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  1. Im confused? So if I played Missle Command with it why would it not use a "true" trakball mode? Thought I would just roll the ball and control what is on screen. Is normal released Missle Command (not the Thomas edit) playable on it? I just want to play some games like they were on the arcade cabs Lee
  2. Just bought an official Atari trackball off ebay Before it arrives, what games do you recommend I should use with it apart from the usual suspects such as Missile Command (the main reason I bought it) Also could it work as a paddle??? Cheers, Lee
  3. thanks all. you forget how nice the Atari scene is! oh and thanks for the links/files/recommends Mayhem - we must chat again at Retrovision 2007, Im going Thomas - Star Fire still rocks! Im just glad to see so many great new 2600 games, makes a grown man weep! as for the games, I played Conquest of Mars for a good while yesterday, pretty amazing stuff. Ive downloaded the games recommended here and will give them a go. Glad to see Lady bug there Lee
  4. Hi all, Ive been out of the scene for so long. Albert and crew -- this is still a fantastic site, enjoyable reads and downloads - it just gets better! One quick question though - What are the last homebrew releases over the last couple of years and if possible, where can I download the roms? I wouldnt mind trying out what some of the great homebrew programmers have been doing the last couple of years? Recommend me some please? oh and have any more great prototypes appeared again? Thanks, Lee
  5. new issue....new design...PDF! Download the 4meg Issue 5 version of Lee's PeeknPoke today Frankie Goes to Hollywood on the 8bits Bombjack Commodore64 vs.Spectrum - playground fights are back Easter Eggs on the Atari 2600, the best of the sweetest hidden treats AND MUCH MUCH MORE.... http://peeknpoke.gazaxian.com/index.htm Hope you all enjoy it! Regards, Lee http://peeknpoke.gazaxian.com/index.htm
  6. PeeknPoke


    cheers, I thought it was a pirate at first. The game is not great, but still its something I didnt have and have never seen. so one pound was okay in my books Lee
  7. PeeknPoke


    Anyone know anything about this game or the company Sancho? http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html...areLabelID=1591 Picked this game up for a pound today Lee
  8. Tv show from a few years back shown on Channel four, Thumb Candy did an interview with Matthew and he did say he nicked his ideas from Miner 2049'er (which then cut to a video of Atari 2600 version ) Lee
  9. oh shit, seems like im getting my arse slapped on this. here goes.... NE146 "PeeknPoke Arcade tit bits" thanks for the kind comment, a titbit is a piece of news,maybe it reads wrong ZylonBane again thanks for pointing out stuff, always helpful. "PeeknPoke UK is your none stop look at the world of Retro Computer and Video games" Is this the UK version of "non-stop"? unsure what you mean, the Non-stop is what it is, the site looks at news coming in from round the world, your the first to question that quote, im sure its plain enough :wink: You call the 2600 Donkey Kong graphics "feeble". Why? When I boot up 2600 DK, I see single-line resolution graphics, no flicker, and perfectly fluid animation. As for the "terrible" sound effects-- if they're so terrible, why has the 2600 DK jumping sound been appearing in TV shows and movies for years? because its bloody terrible and i hate it - because it appears on tv and movies does not make the game any greater. You should not really argue against anyones elses view of game, its my look at it. you seem angry against it or something Kangaroo was not a Nintendo arcade game no, its by Sun electronics as i said, i guess the text below it did confuse it slightly as mentioned by other posts. my crap writing style i guess. For Road Runner, you admit (indirectly) that it's very close to the arcade game, yet only give it a 5. Up to this point you give the impression that these numbers are a rank of how good a conversion the games are, not how much you enjoyed them ok, fair point, maybe i should rate them 100% against the arcade game but that would mean stuff like Space Invaders and Battlezone would get poor ratings, and i feel they expanded on the experience of the original. I love arcade battlezone and love 2600 Battlezone - you could not get a decent playable vector battlezone on the Atari (unless someone knows better ) I stand by that. I used to love RoadRunner arcade years ago, but dont enjoy it now. I guess i should state better that the final games are also rated against how much fun they are to me. 2600 Xevious is an unreleased prototype by Atari, not Parker. So yes, it IS "unfinished". my fault, slapped wrists all round, I used the text from the last arcade to.. feature and this slipped in. And it's "Phoenix", not "Pheonix". my fault again, shit typo, shit me. You have to remember that PeeknPoke is done in my spare time what little of it i have. I love the Atari range, as so do you but please try to remember that i dont re-read everything i put up - little mistakes will crop up from time to time, dont shoot me down on spelling, I am shite at it. NovaXpress thanks for the kind comments You state that you are evaluating games based strictly on closeness to the arcade version, but in the reviews you are going after the games on their own merit fair comment,sir maybe i should clear this up, The text describes how close it is and what is good/bad about it, the final score is a combined rating of closeness, how playable and how i enjoyed it. Yes, i should redo the starting text to say this, agreed. if i really did compare most arcade game conversions graphics and sound, most would get low and i didnt want the 2600 games to score that low, as most arcade games on the system were very good. anyway, Did i go wrong with this? the last review segement did very well (got mentioned on slashdot even and the great atariage). I like writing it, and the emails i got really enjoy this sort of look into games. thanks all Lee
  10. the end of game of Missile Command The tunnel effect from Star Wars:Death Star Battle Lee
  11. http://peeknpoke.emuunlim.com/ more arcade conversion goodness. Enjoy Lee
  12. bloody hell, did i write this 3 years ago? cannot remember, but i was right anyway! Lee
  13. No it isn't. "Very good" is not the same as "perfect". its as perfect as you could possibly get on the 2600! Come on we didnt want another Pacman did we? Lee
  14. Id dont think they are missed. Ms.Pacman is a perfect port you could ever wish for Lee
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