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  1. Depends what you mean by "unfinished". Epyx released an expansion pack for Temple of Apshai in 1981. My dad got patches on 3.5" disk through the mail for games in the late 80s and early 90s. There aren't very many games released now that aren't feature complete unless you're talking about Early Access type games on Steam or crowdfunded games on crowdfunding platforms. The last game I bought that had a game killing bug was one of the Need For Speed titles on the Xbone and I was able to get a refund by calling Microsoft because it was a game I bought digitally. Otherwise every game I've played has worked as expected.
  2. Do you have bankswitch scheme source code?
  3. I think you're probably looking for what Trebor posted in this post:
  4. Since both MS and Sony will be using solid state memory for their storage solutions I wonder how small those drives will be. I'd be surprised if they're over 1TB. Also, hooking up a cheap external non-SSD hard drive will defeat the purpose of them bragging about load times on the new systems. External SSD prices are still quite high as well.
  5. I converted 3 years of Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate for $1 tonight through an ad in the Xbox Store. Personally that's about the only way I'd sign up for game pass. There aren't enough games in there I care about playing. Maybe that'll change over the next 3 years. Doubt I would have paid for Forza Horizon 4 if I'd had the Game Pass when it was released.
  6. I'd say that it really isn't in flux at this point since he's already sent the final design out to developers. The time for adding new stuff to the board has LONG since past. I've got lots of tomatoes. New features are things that should be added to the 3200 project instead.
  7. Chad didn't use SD because he would have had to pay like $5,000 to join the SD Card association to get the information on how to initialize SD cards.
  8. I just hope people make skins for the Series X. I want mine to look like a miniature building with windows. I've always wanted to play with a building that transforms into a robot.
  9. In particular order: Trials Rising (Xbone) NBA Jam (Xbox 360) NFL Blitz (Xbox 360) 3 on 3 NHL Arcade (Xbox 360) Super Mega Baseball 2 (Xbone) Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) GeneRally (PC) Battlefield Bad Company (Xbox 360) rFactor 2 (PC) Forza Horizon 4 (PC version) I still have my 360 hooked up so I can play NFL Blitz and 3 on 3 NHL Arcade. I have over 500 hours in Trials Fusion, no idea what my total hours would be if all of the games in that series were combined but it's probably well over 1,000 hours. The rest are ones I come back to from time to time. I typically play through the AAA games once and never go back to them. Honorable mention are River Raid and Chopper Command.
  10. You have to buy every game individually so it's not even that. Project xCloud is more like Netflix for games since it will include the Xbox Game Pass.
  11. I have a Pitfall II floating around somewhere because it wouldn't play on my CC2.
  12. It's in this thread: http://www.7800xm.com/
  13. According to Microsoft the Xbone 2 will be fully backwards compatible with the Xbone so it will also be backwards compatible with the 360 and OG Xbox games that can already be played on the Xbone. It will also be compatible with all Xbone controllers.
  14. I have an Nvidia Shield that plays phone games and I've purchased 1 game since I bought it. No need to get a console that only plays phone games but does none of the other things the Shield is capable of. However, I do give them credit for not trying to crowdfund it on Indiegogo. I plan on getting the next Xbox though just because I can. I want to see how awesome the load times really are with the SSDs since they're already pretty good on the Xbone and it's sleep mode.
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