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  1. I built up 20 of them. Unfortunately, I was unable to present my MidiMaze display last year at VCFSE due to a family emergency. Hopefully there will be live events next year. Will the cases that Mr. Robot created fit the v1.0 board?
  2. Those SIO2MIDI cases are super nice! Oh, how I need a 3D printer...
  3. Oh no! This really hurts. He will be dearly missed. Prayers for his family.
  4. I was excited when I bought five of these Wii A/V cables last year when they were on clearance for $2 each at Monoprice. I had a heck of a time getting one soldered to a 5pin din connector because the wires are so thin. Video quality was bad, but I figured it was my fault with sloppy soldering.
  5. I think RamBrandt had a print module that let you print in b&w or color.
  6. Steve has the MaxFlash Studio USB software available for download: https://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/documentation/downloads/Maxflash_Studio_Installer.exe
  7. I second that nomination. 😁
  8. Wow! I may have sell mine if it is worth that much.
  9. Yeah, I bought a Wii video cable that looks exactly like that and added a 5pin din connector. The wires were very thin inside and had similar results as Mytek did with video quality.
  10. You forgot the Atari 835 modem before the 1030.
  11. As someone who is trying to recover from Covid-19, I say bring on the Corona games. This virus is brutal. Being able to blast some Corona viruses to hell would make me feel great.
  12. It was included in an 800 lot I bought some time ago. Commodore definitely copied it down to every detail. I put a NOS Atari joystick PCB in it last year and it works perfectly.
  13. I don't see my name on the list. I had asked for 5.
  14. It's fun when you open up a time capsule. I remember Black Patch Systems well -- it was a tiny store. I bought an Avatex 1200hc there also, along with a P:R: Connection around that same time. I spent a lot of money there and at Toad Computers, also in Maryland.
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