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  1. Sorry, I started a second thread on this subject not knowing that you had an active thread on this subject. I'm glad you enjoyed the documentary also. It also left me wanting to know more about the early days of Atari. As far I'm concerned, it ended to soon for Atari.
  2. The new Atari 2600-related documentary Atari:Game Over is now available for streaming viewing on Netflix. I just finished watching it and will have to admit that it is one of the best Atari documentaries I have ever seen. This show deals primarily with the search and unearthing of the E.T. video games believed to have been dumped in a landfill in New Mexico during the Video Game Crash of 1983. If you're an Atari 2600 fan, you don't want to miss seeing this show. I was amazed at the content of this documentary.
  3. Does the XM turn the 7800 into an 8-bit computer(like the 130XE or XEGM)or is it just for hacking existing cartridge games?
  4. Thanks for the manual digital download. I have owned a boxed Video Pinball console for several years.
  5. Is there an app for the iPad or Android devices that will allow me to run Atari 8-bit software?
  6. Thanks for the upload! I successfully won the bid on a original disk copy of Anti Rambrandt on eBay last night! When as I receive it later this week, I plan to fire up either my 800XL or 130XE and give this program a try. This is one of the Antic titles I've been hoping to find for several years. The docs file will be helpful as I venture through it for the first time. Is it true that RAMbrandt works with Touch Tablet and Koala Pad?
  7. Could someone please upload the docs for the Antic RAMbrandt 2.0 Art Graphic Program?
  8. www.atarimania has most of these old Atari magazines for online reading and digital download. I personally own several of these Antic magazines in my collection also, but I usually check either Atari Age or Atarimania out for online reading of these hard to find publications.
  9. Just purchased a disk copy of Atari Paint and was wondering if this art program works with the Touch Tablet, Koala Pad or Light Pen controller. The downloaded manual (from www.Atarimania.com) said it uses the standard joystick and keyboard, which I'm not to happy to learn.
  10. Just curious, Tillek, what did you cough up for the second Atari Falcon?
  11. Is it feasible to purchase a new or used Atari Falcon computer anymore? If so, what is the going price for these machines? I have only seen one of these computers and that was owned by a friend outside of Omaha, NE several years back.
  12. What's the best Zombie FPS shooter for the Wii?
  13. Does anyone have the Reeves Diamond GOS on disk for the 8-bit?
  14. What do I need to get to connect my 130XE to the internet?
  15. Is the ram memory in the XEGS upgradable to 128K?
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