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  1. I would say the key difference here is Hulk Hogan never cheated (because its staged entertainment) and his controversies weren't related to the WWE. As Mitchell is more than likely a fraud on most counts, I'd say it's pretty wise to assume that few to none of his high scores that weren't publicly witnessed can be trusted. My issue with Twin Galaxies is it's too little too late, they're already a shifty operation.
  2. Twin Galaxies is a goofy, self obsessed organisation. All their weirdo cronies trying to dig up dirt on Wiebe never bothered to investigate their chode poster boy. By the way there's a Donkey Kong kill screen coming up.
  3. Oh yeah, I want me some Gremlins. But I need my Gremlins shipped to the UK. Anyone able to hook me up? Id prefer it boxed, but I would be willing to accept a fresh loose stain free copy. Thanks, -K
  4. Seeking NES Nightmare on Elm Street CIB drop me an email at [email protected]

  5. Must be able to ship to the UK! Email me at [email protected]
  6. I dont get it... Whats so great about a pillow? Seriously does it have a hole in it or something? I dont get it... lol
  7. Good suggestions, I've been writing up a big long manual sort of thing on this, nailing every possible aspect and feature, and I decided to add more cities to the concept and fine tuned the zombie transformation. I made it so once you turn into a zombie you do temporarily lose your stats and gear, then you get everything back once you die as a zombie, and you start back at a rescue station. I think it would be good to keep some kind of a zombie function because its never really been done and makes things a little more interesting and it would make the typical death feature a little more enjoyable. Gives you a second chance at life, in a warped and twisted way. I added San Francisco to the list of possible cities and turned Alcatraz into a Military base, I thought that was kind of cool. I need more suggestions though, so come on people, work with me here.
  8. Hello everyone.... I'm Peter Graves, and tonight I have been advised to ask around and get the gamers' inside view on what you think of Mr. Kyle Pittman also famously known to the underground gamers as Uncle Duke's idea of a Night of the Living Dead MMORPG. Seriously, I pitched my idea on the Diamond Dead boards and not only is Cameron Romero (George A. Romero's son and developer of www.diamonddead.com ) interested, but so is another developer by the name of Tim Crider, who got very excited over it and we began discussing things we could add to the idea. And I've gotten a tremendous amount of feedback including one person who said, "I bow to your genius talents" or something along those lines, I'm pretty sure genius was in there though But heres what I and Mr. Crider had to say; ------------ A few years back I always wished they would make a really good video game based off of the Dead series, and I was never that big of a fan of the Resident Evil games because I never had a Playstation, so I designed my own game that I said I would pitch someday. And through the years I had always thought about it and the different things you could do with that kind of a game and I eventually came up with this. UNCLE DUKE: An MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) Computer game that takes place in a large city such as Pittsburgh, and then a large rural area around it. The map would be made up of mostly buildings that you can enter and have the ability to board up if you have the proper materials and tools. There could be different stats and stuff like being a biker, a Police officer or SWAT or even military or medical and civilian. Each with pro's and con's. And you could have a large variety of weapons and tools and vehicles to aid you, and the main goal is to level up and most importantly survive. The zombies would be computer controlled and do everything a zombie does, and would be triggered by ceartain things, and try and break in boarded buildings. The fun of the game would be teaming up with your friends, zombie hunts, guarding important buildings, and special events created for the players. Each specific career could have its own jobs to do, that are assigned and then the players can choose to follow the orders given and go to the scene of the action, plus players with high rank can give missions alot like WWII: Online. Vehicles would be an important part of the game and would work similar to the Grand Theft Auto Games, only the cars you steal would more than likely be abandoned in the street. Then you abandon them when your finished. And some vehicles can only be given to ceartain jobs at ceartain levels which would be like patrol cars, helecopters and things like that. Player housing could be special buildings set up for that and/or you could just barricade your own building, which would last a ceartain ammount of time before the zombies broke in. It would be hard to develop a game like this, but it worked for Star Wars. Short loading times could be made for entering larger buildings. But I think a game like this would really put players in the world of the undead and hopefully have the rush the films do. Just wishful thinking, something I thought you guys might enjoy and like to discuss. TIM CRIDER: Sounds like a solid idea. A couple of us over here have been tossing around the idea of a "what if we were going to do a NOTLD game", but we've never taken it beyond... hey let's think about it. I like the idea of the RPG, but have you ever played FFXI? That game is pretty solid, but man it's a pain in the ass to actually be good at. I have a friend who has been playing every day about 8 hours a day for monthes and he's like, the game is pretty fun now that I'm level 30, and can do cool stuff. I like some of the concepts in FFXI, like being in different worlds. The bad thing is, I just don't think a platform like XBOX or PS2 could even come close to hanlding something like this. Having worked with the TeamXbox guys I've seen first hand how MS like to keep a tight grip on what goes down on Xbox Live. And PS2, forget it... it's nowhere near strong enough. So I guess the only platform left is PC. Now if you were going to go PC, here's an expansion on what you are thinking. Everybody starts in a different city. New York, London, Moscow, Sydney, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Miami, L.A, pretty much anywhere. You'd start out some place like your house, or a hotel, a hospital, etc. Once you made your way out of the intial building (this would be the training portion of the game), you could start playing and looking for survivors. Now here's something to think about. What happens when you die? You should have to play as a Zombie, until you die as a Zombie. Just think about how nuts that would be. You'd go from inside protecting the peope you're with, but once you're killed they have X seconds / minutes to get yer ass out of their hiding spot, or burn your body. Other wise you come back as a Zombie and have to try and kill them. I'd make it more like a Resident Evil feeling game than a FFXI game though. And I'm not talking about the engine, I'm talking about the concept. I'd much rather play with human characters, rather than a wizard who can summon a dragon to defat the zombies. You could even have special areas in the city that if you find them, you could call for help from other cities. This brings a whole other aspect into the game. What if you had people who were military, who lived in bases outside of major cities. Who waited for people to call them for help. Then they'd know where to go and could go try and help wipe out the infestation in major cities. This brings 3 different games into one feasible game. UNCLE DUKE: Yeah, and the cool thing if you made it online is you could have all your friends play with you, form alliances and such, and group together for like a Motorcycle gang or Military squadron, or SWAT team, or you could be a loner and just go it alone. One of the biggest problems with Star Wars Galaxies was the whole player-killing problem, the developers were far too afraid of every bit of challenge. But if you made it too difficult people would get angry as well. And if you die by another human in a player versus player zone (Which for the sake of this will be the streets and rural areas) you turn into a zombie until you get killed as a zombie then start back at a Rescue Station without your gear and possibly have the option to go retrieve it. You can also be healed by doctors at the Rescue Station and buy medicine for your travels and such. If you get bit by a zombie you will slowly die and the only way to get that healed is to go to a rescue station and use a doctor, so it is curable (You have to bend a few rules) but if you die within the time you have to get to a doctor you turn into a zombie, and once the zombie version of you is dead you start back at a rescue station with your character and no gear or anything similar to if you die by a human, only its more dramatic and fun. So that way you have a fighting chance. As for stats which can be classified in a game like this as ranks could be used for using better weapons and vehicles and special uniforms and such. It would have hundreds of possibilities and never grow old I think, when you got tired of just running around and shooting zombies, you could work on your rank, drive cars and motorcycles, go into PvP zones, and stuff like that. Also for like calling in the military and stuff the administrators could control all that, in your chatscreen you could have like news broadcasts (Basically chat channels that you cant respond to, controlled by volunteers and admins) and also radio channels for your specific job, reporting where the hot spots are, and where they need you at, which works real well for WWII: Online. The game would more than likely have to be PC, I can only see it running for a PC. And yes I do have FFXI, which I thought was very good my cousin is obsessed with it, but I didnt think it had quite the amount of freedom I like in a game. It was more like one of the original Final Fantasy games, just with other real players which is really cool because I love the Final Fantasy games, but not quite the same as something like Star Wars Galaxies which is pretty much free for all. Unfortunatly though Star Wars Galaxies has horrible lag on my computer and dial up connection while Final Fantasy runs smooth. As for the look of the game I think it would be awesome if it had like a choice between 3rd person and first person shooter style, I think that would be more immersive. Also day and night and weather would be a neat factor to the game, at night you could have alot more zombies roaming so it is dangerous to travel at night, while in the day alot of them hide, some of them still wander around but not nearly as bad you know? But I could just imagine playing that game, your a cop with a high rank travelling down the twisted streets at Dusk with your siren on heading toward a call and you crash into something, and you have to get out of the car and hide out in a building for the night or something, boarding it up and trying to keep out the undead. Also I think a game like this could be summed up as a cross between True Crime: Streets of LA, World War II Online, Resident Evil and HALO. ---------- A friend of mine who has worked with Mr. Romero before told me alot of positive things that I really dont like think because I think I'd be getting my hopes up too high. He said that I should plan on getting a job as a key developer for this game and that after their planned Diamond Dead X-Box game is made they will move on to this and I will have a very successfull major game on my hands. Who knows, but you never know. So buy copies of my hacks from the Atari Age store, have them specially requested; Yellow Submarine Pink Floyd Adventure Rambo in Afghanistan Rambo in Afghanistan II: Streets of Afghanistan THX-1138 Evil Dead Zelda 2600 War of the Worlds SpongeBob SquarePants (did I forget any?) and get them quick, they may be worth something someday.
  9. I own one of the few carts for Yellow Submarine. Its my favorite re-creation. If I had the ability to add the tune to it I would have. The color scheme is slightly different than the emulation version of it I believe, but I havent played it in a long time so I dont know.
  10. I just recieved this game as a Christmas present from a friend. Its pretty cool, I love the fighting in it, because it keeps very close to the movies sort of theatrical fighting style. Your hat can even fall off during the fights, how cool is that? I'm having a little trouble with the first artifact though. I'm in a big cave/chamber room where this diamond or whatever it is, is on this center island and locked up. Water surrounds the island and this bigass crocodile is swimming around keeping me from doing a whole lot of swimming. During one of my short trips under water I did see a passage way leading inside the small island platform, and I had to cut it with vines with my machete, but by the time I got out my machete and 'unstuck' because the game sadly has some sticking problems around corners and walls, Jaws' cousin Aligator got me. That wasnt too cool. So I think I know what I have to do. What did everyone else think of this game? Good/Bad, does it get any better from the level I'm on right now?
  11. Hello, I tried burning this but I'm having some trouble. I'm using roxio to burn it and at this dcemulation.com website they say you need this ip file or something to burn it, but their link for the file wont work. If anyone has burnt this program before, can you give me a good set of directions on exactly how to burn it so I dont waste 50 CDs trying and failing? Thanks -Duketastic!
  12. Yeah I love this game. I did a hack for it called Pink Floyd Adventure. I was never really any good at it though. But then again I was never really good at any VCS game except Asteroids.
  13. My favorites: (in no order either) Mystery Science Theater 2600 Blair Witch Project Mr. Roboto E.T. the Extra Testical Pac Law SpongeBob SquarePants Kabul! mmmh. Ran out of favorites and don't want to put all of mine without making me look even more egotistical than I allready am. Lets hear what everyone elses favorites are, dont be shy! I wont kill you if you dont mention mine... Or will I... By the way Atarius I'm standing outside your window....
  14. Hey everyone, I'm curious to see what everyones 10 favorite hacks are. Then when I have more time I'll post mine.
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