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    I'm not really a collector, in the sense of trying to collect everything for a given system. I just enjoy good games. I do buy complete in box items exclusively, though. The systems I collect for are: Atari's line of 8-bit computers, plus their 2600 and 5200; Mattel's Intellivision; and Coleco's ColecoVision. I also have a Playstation 2, a Wii U, and a 3DS, but I don't really collect for them. Outside of video gaming, I enjoy theme parks, watching movies, playing tabletop board games and RPGs, and reading science fiction and fantasy books.

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  1. I don't get it.

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    2. GoldLeader


      I don't get IT either...I mean they sit on their ass all day, then when you call because you're locked out, they claim it was YOU who changed your password when ya didn't, they get nasty for no reason until you yell just Reset my F-ing Password and shut up OK?

    3. 2600 Forever

      2600 Forever

      No, you are either a dumbass kid, or a troll, pretending to be a kid.

    4. TheTIGuy



      Sorry, I wasn't trying to be a troll or a dumbass.

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