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  1. obschan


  2. Yes the case would need to be reworked a bit to move and fit the additional buttons.
  3. Have you thought about the possibility of transforming it to a 4 or 6 buttons ?
  4. Thanks sage for your pull requests.
  5. Why not the PiTFT ? Is there any downside ?
  6. This is what libtetro is. Retroarch is the separated ui. Libretro is an emulator engine library. https://github.com/libretro/libretro-handy
  7. I would like to propose libretro for the further improvements. It is actively developed, it runs on most of the platforms with an unique emulator engine base, and the maintainers are quite keen on getting help. The improvements will be available to all retroarch users, not only our limited subset. And if you want to use your own ui, you can directly use the lib and not use their ui retroarch.
  8. Wow that's actually an awesome achievement using this approach.
  9. obschan

    Wyvern Tales

    Am getting excited like a 5 years old on Xmas with such news
  10. Am gonna be the joy killer, buy maybe someone can provide a thread link to continue the gg discussion...
  11. Not very helpful but I am glad to see someone showing some interest in hmcc and handymusic. Hopefully you'll master it soon enough. Would you be interested in participating on projects based on it?
  12. 1 year and I give the creative control to who wants it ! Ok, now you'll have to make your own post to give more information !
  13. Give a try to retroarch. There are ports of handy and mednafen. Works on most platforms and open source.
  14. Arghhh stop to praise this mod ! I only have lynx Is !!! :mad: :mad:
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