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  1. Genesis Joysticks work on the 2600/7800, I've even tried it, but I don't know about a trackball. -Derek
  2. Everybody these days is surpised to know that you don't need an xbox 360 to have fun, lol. -Derek
  3. Too much fun, two thumbs up, it's kinda like atlantis, I like the writing on the title screen. Very Cool! -Derek
  4. I can't stand the 3D sonic games, I really like the 2D ones better, you can see where you're going, and you're not running at breakneck blinding speed picking up rings and dodging enemies. But that's just me. -Derek
  5. Thanks Guys, I just downloaded the ROM and the manual. I will see if I like it and then decide if I want to open it. -Derek
  6. I just got ghostbusters for $2.00 CIB. One question, should I open it. If I do, how do I play it? Any Tips? I've never played the game before and just bought it because it was rare, but now it looks kinda fun. -Derek
  7. How about a rotary paddle conversion
  8. I agree, fun game, This should be made into a cart. -Derek
  9. I don't sell anything to anyone who says their a reseller. I ask all of my customers, and I really hope no one's lied to me. I've had a few people who admit to being resellers, and I say I will "get back to them". But if someone lies there's no stopping it. I just don't think it's right for someone to buy something I thought I was selling to a fellow atari lover, but instead, they're using it to pay off a car loan. -Derek
  10. I'll bet the yellow trim turned orange over the years. -Derek
  11. Everything's gone in SE South Dakota except slim PS2's and like four 360's. What's sad, is that the PS3 demo kiosk doesn't have a screen around here and the wii demo kiosk is empty. And the xbox 360 demo unit is in a N64 demo kiosk housing. I don't think many companys give a #$%^* about South Dakota. -DDD
  12. If everybody donated their commons to AA or threw them away, they won't be common anymore, who knows, maybe in a few years we will have to rewrite the rarity list. -Derek
  13. I think it would be interesting to know, out off all the homebrews released, how many of them were acutually played on a real VCS and not just an emulator. -Derek
  14. Or perhaps a long-awaited return to CGE 2007? (Back in Vegas, baby!) I hope so, I can actually go this year!! -Derek
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