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  1. Super Breakout, Defender, Star Raiders, Pole Position, and Pac-Man.
  2. I spent a good year back in the early 2000s trying to source a replacement potentiometer that was also spring return to center, which would take care of the non-centering issue as well as serve as a replacement for worn out factory pots. After talking with every manufacturer I could find I never did find what I was looking for. With China now able to manufacture pretty much anything under the sun I wonder if maybe a spring return to center replacement pot might now be a possibility.
  3. I use a PS4 controller on my Mac and it syncs right up via Bluetooth and works perfectly.
  4. I wrote a rudimentary Apple II program that kept track of every student, their grades, absences, etc. back in the mid 80s for my high school in Pascal. I went back in the early 90s to visit and they were still using it, much to my amazement. I wrote some interesting stuff when I was a CS student in college but don’t remember much of what I did. The last programming I did was back in the 90s when I contributed to some open source stuff. Now I can barely write a simple Basic program. You don’t use it you lose it I guess.
  5. I like to think my Vampire powered A1200 in a Checkmate Case is pretty amazing. Plays everything I throw at it, including CD32 games using the internal DVD drive (CD audio is mixed with Paula audio). Plus it is FAST thanks to the Vampire 1200. Here’s my thread at Amiga.org... https://forum.amiga.org/index.php?topic=74342.0
  6. When Commodore went under I held on to my A1200 as long as I could until it was obvious that it was time to move on. I remember buying my first Pentium machine running Windows 95. Since then I’ve built plenty of Windows machines but my current everyday machine is a Mac. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. While he's mostly known for Amiga repairs he actually works on pretty much any classic console/computer.
  8. Contact Paul (Acill). He's done all of my recapping/repairs. Great guy. His website is at http://www.acill.com/.
  9. Just remembered I participated in the Hi Score Competition years ago on BYOAC and got over 900,000 at the time. It wasn't long after this that I got to the point where I could roll the score. Here's a link... http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,94372.msg995155.html#msg995155
  10. It's my favorite game and when I build my MAME cabinet I played it constantly. Now I can pretty much rollover the score without the no-fire trick and no rapid fire.
  11. I could be mistaken but I believe WOW use the joystick in port 2 for one player games. Plug your controller into port 2 and give it a try.
  12. If it didn't get funded and I had to settle for a 3D printed case, I'd just use this technique to make it look nice and smooth... https://all3dp.com/how-to-smooth-pla-prints-without-any-sanding/
  13. He talked about it in the other thread... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/265958-collectorvision-game-system/page-38?do=findComment&comment=4115308
  14. The CollectorVision has really caught my attention. I've been thinking about getting into the ColecoVision scene (never owned one but played a friends when I was a kid) and something like this would definitely interest me. Add in the possibility of a cartridge adapter to accept 2600 (and possibly 7800?) cartridges and I might just pull the trigger.
  15. Honestly the first person to offer a controller for sale similar to the one Ben Heck created is going to forever be a hero to the 5200 community. Heck it might just get me back into the 5200 scene.
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