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  1. Hi andY, Yes there is some good news. Firstly the boards that Panos made are working well for me. I've not found any issues yet. Secondly I have recently been discussing an agreement on producing the Pokeymax with @Duddie from Retronics, which I'm very excited about! Mark
  2. I’m waiting for that google translate camera mode to get better! It just about works well enough to read them slowly:) Really should learn German though since it’s a national language here (written at least!), though have to get my B2 French first.
  3. Well, a little 😃 I've not tested them yet, but @santosp tried a couple with my experimental core and told me they worked. I'm super-impressed with @santosp's soldering skills, the parts on these are beyond tiny.
  4. The console keys (start,select,option) are handled by gtia. I guess you could measure the pins on gtia to see if the press changes the voltage on pins 12-15. If the voltage changes and print peek(53279) does not change then I’d suspect a bad gtia.
  5. I think it will work fine in the 400 but don’t have one to check myself. The v2 is pretty narrow, I guess the (optional) header for the audio out adds a bit of height. Does anyone have a 400 they can measure please?
  6. I checked the code and with 'method 1' its possible to load basic too. If its an 8k file its basic, if its 16k its an xl rom, if its 10k its an 800 rom.
  7. Search on eBay for ‘usb blaster’. No need for the official ones, the cheap clones are ok. Though it can take a while to ship from China so might be better to pay a bit more to order it locally. If you want me to double check suitability pm me a link before you buy
  8. I should add a menu item to load the basic rom from the menu... + write this up better on the wiki
  9. To change them: Method 1: (os only) Select profile to change/load it (enter) Select a rom using ‘load os rom’ from the menu. Select ‘save to flash’ Method 2: Put basic + os on sd card under the locations in the wiki Turn on with sd card in Select profile to save as (no enter, ie do not load!) Select ‘save to flash’ Method 3: Make a custom jic file and flash it See makehexfiles and convert*.cof in the svn
  10. Yes, in fact I think they are already in one of the slots in the the example jic.
  11. A4 va A2: Mostly potential! Two things now: sid and 256k extended ram in block ram (faster than in sdram at higher cpu speeds) Number of pokeys: Well in 0xd200-0xd2ff 16 could be mapped, but they could be mapped elsewhere or bankswitched.
  12. The problem is the sid tables each take 14K ram. I can clearly share that between stereo sids, saving 14K (or have mono). Though I wonder if I do can piecewise linear interpolation instead, like on the pokey mixer. That might make it fit. Will pop the data in Octave and have a look what they contain.
  13. Yeah that is an A2. It’s not far off fitting into that but for now it doesn’t fit.
  14. It works on the Eclaire mini if you have the larger A4 fpga
  15. Err, realized I'm passing the wrong frequency to sid. It should be 1MHz and I'm enabling it at 1.79MHz by mistake!
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