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  1. So this didn’t sell, I know it’s niche but it cost me £200 - £250 to put this together and I really don’t want to lose money on it. Any suggestions on it’s worth or am I better breaking it up and looking to make money back that way ?
  2. Hi everyone, After a year or so of being boxed up I've decided that I have had my fun out of my PC-50x collection and am now willing to sell. ebay listing here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255051032804 Brief description of what’s in the lot: 2 x Grandstand SD 070 consoles (1 working, 1 spares and repairs) 1 Working Radofin console, 1 not working. Controllers + Light Gun + Tank Controllers Grandstand games: Supersportic Motor Cycle Grand Prix Shooting Gallery Superb Wipeout Submarine Radofin Games: Tank Battle Superstar x2 (1 doesn’t work) Grand Prix Skill Cycle x2 Superb Wipeout This is a collection built up over many years, all games bar one work. This is late 70’s early 80’s tech so please appreciate it’s isn’t going to be like new. Feel free to ask me any questions.
  3. Hey, glad you’re back !
  4. Thanks for the suggestions think I will go with: Super Castlevania IV (Castlevania Anniversary Collection) Platform: PS4 I double mine as a playlist as well, personal ratings and if I have completed the game etc. I also like to list games I don’t own but have played. For example mega expensive games, imports or only available via emulation (Mame). E.g. Darxide on 32x played on Mega SD. I don’t own it, but I have played it so want on my list for personal ratings, if completed, etc. The game is not good enough for me to spend my life saving getting an original copy. Perhaps it may be better for me to have a separate collectors app/list and a played app/list ? GamEye seems good for console games but lacking for my big in Europe stuff, there are not many entries for my Atari ST games and I presume the ZX Spectrum may be similar. I like the ability to have it on my phone as I have 3 consoles in the living room and my others hooked up in the loft so makes it easier to move around.
  5. How do you catalogue games that are in a compilation ? Take Castlevania Anniversary Collection for example and Super Castlevania IV. So I own Super Castlevania IV on the PS4 which emulates the SNES version. How would you catalogue it ? a). Super Castlevania IV on PS4 b). Super Castlevania IV on SNES c). Not catalogue it at all and just catalogue the compilation d). Something I haven’t thought of. Sorry if this is anal but it has been bugging me for ages and I can’t seem to stick to any one method. So thought I would ask how everyone else would catalogue it.
  6. Just found this thread, always nice to see 1st generation gaming get some love. I have all the PC-50x games apart from PC-508 if there is anything I can do to help let me know.
  7. Thought would post on here first to see if any interest before putting it on eBay. This is the French RCA Studio II clone the Victory. Complete with two joystick attachments (which I believe are unique to the Euro models ?) along with a multi-cart. The system powers on fine, but there is no AC adapter included in the sale. I cannot get a clean picture, I don’t know if this is down to the system or the fact I am trying to use a French system on a UK CRT TV. I am also including the multi cart containing RCA Studio II games, MPT-02 Roms and homebrew titles. Regarding price I’m just looking to get back what I spent which is around £100 (shipping costs on top). Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Payment via PayPal only. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks for the information on the Visicom I didnt realise it ran slightly different to make incompatibilities. I just assumed it was like a Euro clone but obviously Japanese. The model Im hoping to get is a Victory MPT 02 what I like about this one is the fact it has actual joysticks rather than that horrendous keypad.
  9. Hope I’ve posted this in the right place apologies if not. I might finally be able to source a European Studio II clone and was wondering if the multicart was still available ? If so who do I speak to and how much does it cost ? Does the multicart include the European and Japanese exclusives ? I don’t want another console to collect for so the multicart is the ideal solution for playing on original hardware. Thanks and again apologies if the wrong forum but this seems the go to place for Studio II. Oh I’m based in the UK if that information is required.
  10. Wouldn’t it be more feasible for an Emulator and ROMs to run off a Jag CD ?
  11. How about PS4 and Xbox One emulation as well ? He’s been a member since 2011 - so I sure hope he’s joking.
  12. Yes that’s exactly what I get. I think the Emulator is looking for it in PSP/Game/PLynx which is not in my directory tree on Vita and it's not obvious how to point the Emulator elsewhere. I’m having the same problem with CaSTaway looking for a TOS Rom in a directory not available.
  13. Rise from your grave ! Im trying to get PLynx running on my Vita via VHBL but it will not detect the lynxboot.img ? Yes Ive got it and yes its in the same directory as the eboot so why doesnt PLynx see it ?
  14. That is an awesome collection he is selling. If I lived in America and I was extremely rich I would buy it lol. Thats the first time Ive seen the US box for Bingo.
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