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  1. I remember this. 400 with an aftermarket keyboard. That's an 830 modem also.
  2. I bought a couple of 1200XL mylars and the rev.10 catalog in early July and had no trouble at all. I had called and left a message, and followed up with an email later that day. Bradley replied with a quote for my order and instructions to pay via PayPal. He also said he prefers that I email future orders. I have no problem with that. By the way, like Michael said, the Best Catalog is a good tool to have. It brings tears to my eyes though when I see those low prices and that I didn't make some purchases when items were still available. (Like the 1450XLD motherboard.)
  3. BITD: 1027, Citizen MSP-10, Panasonic KXP-1124, and a Kyocera laser printer (if 1993 is considered BITD). The Kyocera had Epson compatibility. P:R: was the interface I used (except for the 1027 of course). Modern Day: 1025- not hooked up at the moment, but it does work. Brother inkjet, HP laser through Ape, but once I get a Retro Printer interface I'll be printing through that with the P:R:C (with Epson conversion).
  4. I guess I'm cheap, lazy, and without respect for Atari as well. I used nylon screws on both my 1088XEL and 1088XLD. Oh, the horror!
  5. I can't wait to get a poster of this and hang in my office. Now all we need is the 1088XLD box! 😉
  6. I love being able to program the PICs without pulling out a PC based programmer/burner. All of mine were programmed using a 400/Joy2Pic combination.
  7. Jon, do you have any tips on removing those Micro-Match connectors? I usually crush tiny connectors like that when trying to remove them. I am having issues as well with the ribbon cable -- the screen sparkles with digital noise until you touch or move the cable ever so slightly.
  8. Hi TVFB1990 and welcome to AtariAge! I am the one who sold you the Inhome Baseball cartridge on eBay. Shame on me for not trying it on a 1200XL before listing it on eBay, especially since I included the 1200XL in the description with other 8-bit models. Don't worry about filing down the game cartridge or cart tunnel. I've just ordered a cartridge extender from www.bitsofthepast.com and am having it shipped directly to you. The cartridge does work and was tested on an 800XL before shipping. The extender will come in handy with other cartridges you might come across that have trouble fitting the 1200XL (i.e. SIDE2).
  9. Brentarian


  10. Are 810 Happy boards still available somewhere?
  11. I picked up another NOS 1200XL keyboard for $20. There is a high probablity it will need repair, like all 1200XL keyboards eventually do, but I did luck out a few years back and got one that worked 100%.
  12. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219143-devices-that-contain-65c802/?p=4167621 Has anybody tried this 65C816 to 65C802 converter yet?
  13. My top panel is similar, but I chose to keep the CF slots in the back. It is slated for delivery on the 23rd. Finally, after two years my 1088XEL won't be naked anymore.
  14. Many years ago (probably 20+) I purchased a couple of CX-85 number keypads from BG Micro for $5 each. It looks like they found some more recently that they're selling for $20 new. I thought I'd pass it on if anyone is interested (I still have my two and don't need another). They also have the large 400/800 PAL crystals and variable inductors. http://www.bgmicro.com/search.aspx?find=atari
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