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  1. I remade the palette image using the colors specified in the bmp2pp readme. I hope this helps.
  2. I made a 16 color bmp, using only the colecovision palette. However, when i run bmp2pp, and specify no dither, the resulting pp image is messed up. I attached an image showing my problem. Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong ?
  3. im happy i was one of the finalists thanks for picking me. i'll now show the world my chosen entries:
  4. Well, you don't have to keep everyone completely in the dark, you could always post the number of entries received. That should serve the same purpose. Also, i think showing the entries might actually prevent people from entering, because they see something that they think is great, and they feel that they cannot top that. Just my ramblings, no need to pay much attention.
  5. I think it's a great idea to not show submissions untill the contest is over. This might even be a good idea for any future design contests, even though i havent heard any bickering on the boards about plagirism. This still might be a good idea, to stave off the possibilities of future conflict.
  6. I usually check AA around 2x/week, and it figures, i forgot to check this past 2 weeks. I only found out about the contest on saturday, and it didnt leave me much time to make a label I was happy with. I guess i should have subscribed to the mailing list, oh well. Well, this is what i had time to do: the text is a bit hard to read in this, but that is because of the jpg compression. Anyway, i wasnt able to finish this to my complete satisfaction, but i am still entering it. hee hee
  7. well, i'm bored and its late at night, so, here is a question for all the label authors. What programs do you use to make your labels. I'll start off. I used only adobe illustrator for all my labels.
  8. hey, where is everyone? its been days since anyone posted anything.
  9. quote: Originally posted by liveinabin: Can't wait to see all the entries. I'm sitting out of this one (as the 5200 was never released here, be a bit mad me trying to win a game) so good luck everyone. oh, i was looking forward to your designs. won't you reconsider your decision? [ 03-19-2002: Message edited by: cristiana ]
  10. i have been waiting for another contest, i cant see how the competition turns out this time. good luck, and start your engines.....
  11. russ, you can use any of my labels in 2600 connection, as long as you just put my name somewhere . Also, congrats to the top eight in the contest. there was some tough competition, and i am happy i made it this far.
  12. quote: Originally posted by Albert: This is the funniest thing I've seen all day, thanks!! Do you still have the picture of the Etch-a-Sketch version? I'd like to save these away for later (after the contest is over, I'd like to post them to that page). ..Al Thanks for the compliments , and, yes, I still have the etch a sketch pictures. My server was down for most of the the 11th, so you weren't able to access it. Anyway, I still have the original, so it didnt disappear.
  13. quote: Originally posted by Cybergoth: Now, where's the cute dead QB we're all waiting for? Greetings, Manuel I answered your wish, here is a 'cute dead qb'
  14. Since David posted one of his labels he wasn't going to enter, i figured i will post one of my labels that didnt fully pan out: and, yes, i did actually draw that out on the etch-a-sketch . cristiana
  15. yeah, i would like the illustrator version of the xype logo, that would be great. thanks.
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