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  1. I did try putting this and another (srg320’s) onto the EclaireXL, though without linear ram. For linear ram what is the appropriate memory map for the 65816?
  2. Thanks for the encouragement and prodding to get me to update these. I've just updated them again, adding profile support and pll switching to the mcc216, mcctv and mist. Not sure when I'll update the DE1, but for when I do ... how is your board set up? Wire for sio2pc and minimig style joystick ports?
  3. Well it has 2x and 4x pixel clock mode. ie 80 or 160 col gr 0, 160x192 or 320x192 in gtia modes. I asked before, but I’ll ask again: Please could another developer help build some software for features like this. Perhaps a modification of altirra os/altirra basic that supports these modes? Or a Sparta dos driver? Or port/adapt a picture viewer? I’m more into the hardware side for this hobby project. I see the impressive work and enthusiasm for the Mega65 and wish there was enough interest here to work towards something like that:)
  4. Well even some (non-Sally) 6502s can run pretty fast... http://forum.6502.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5368
  5. 58MHz, with wait state on read from ram(so effectively half that). It is a reimplementation though, I doubt the original Sally goes that fast. Perhaps cooled to near absolute 0
  6. I have 6502 and gtia working on digimax. It’s a max10 fpga board like pokeymax but pure digital io. I have some spare, so if that would help experiments let me know. It’d be fairly trivial to speed up the cpu then add some glue logic in there to allow fast accesses only to ram. There isn’t much internal block ram so it would still need external sram.
  7. I've been back-porting some of the EclaireXL features to the various FPGA boards. I've just uploaded the latest core builds to my site, for many of them its the first update in 3 years so I thought its reasonable to announce it here. There are more details here, including highlights on the changes: http://www.64kib.com/redmine/news/57 Please let me know how you get on. I tested each board individually as I went but due to time I can not reasonably go through every single version!
  8. There are actually 4 outputs: 3 on header and the 4th to the pokey audio output. Could make a mono core with a channel to each if you like?
  9. Id like to say yes but it wouldnt be true! I made a prototype gtia and 6502 to match. I had some issues with antic though. For now Im focusing on my other projects but Im sure Ill get back to this one again at some point.
  10. Should work. Ive tested a wireless joypad but not a wireless keyboard.
  11. One more question, once these are finished would you object if I host your finished files on my site too? As well as where they are already hosted.
  12. Did you see there is a board model as well in board.scad? Might help for placement checking. I used that to help while designing it. Not sure the height is perfect, for v2 I added a vertical offset (up 1.5mm) to match the real board. http://www.64kib.com/atarixlfpga_svn/trunk/atari_800xl/eclaireXL_ITX/hardware/case/mini/ Gandor, I received feedback that my v2 is too thin on the back near the USB ports, is that where your print broke too? Wt808, Would it be possible to do a review of my v2 please, since you have more experience please. I am pretty new to this. To screw the top and bottom together are you using the threaded inserts I used or do you have another system?
  13. For the full size EclaireXL the intention was to use mini itx cases. Of course a custom case could be designed/printed. I think that when doing that itd make sense to decide on a better location for pbi, cart and joystick ports. Then design a new sub board or two to fit. The sub board is just wiring +ports so this is not too hard.
  14. The mini cores are in here: http://www.64kib.com/autobuild/private/prototype_v3/ Note there were two versions of the mini, probably you have the larger A4 fpga (so choose _a4...).
  15. Looks great, so we have an XE and an XL option now:) I have yet to print my v2 case. Sven tried it and it fitted well except some thin parts broke when removing supports. What software did you design it with? Are you willing to share design files and stl files? Now what colour paint were we meant to use to match the xl? I remember a thread about it. With all these case options we might need to consider making more boards!
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