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  1. if its the VRAM it will still give you a "boot screen", but it can have problems like wrong text or damaged graphics, not sure if the "main" ram is bad, for Colecovision (and all other tms99xx systems) its normaly the VRAM that goes bad.
  2. Hi. I used the information from Colecovision.dk there is a link to SGM http://colecovision.dk/sem.htm There is information how to enable the ram etc.
  3. something funny going on with that menu. it seems to depends on which game page you are at, this one is choplifter, it have 3 diners, the first diner is choplifter.
  4. The flightsimulator is the 2nd diner in the menu. https://history.blueskyrangers.com/intvcorp/flightsim.html
  5. Hmmm cmart, didn know you had a line, when it comes to Intellivision collecting
  6. I totally forgot about that, and I am sorry to the one who will get the last place in the contest (cause I did not enter)
  7. Hello. I stated to dig a bit into how C64 graphics works. As I understand there are 8 sprites. And they are 24x21 pixels. Right ? I have programmed on the TMS99X8 VDP (Memotech, ColecoVision, MSX) and a bit on Intellivision. I think its a bit confusing why its 24x21 pixels ? So I can display 8 sprites at the time each is 24x21 pixels ? - I wonder why its not 24x24 pixels. By anyway, look forword to learn more about the C64 and its graphics
  8. You can now download the rom for $1 - so if you want to support my work go ahead http://www.mtxworld.dk/romstore
  9. yes you are right but, not sure its worthy. The game play dont last for long, so I rather want to use time on other projects.
  10. PC fonts might not be so easy - I the original game in archive.org browser, but the pc version didn have a "explosion", but i think some random sounds when the Donkey is hit. But the Donkey and the Car fall apart. I took and modified it a bit, so basicly I took the explosion sound from SuperMinefield, and changed it a bit
  11. Yes sure, but I wanted to be "true to the original" so actually i wanted to make it as close to the original as possible, not really a "polished" game
  12. Hi there. I spend a day or so to code this game. The Donkey is almost pixel-perfect to the original dos game. I found the source and used mspaint to zoom in the pixels so I could draw the sprites in a Sprite Editor. The Donkey Is made up of 3 sprites (8x16 sprites). The Car is made of 2 sprites, x-fliped. Donkey.Bas - an Intellivsion version of the old DOS basic game made by Bill Gates & Neil Konzen. The Intellivision version is coded in IntyBasic, and was programmed by CrazyBoss 7th-8th feb. 2021 almost 40 years after Bill & Neils DOS Basic version. The goal of the game is to avoid the Donkey, by pressing any key or disc position at the controller. You can press CLEAR at the controller to reset the game - When you pass a DONKEY, your car moves closer to the top, when you past 10 Donkeys, you will earn a point and the game starts over again. If you crash into a Donkey the Donkey (or maybe another Donkey) will earn a point. The Intellivision rom file is around 7kb - I dont think you will ever see a cartrigde release of this version.
  13. Hi. Any point function in intybasic. I read in the manual for intybasic: COL7 Returns the collision status between sprites for the current frame. It is best to use these after WAIT. Don't forget to set the interaction bit in sprites (bit 8 of X-coordinate) bit 0-7 means collision against sprite number. bit 8 means collision against background pixel (pixel set) bit 9 means collision against borders If the sprite touch a background pixel ?
  14. I dont want to work :( I want to code retro games......


    1. BydoEmpire


      Hah, that's my plan for MLK day.

    2. x=usr(1536)


      I just want to bang on the drum all day.

  15. I use notepad++ and homecreated batch files to convert the basic files to roms. Even homemade tools to check if i need to place a ORG somewhere If the ROM is sucessfull created it will fire up jzintv
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