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  1. I see absolutely no problem with reselling. If you are mad because he outbid you, make a higher bid. If you are mad that he is selling it for more than he bought it, don't buy it. If someone is willing to buy it from him for his price, then what is the problem. I have seen people bitching about resellers before, and I always thought it was a bit infantile.
  2. So the game does work ok without the lens? I suppose you just have to make sure you have a bit more room to get your whole body in front of the camera.
  3. So the game does work ok without the lens? I suppose you just have to make sure you have a bit more room to get your whole body in front of the camera.
  4. I have one of these. It is an adapter to hook up a Nintendo controller to the PC via an AT keyboard port. It will work with a PS/2 adapter. The way you use it, if I remember correctly is by pressing SET, then pressing the d-pad or a button on the controller, and then pressing the key on the keyboard you want to copy. But, I don't remember if you need to hit SET after each key mapping, or after all of your key mappings. The LOAD button worked with the DOS software that came with it to load keymaps.... I didn't keep the disk because it wasn't really necessary. Finally, the RESET resets the whole thing. I bought mine back in '94 at Computer City. It didn't come with a controller. I have seen at other places with one though. I think this website sells the same thing: http://store.ramplus.com/dygaprgacocl.html Enjoy.
  5. It doesnt mean a thing unless your willing to release it.
  6. Has the flash cart been tested to work with the NEX? Will it have an integrated ROM booting menu or will you need to download a special program to the CF card in order for it to work? Will the same cart work on NTSC and PAL Nintendo systems? Will in-game save files be written to the CF card or written to some kind of on-board memory? Will it have upgradeable firmware?
  7. Hi GLITCH !!!! This place carries MANY types of Obsolete IC's with no Minimum !!!! www.danrock.com ----- KLAATU -----
  8. Thanks by the way for the upload. Great stuff. I had been searching everywhere for the originals.
  9. Tempest you just lied when you say you would never release a game that you don't have permission to, you just released one a few weeks ago! so it seems if you cannot contact someone for a long enough time then its ok. oh and I still do not see any roms for downloading on your website. I askd about the red defender one you have in another thread somewhere as an example so please no need to lie about this. and it is questionible that somebody nobody knows would contact you out of the blue and tell you they did this or that and not offer any proof whatsoever. All you have is this persons email, yes? this person needs to prove to you and everyone that he did what he said he did, that seems only reasonable to me.
  10. Raiders of lost ark for me, oh and also the swordquest games.
  11. I saw a post about the 1200xl and wondered how many different systems were done. I dont remember that particular one but I remember there was a 600 and 800, and also a 1400?
  12. I use to have a lot of computer manuals but then they got damaged when my basement flooded
  13. Tempest there isn't a reason to be arrogant is there? I do not think there is any reason for your attitude either or why you are so secretive about things. You say you are going to release things but then months go bye and when another person asks about it again you get angry. You have alot of games but alot of them you won't share. You may be talking to the real programmer here but so far you have shown no proof.
  14. the first time I heard of the 2600 was seeing a commercial for it on tv that showed the Space invaders game. I stopped by an electronics store after work a few days later and got a system and a couple games. the tv has been replaced a couple times since but the Atari still works!
  15. BLarry71


    I don't understand, if a company was licensed to do a home version of gorf it should include all 5 levels like the arcade game.
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