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  1. According to Microsoft the Xbone 2 will be fully backwards compatible with the Xbone so it will also be backwards compatible with the 360 and OG Xbox games that can already be played on the Xbone. It will also be compatible with all Xbone controllers.
  2. I have an Nvidia Shield that plays phone games and I've purchased 1 game since I bought it. No need to get a console that only plays phone games but does none of the other things the Shield is capable of. However, I do give them credit for not trying to crowdfund it on Indiegogo. I plan on getting the next Xbox though just because I can. I want to see how awesome the load times really are with the SSDs since they're already pretty good on the Xbone and it's sleep mode.
  3. Only if you can find one in the marketplace. There were later copies sold under the name Super Attack Battle so Atari couldn't complain about trademark infringement.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me to see them release a smartphone controller since they're going to have Xbox Live on every device possible.
  5. The game I have the most hours in is Trials: Fusion Favorite AAA game is Read Dead Redemption 2
  6. HammR25


  7. I just added atariage.com###ipsLayout_sidebar > .cWidgetContainer > .ipsList_reset to Ublock Origin and that does the trick too.
  8. This has probably been touched on in the last 27 pages but when on the Forums page there used to be a way to close everything in the right column but I no longer see a way to do that.
  9. Fanatec made an announcement that their Xbox One wheels will work with the Nextbox so I assume this means it's for Xbox One peripherals only. Good news for people that spent $500-$2000 on a wheel and pedals set from them.
  10. Apparently in the 30th century ship computers are too dumb to figure out on their own if your engines will overheat and how to compensate for that. I can understand why they'd have an insurance cooldown period in a fully functioning game because of griefers. However, it makes no sense when the game hasn't even hit alpha status yet so the bugs just make this at least as much a pain in the ass as griefers would be. Oh and yes, there's definitely a reason people on the Star Citizen forums are known as shitizens elsewhere. Glad to hear the tech demo is getting a lot more optimized for the brief moments you're around cool stuff. Personally I haven't had this installed since October of 2016 and won't install anything again unless they release a final version of Squadron 42.
  11. This card should work. It's what Chad was recommending back in the day.
  12. Some people have used the RS-MMC with their CC2 because there's less chance of breaking the card slot with one of those. They can still get them out using the adapter.
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