. There is plenty of fun to be had developing for it.
  13. These caps are now installed on the PCB. This is also true for recent revisions of Pokeymax v2.
  14. The user guide will be updated shortly with the v3 details.
  15. To answer these questions in the short term. U1MB: There is a pokeymax plugin which communicates via the data bus. No wiring is needed. GTIA audio output: connect to pin 15 of GTIA - C014889 chip. AUDIN: What it is: In the pokeymax there is a mixer which mixes the digital audio output and two analog inputs. The two analog inputs are mixed to both left and right outputs. What it is for: Allowing hearing SIO 'interference' noise on the external audio outputs ('tch tch tch' when sio beeping is turned off). Allowing hearing SIO tape sound tracks. Allowing hearing misc PBI audio devices - I don't know any, but for instance someone could make a DAB+ PBI device? How to connect: It was intended to connect them directly to the input pin for SIO and PBI audio in. I have been advised that they are in fact internally connected without a proper mixer on many of the Atari PCBs so are better picked up from a single point. This will vary depending on which system you have. My suggestion: Ground one of them, connect the other to the SIO audio in pin via a 1uF capacitor (optional, but may prevent issues with dc bias on some sio devices). Stereo/mono switching: Pokeymax has three features for this. i) It detects when the right channel is silent for a short period and automatically plays the left channel to both channels. ii) It detects if A4 is connected or not (on power on). When not connected it goes into a basic mono mode. iii) 'Chips' may be disabled in software using the 'RESTRICT' register. This is the feature that the U1MB plugin uses. Covox address: This is fixed at 0xD280. If you want to make it available elsewhere then you will need to add your own logic to do so. Device orientation: This matches pokeymax v2 orientation, see the images in user guide v1. Pin1 is in the top left of the diagram I posted above.
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