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  1. Brentarian


  2. Are 810 Happy boards still available somewhere?
  3. I picked up another NOS 1200XL keyboard for $20. There is a high probablity it will need repair, like all 1200XL keyboards eventually do, but I did luck out a few years back and got one that worked 100%.
  4. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/219143-devices-that-contain-65c802/?p=4167621 Has anybody tried this 65C816 to 65C802 converter yet?
  5. My top panel is similar, but I chose to keep the CF slots in the back. It is slated for delivery on the 23rd. Finally, after two years my 1088XEL won't be naked anymore.
  6. Many years ago (probably 20+) I purchased a couple of CX-85 number keypads from BG Micro for $5 each. It looks like they found some more recently that they're selling for $20 new. I thought I'd pass it on if anyone is interested (I still have my two and don't need another). They also have the large 400/800 PAL crystals and variable inductors. http://www.bgmicro.com/search.aspx?find=atari
  7. I received my boards and will post some pictures later once I get the brown BASIC labels off and new ones affixed. They work great! Tested on several 64K computers and no problems.
  8. This might be the easiest method to connect an iPad/Mac to an SIO2MIDI or 1088XLD. There are generic ones on eBay and AliExpress for half this price. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MDBT01--yamaha-md-bt01-bluetooth-wireless-midi-interface
  9. Hi Firedawg,I see that your location is Atlanta. Will you be attending VCFSE this year? I will have my 1088XLD on display.
  10. GBS-8200 - it works with Sophia. I've had one for a few years.
  11. Thank you! I remember typing in the CX85 programs back in the day. I've been looking for these for a long time.
  12. I may try this with one of my 600XLs after I'm done with the 1088XLD. It looks really nice!
  13. The remaining pieces I need from The Brewing Academy should arrive tomorrow for me. My goal is to power up by next weekend. I can't wait!
  14. I'll be at VCFSE 7.0 on April 27 & 28, and so far we have four people representing Atari. I'll be displaying:--1088XEL --1088XLD --various Atari 8-bit models with upgrades --a strong attempt at a MIDI-Maze game consisting of *16* Atari 8-bits (with some help from adjacent Atari tables).
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