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    Video games, motorcycling, listening to and making music, model railways.
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    Lego City Undercover on Switch, Wolfenstein The New Order on Xbox One, Sniper Elite III on PS3 and Ladybug on ColecoVision.
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    Waiting for my new Raspberry Pi to arrive so I can load up emulators and MAME and get stuck into all sorts of retro gaming goodness.

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  1. Aways playing it portable, at this stage it seems to be a big (and expensive) GameBoy, albeit with awesome graphics and much deeper games. I do not ike the joy cons so will be picking up a pro controller soon and try playing it on the TV.
  2. 1997, one of the first Toshiba units. I am a tragic early adopter and had to wait a long time before there was any great range of discs. My first disc was Replacement Killers, bought that and then the player so I could watch Chow Yun Fat in glorious DVD definition.
  3. Modern. I have enough games for ever console that I own, some complete collections, that I nowadays only buy new stuff (I gather the Rare collection for Xbox One does not count as vintage?).
  4. The PS4 is the first console I do not plan to own, apart from a Jaguar and a Neo-Geo, I have every other console but now that I am officially "old" I am going to stop collecting and just focus on playing and I do not like the PS controller that much. I do have a Xbox One, bought at launch and never out of the box. This poll has prompted me to get it out and it is going through the usual MS massive amounts of updates before I can use it. As it looks like MS are planning on going down the same path as gaming PCs, making you have to upgrade in order to play the latest games or have access to the latest features, that will stick in my claw and I will not participate. NX is the last console I reckon I will purchase.
  5. Probably slightly more in winter, if it is too hot in summer it is not comfortable to sit and play games for too long. My gaming time depends on how much time I am sending writing and recording music, the more music, the less gaming until the urge for gaming is stronger............
  6. Luigi - hardly a tagalong with his own games. Played Luigi's Mansion 2 earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also use Luigi most in Mario Kart 8, so I could be a bit of a fan of the green hat man.
  7. Simple for me: Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy Lode Runner Midnight Magic Pinball Spy Vs Spy Choplifter Spy Hunter There were many, many more but they are my all time favourites for one of the few retro computer systems I'm keeping no matter what!
  8. Changing focus - less retro computing, more retro gaming.

  9. CDs, LPs, DVDs, US Mad magazines, books, drink coasters - but I hardly add to those collections anymore, now I have other hobbies.
  10. 1 X light sixer 2 X 4 switch woody 1 X vader CIB 1 X junior CIB A box of other 2600's but I cannot remember what 1 X 7200 CIB 1 X STE 1 X Flashback 1 1 X Flashback 2 2 X Lynx II I think that's it, and I have more than one 2600 as I wanted one of each model (who doesn't) and double-ups are donated units.
  11. Boxer is awseome, thanks for the tip! Now to dig out my copy of Discworld and finally get it going again after so many years.
  12. My first job out of school was selling video games, consoles and micro computers. That was in 1984 and I had to take each machine and game home to learn how to play so I could demonstrate them - HOW COOL WAS THAT? And the first console I brought home - a 2600 of course.
  13. Atari Flashback Atari Flashback 2 (imported from the US, bloody expensive mail and arrived all bashed up) C64DTV Tetris Namco 5 games Ms Pacman, with Mappy Pole Position, Xevious and another game - a pretty good DTV really that has been payed a lot in our house Thomas the Tank Engine Elmo Bongos
  14. I don't like cricket - oh no, I LOVE it!

  15. I don't like cricket - oh no, I LOVE it!

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