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  1. I know this is common but my searching is coming up with nothing. I drug my 7800 across the carpet maybe a foot while it was plugged in and now it won't turn on. If I wiggle the power connector it'll turn on briefly but then shut off again. I'm wondering what would be required to fix this. I assume it's probably not difficult for someone who knows what they're doing but I don't. Console has been A/V modded by someone else so definitely need to save it.
  2. My Xbox Series X came with all the games I played on my Xbox One X. The Master Chief Collection got an automatic upgrade as did Forza Horizon 4. I've only bought one game so far, Dirt 5. I bought the console mainly because loading times would be reduced and they are. Forza Horizon 4 loads a ton faster than it does on my PC even when not using quick resume.
  3. Looks like they've gotten some cool boxes made. They'll also open up preorders to the general public early next year. I guess this means it's not going to be done any time soon. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1598858095/system-shock/posts/3019777
  4. Any time I found this game in an arcade I played it. I play it on MAME occasionally as well.
  5. Not really sure what to say man. Definitely hope you get better for your family's sake. Thanks for all of the cool designs you've made so far that weren't games but made it possible for all of us to excited about those cool games that could play on your hardware.
  6. Ars Technica did an in depth review strictly about the backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X. It sounds like even old games will load significantly faster if they're on the NVME drive and have fake HDR. At this point it's really just updating your living room PC. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/09/xbox-series-x-hands-on-the-big-back-compat-dive-begins/
  7. Hopefully with enough testing of your testing solution you'll be able to get it fixed so you can test the game more.
  8. I'm getting the Series X at release because of loading times. People around here seem to bitch about loading times a lot.
  9. That one isn't in there but since it doesn't exist anymore I can understand why. However if you want to fly in or out of Pyonyang North Korea you can go for it.
  10. I played with it some tonight since I have Game Pass. It's definitely a simulator with great graphics. I think it's probably exactly what enthusiasts want. I was hoping there would be a way to make the flight model easier but the only "easier" is it tries to give you more advice or something. I was still able to break my airframe and die on easy mode. It's learnable but I'd recommend a joystick. The game lets you set a departure point from pretty much anywhere on the map even if there isn't an airport there or at least the game doesn't recognize one. However if you attempt to depart from 37N, 115W it won't let you drop a departure point there. Being around Area 51 might have something to do with that. Makes me wonder what other places around the world it won't let a person take off from.
  11. I'm mostly looking forward to this game because of all the new Airforceproud95 Youtube content it will allow.
  12. Hmmm, for around $400 I can buy an Xbox One, a PS4 or preorder something that's advertised to play games that were brand new 40 years ago.
  13. As a player it gives you nothing. It makes cartridges cheaper to make since they don't need extra memory on the boards.
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