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  1. If you´ve got a copy of the Neotokeo hack, Doctor Who Rise of the Cybermen, for the Atari 2600 that you don´t necessarily need, please send me a PM. Definitely interested. Thanks.
  2. What was System X? The Nuon? Prototype stage of the Atari 5200. Identical to the 5200 in most respects apart from the name on the console.
  3. Who cares if it´s boxed or not? AC needs to come out and explain exactly what it is he´s selling. I´m actually surprised to see even a few people buying into this whole thing without any explanation whatsoever. Are people really this desparate for new "games"? Yes, if it *was* indeed the mysterious E.T. Return to Earth Taiwan prototype, I might be mildly intrigued, but hell, not before I had some sort of idea of what it was that was being sold. Get real people.
  4. Yes Rob said that he was going to hold the auction in November. Here is a link saying just that. He revised that to sometime early 2008.
  5. Could be. The site that it´s taken from states that it´s Italian, so I just went with that.
  6. Eh? Wico controllers are just about the best I´ve ever come across, be it for the 5200 or the C64. Sheer quality. Regarding the 5200 stock controllers, I´ve never had any serious issues. Treat them well and they´ll work. That said, I still prefer a Wico when playing games on the 5200.
  7. Any news from Dave Comstock? Come to think of it, no. I'll get in touch with him tonight. Thanks for a reminder... Tempest Don´t mention it. I know he´s working on it in his sparetime, but if he needs anything, an incentive or whatever, I´m sure we could rally the troops in no time. This amazing game really needs to see the light of day on a 5200.
  8. I wonder why there´s a mention of Xari Arena in that thread, since it was never released...
  9. Any news from Dave Comstock?
  10. I´m pretty sure you´ll only find them on VAST settings and on levels with alternate maze layouts.
  11. More than anything, I hope that Cloak & Dagger (5200) will finally see the light of day. (More of a WIP than actual Homebrew, I guess) No predictions though.
  12. I believe some of the early editions of select games came in black carts. Here´s a link to a thread we had on this subject on Jaguar Sector II a while back. http://jaysmith2000.ipbhost.com/index.php?...=11092&st=0
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