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    Atari(no inforgames) only Atari retrogaming....<br />Day off,my girfriend Sloane,and destroy the Ferrari from my best´s friend dad Cameron....
  1. and you is a champion on"how to be THe BIG STUPiD"person in Video Game´s Forum.... Get out with your"toilet humor" your stinking Canadian... POO is Part of your Life,we can see that you Understand VERY MUCH About it.Because it is all inside your brain..POO´s head. why dont you Clean your tail and Clean your mouth before you came here with your stupid jealousy and childish histerical attacks,like a child with pain in the ass,with your chimp´s I.Q... Shawn i see you going "straight to the flush" everday.... Dont make people puk playing "Pac-POOlux".Go take a bath,i know that you dont like it...i can feel your stink smell here in south america... you is just a HOBO beging for money,just wait for Activision´s security staff or Cops Kick your dirty ass. Do you think youre a Psyco?I have your picture,you dont have mine,i can go to Canada and"hunt"you like a Deer with some .50 Desert Eagle...or...a simple Axe.... if the moderators Delete my "Right to response"here,i will post it again and again(what do you all Prefer AA mods?) I dont like Zylombane,but he/it is a smart geek.and YOU ARE NOT...youre a just Low Level peace of POO.... and ATARI CHARLES if he has blood instead ice in his vains,could Kick your ugly face.. Hey forum....im with a stupid..... is one Old man that acts like a Child,a wrost example of human been,human(?) if youre keep with your"yada yada"again i will hit you more and more..im here to do it all times...
  2. hey shawn,what s up doc,why you so mad today?,im not talking about you(the shipping stuff and so and so,),hey,take it easy pal.
  3. i will burn it im my imaginary Eprom recorder,i will send to you with immaginary shipping,and you pay me with your imaginary money with imaginary pay pal service,and dont worry,no imaginary watermarks..
  4. When a strange"poltergheist"affects the buiding´s cables, power supply and TV sets.Who you gonna call?Ghostbusters?No, the"Cable Guy"will solve the problem. dont forget to dodge the remote controls in fury.... CRAZY_TV_Fabventure2600_hack_.bin
  5. ha ha ha ha,now you"Hit The Bull´s eye"...... good choice.ATARIboy....without "chinese democracy´s Guns and Roses Soundtrack" "hardwork"(the Knight Rider´s project"owner") if youre reading this topic...go home.....and "rest into pieces"...
  6. More Bira Bira´s infos and"dreams" http://groups.google.com.br/groups?hl=pt-B...store+bira+bira
  7. Hi. I really don't know Bira Bira, but looks like an alias. Regards. 1025520[/snapback] Bira Bira is the"Vintage Videogames collectors´s god",he is a"reef store"owner,one store under the sea,when the tides decrease,he sells Rare videogame carts... he fights againist Mr Friendly,the "evil god".. check him here: http://www.atariage.com/glossary/index.php
  8. is "Bira Bira" a Brazilian god? Grettings,Brazil rulez...
  9. Thanks Ataridogs,The "thunderground"game was made by Sega,during 1983,the rom is avaliable to download here in AA 2600 emulation and roms section. Neotokeo did other hacks with the same rom,such"mole tank".I did Trenchfighters because i saw another hack(Wolfenstein 2600),and i did other 2D action Shooter game for Atari2600.We dont have a brand new"3d"shooter for vcs Yet,so,lets play the 2D action games.
  10. when i will get my Eprom Recorder.........
  11. and BTW,youre a Canadian,did you parle frances also?.. is it good?
  12. My english is"not"fine,but,i will be part of your nightmares with my "creepy"english,for a long time..
  13. 1) How old are you? next to 30 2) What sex are you? Male,,Straight,Ladie´s man without "corvosier"(if you dont know what im talking about,watch Saturday Night Live reprises)," Brazilian Girl,im your joystick" 3) When did you get an Atari? Xmas of 83. Polyvox 2600 Dart Vada...thosewerethedays.... 4) When did you become involved with the Atari? (i.e. you wanted to play this over newer systems at the time or today). During the Eighties,i had my carts my console and stuff,now im doing it for Nostalgia with my new Atari with Hard disk,and AtariWindows XP... 5) Why the 2600? What does it offer to YOU that other systems, whether old or new, don't? Atari push you to the limmit,"only the strong survive"...(thanx Billy Paul,to this song) and almost"romantic"graphics,thats reminds me to the past.But its a real"Robot rock",atari scoretable is cruel and saddistic,it waits for your"knock out" 6) What drink keeps you going? (in case you spend long hours on the 2600). 80´s pop/rock,Sometimes Beer(Skol,or Antartica of course),sometimes Coffe,i will try it with Caipirinha(vodka+ice+lemmon chops+sugar).. 7) How many hours a day or at a time do you play the Atari? sometimes "a night with Stella",sometimes afternoon... 8)How many days a week do you spend on it? Almost Everyday a week 9) Your top "Best top" games. WHY these choices? My BEST choices:Cristal Castles,Berzerk Voice Enchaced,Frostbyte,Hero,River Raid my Trenchfighters Hack,Enduro,Pole Position,Hang on ATV(hack),Aquaventure,Dkong series(JR,Vector and my"fusion"hack),,Seaquest,Dragonfire(Cheese 98 hack),BerZERKIX( my hack)APPACHE(my Hack),Missile Command(normal and"arcade"hack),Warlords,Sir Lancelot,Dark Chambers,Crossbow. Adventure(Odissey´s hack),Robot TAnk,QBERT(and Cubes also),Rubik´s Cube. Tunnel Runner,Car wars(other hack,ok),Lukio Bros(h),Wachroboter Jagt Yupi aka Hey Stop!,Dig Dug,Westworld(hack),now you can see that im a"Hack hunter". 10) Do you play any other systems besides the 2600? From old PC XT, 80´s Arcade and NES to MSX and now New PC and XBOX,PS1 and 2,im not living in the past,im stay tunned for new gadgets... 11) How do you view gaming of today as compared to the 70's/80's? Technological Differences is obvious,but one thing not changes,good games and bad games...One fact that i pay attention is: when a game shows"unconventional"and revolutionary in terms of the aspects.We have brand new"classics"in various systems,such"Doom","Mercenaries","Crash","pandemonium","Tomb Raider",NES"The immortal"(it was a great!great! game) 12) Do you usually just play the 2600 alone or have someone play with you? (If so, is it a relative or friend?) No, i Play alone,i play "other games"with my girlfriend... 13) Finally, do you or have you ever tried to turn someone to the "Atari side"? No,but,here in Brazil,we have a lot of "old school"game fans,cause they grew up with the same"Atarimania and Arcademania"and after that home Computers.In 80s some people had Magnavox Odyssey2,some had Intellivision and a crowd had a Atari 2600(original or clones).Thats all..
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