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  1. I decided to reuse the assets of my upcoming PC game and make a little different game on my beloved platform (that I`m thinking of for quite a long tiem already). Although I`m a long-time owner of Atari 800 XL, its graphics capabilities are too limited to adequately display assets in my possesion. However, ST`s resolution 320x200 with 16 colors is much more pleasing. Since changing pallettes is easy on Atari ST (and similar to Atari 800), I`ll go for 4-8 pallettes per screen. I hope to find some free sound/graphics libraries so that I don`t uselessly reinvent the wheel and loose precious time/motivation. Also I`m planning to reuse most of my C++ codebase, since I`ve heard it`s possible to use cpp compilers. As for the game style, it`s gonna be turn-based action RPG. Here are some early screens from the Map, effects (movie-like flashing of grid over the map plus zooming into quadrants) are missing, since I have to think more about how many colors I`ll need for those effects and whether I`ll go for the top/bottom HUD with separate pallette or I`ll use the colors that I already have for the HUD integrated into the map. Map has currently just 8 colors, so I`m still left with 8 colors for HUD/effects/overlay text, but I`d like to have more, of course. Here`s the hero: Few buildings (there are about 20 more): Game-play screen is under construction, since it requires careful thought of pallette distribution and common colors for all pallettes. Any feedback/ideas are welcome.
  2. Thanks for the link on Ape`s page. I`ll definitely consider buying the disk drive (1050). However $70 seems too much to me at first. I understand that it`s a collectible, but anyway... Also where can I find 5 1/4" floppies ? They are probably collectibles now also. One more thing: When I buy disk drive, and connect to my Atari 800 XL, how the games shal be loaded ? There shall have to be some loader or something, or shall type something in BASIC, or how do I run the game ? Thanx for your help.
  3. I would like to know how to get a certain game (twomaze) on a cartridge. I have Atari 800 XL, and just original tape recorder (no floppy disc). Are there some shops for games on Atari still, and if, do these cartridges still work after so many years ? My previous copy of TwoMaze has floated out of the tape (15 years is 15 years, after all what can one expect from an ordinary tape). Or is there some way how to burn the data on the cartridge ? Maybe it would be cheaper to buy some old floppy, or to connect via RS232, my PC floppy. Any suggestions ?
  4. Rally Speedway is probably the most fun game when you play it with somebody else. I remember countless hours when I played it with my brother. Our screams of joy or hate could be heard even outside our house. It was damn fun. Especially the animation where the driver crashes, rolls and waves goodbye to his car. When I showed it to my wife on PC emulator she started to laugh. It`s so funny. If you can, download the emulator and try it on PC. I tried and it`s still great fun nowadays (despite Need for Speed series and alike).
  5. Hello. First of all I have come up to this site yesterday just by chance and I am very pleased to see that this community is still on. Does somebody like Kennedy`s approach so much that can play it for three to four hours straight ? I used to be totally addicted to this game some ten years ago and when I downloaded it yesterday I was totally shocked. These emulators are flawless. There`s even same bug that used to be there with left trigger not active after few plays. I have been playing this game for more than 10 hours from yesterday and have been always in love with its complexity and level of strategy you have to put there to win.
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