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  1. Will you trade it for a bike? At one point a PS4 had the same value as a 7800. When was that... back in.... back in
  2. If you're thinking about getting this you should. I own/have owned many tabletops and handhelds from this era of gaming, and Galaxy II remains my favorite. I would take it over all the Coleco arcade tabletops, and those are all quite good IMO.
  3. So good I came back for more!... bought some Atari carts from masschamber, well packed and shipped fast. Recommended.
  4. Just so no one else starts picking out games like I was, the thread is over 10 years old.
  5. Another great transaction with Jagosaurus. I got a great price on a console with a ton of goodies, and he was kind enough to write up very clear and concise instructions on what everything is and what to do with it. First class seller here!
  6. Great deal, communication, and fastest shipping ever. Great person to work with.
  7. I'm not kidding... I think the most amazing effect in VCS history is Gonzo's rotating head in Pigs in Space.
  8. Kid Ice


    I think VCS Pac Man is a horrible game. If someone else thinks it's a good game we merely have a different opinion, and that's fine. However, the idea that "well it's not a good Pac Man game, but it's a good game" is nonsense. I think my toaster is a good toaster, but my toaster is not a good car. Obviously it's irrelevant that it's not a good car because it's not supposed to be a car. Pitfall is a great jungle adventure game.. if they called it "Superman" it would be known as the game where Superman wears green and can't fly. The game is Pac Man because it's supposed to be Pac Man. It does a terrible job at being Pac Man, and is therefore a bad game. Also irrelevant is the behind-the-scenes HSW only had 6 weeks, 2K ram or whatever, blah blah blah. That game sucks.
  9. I got the PS4 versions of Atari Flashback Classics volumes 1 and 2 for a good price this morning. Discs and cases are in good shape. Because I already have Vol. 3 for Xbox One I want Vols. 1 and 2 on that system. Please PM me if you would be willing to trade the Xbox One versions for the PS4 versions in a straight up trade.
  10. Heh fool I would not pay more than 15 dollars for a head set. It's yours.
  11. I already have a vectrex but I'll give you ten bucks for that dorky headset.
  12. Great experience again buying from cvga!
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