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  1. I'm mostly looking forward to this game because of all the new Airforceproud95 Youtube content it will allow.
  2. Hmmm, for around $400 I can buy an Xbox One, a PS4 or preorder something that's advertised to play games that were brand new 40 years ago.
  3. As a player it gives you nothing. It makes cartridges cheaper to make since they don't need extra memory on the boards.
  4. Steam has a download queue and will take care of that automatically if you tell it you want to install a bunch of games at once. I assume uPlay and Epic are the same.
  5. HammR25

    7800 Qix

    I like Fortix and Fortix 2 on Steam. Got those because I was missing Qix.
  6. I tried both 78BIOS and 78QUICK earlier. Apparently I didn't have the right versions of Bentley Bear and Donkey Kong XM because now I have them working with 144RPK and sound.
  7. If I use 144RPK with Bentley Bear and the Donkey Kong XM demo they crash. If I use 144RP with them I have no sound. I have a pokey inside my CC2.
  8. We're not angry man. Hope you can figure out which 7800 is the one your Dad used.
  9. 78POK512 was originally released so people could use the Tainted Love cart. The only game I have that uses 7832KR8K is Junior Pac-Man. I'm unsure if other newer games might also use it. Thanks for the dump Mitch.
  10. Depends what you mean by "unfinished". Epyx released an expansion pack for Temple of Apshai in 1981. My dad got patches on 3.5" disk through the mail for games in the late 80s and early 90s. There aren't very many games released now that aren't feature complete unless you're talking about Early Access type games on Steam or crowdfunded games on crowdfunding platforms. The last game I bought that had a game killing bug was one of the Need For Speed titles on the Xbone and I was able to get a refund by calling Microsoft because it was a game I bought digitally. Otherwise every game I've played has worked as expected.
  11. Do you have bankswitch scheme source code?
  12. I think you're probably looking for what Trebor posted in this post:
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