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  1. So if you listen via the tv you should hear it
  2. Pokeymax outputs are similar to the pokey output. ie just pokey sound without pbi, sio audio. So if connecting pokeymax outputs 3/4 directly to an rca there will be no gtia, pbi or sio audio. On some pokeymax versions a gtia audio input is supported which is then mixed digitally. If you’d like it then you need to mix the pokey and sio audio channels. This can be done with an op-amp circuit for instance.
  3. Small update: The package to Europe is not here yet, International shipping slow at the moment...
  4. Sample support is almost ready. Inspired by Paula, with 4 channels clocked at phi2*2. Auto-reload and irq per channel. 42KiB ram buffer and 4-bit ima adpcm support (i.e. 80Ki lossy 16-bit samples).
  5. Send Santosp a message if you would like one, he has a list.
  6. In Switzerland there is even an official game! https://www.bag.admin.ch/bag/en/home/das-bag/aktuell/news/news-09-04-2020.html No A8 version sadly...
  7. I will post an update for Europe once I have them in hand. Since then I will know shipping + vat + duty. I think the total will be about 15-20% but want to be sure.
  8. EU: foft:100 KlasO: 20 larryleffaovell: 10 ebiguy: 10 Spancho: 10 Voxel: 10 (of which 2 for blacka013) six: 5 US: MacRorie: 100 Stephen: 12-24 Dropcheck: 10 GunStar: 5-10 orpheuswaking: 10 DrVenkman: 5 JagChris: 5 Brentarian: 5 Colleton: 5
  9. Of course the HDL can also be run via software. Isim, verilator, model sim etc. A bit slow on modern pcs, but one day they may be fast enough. Also perhaps in a few years we can make our own cheap asics. That’ll confuse things even more. https://github.com/google/skywater-pdk
  10. How about we talk about @mytek's cool project?
  11. Mcctv is smaller More seriously, great work!
  12. Discussed with @Duddie. He will order a few and I will make a special core. Note that we do not have arcades so will need a few people to help verify for the first few orders.
  13. No, you need 4 audio output channels for that. I can make a special core. Pinout also differs. I designed a small adaptor pcb (correct I think but untested). I’m not sure if @Duddie will make it, if not we can organise a run and I can provide a special core to @Duddie.
  14. Oh and iii) I like Quartus! Though I can see it’s a bit painful to have such a large download for just flashing. They do have a standalone programmer but it looks older than the max10.
  15. I should note two things about the flashing tool: i) It requires support logic on the fpga, so an updated core is required to use it. ii) It is supported only on the larger fpga, due to space reasons.
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