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  1. So, fix it? Or sell it to me as a challenge:)
  2. Just wanted to add. Thanks Jurgen for the fix and detailed info on how to implement. i was thinking about it and is the 0.8v due to a diode drop from devices simulating open drain? I guess another option would be to change that diode for a schottky?
  3. A good reason to use digital electronics in the first place, but you have to draw the line somewhere. I'd have probably chosen 0.2v
  4. 0.85v is out of spec for pokey too according to its data sheet. This is probably an SIO device design issue.
  5. Not for general users, just for hardware people who need to swap things.
  6. Will it be possible to have enough space round 40 pin ic sockets to fit zif sockets like these? https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/aries-electronics/40-526-10/20463
  7. It’s usually possible to follow the traces on the pcb to a test point and/or via. Better than soldering to the chips.
  8. Would be great for upgrades to include a few pin headers for all the useful pins. D0-D7, A0-A15, AN0-2, HALT, PHI2, OSC, COL, HUE etc. Or perhaps a pin header footprint next to each main chip.
  9. Pre mistification http://www.64kib.com/autobuild/20210206_mist_mcc216/mist/ Post mistification http://www.64kib.com/autobuild/20210207_mistification/mist/
  10. Uploaded/merged the mistified version, thanks slingshot. Note that the rom format and location changed. See the rom.txt I put with the release. Also make sure to update the mist firmware to something fairly recent!
  11. I put on the new mist firmware with SAM-BA and it now works perfectly. Mine was truly ancient I think, I probably didn't update it since 2015!
  12. Mistification version builds and seems to run. Though I can't get it to load roms, so will hold off committing/posting until I understand how to do that 🙂
  13. OK, the mist and mcc216 builds seem good now. I'll post these on my site, then I'll merge in your mistification work (thanks!).
  14. The mcc216 hang is due to the stopped clock while the pll is reconfigured from pal ->ntsc or back. In fact its just the ps2 key up event missed, so the key is stuck down (until the same key pressed/released again). It worked when I tested it since I tested with the USB keyboard. Back onto the mist issue... Edit: weird thing on mist, a straight rebuild works! I did add a SPI_SCK to the sdc file, perhaps that was all that was needed. Nope, straight build alone works. Strange...
  15. Well writes are working on the mcc216, which has a real sd card. I expect its something sd card emulation related but will need to take a look another time I think. I did notice though that I forgot to add a file, which meant no arg file generated for the mcc216. Also the pll reconfiguration does not work properly on it for some reason (it has its own sd ram controller, probably that...)! So better fix that too.
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