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  1. Hmmm.. I recall it crashed on earlier versions of WinVICE. Anyway I downloaded the GTK3VICE-3.4-win64-r37296 But it dont run on my windows 10. When I click at the emulator file, it shows a commodore icon at the taskbar for some seconds and then its gone again. I dont see any setup files, I assume i just extract the folder to my computer and run the emulator exe files inside that folder, tried to run as administator too. Same problem.
  2. Hi. I have tried a lot of vic20 emulators, both online and downloaded emulators. All seems to crash when i Play Sargon II chess. Any one have tested vic20 emulators with Sargon II Chess. (Vic-1919)
  3. Soon will build a pc for my son, what graphicscard is currently needed to play Fortnite ?
  4. Mass Tael/Ascii games already released for the ColecoVision: Telebunny and Sasa. I have been thinking about port Poppaq the fish, but it seem like the game is a bit to simple to be fun?
  5. Its great with a new contest. Working in teams might be great, I always have problems to create the music. Graphics is easier cause the Intellivision is frendly, its easy to create "programmers graphics", no need to have great skills, cause its blocky anyway. A 6 months run time feels right too. Make a 4k game, in intybasic might be a hard challenge. But simple games is fun too.
  6. It could work if the soundchip is responding the same ports as the SGM. The games I have converted (from MSX) to run on the ColecoVision, will test if its an Adam if it is it will not enable the SGM Memory, then it will look for the AY-Chip, Depending on the game, it will take advantage of the AY-Chip, or it will Simply say SGM needed!
  7. I use a NTSC USA Console in Sweden, I use a stepdown converter, but i never found a tv that could make the right picture, even modern tvs that i could scan in NTSC mode. So I modified the Console with Composite output. And then it works good.
  8. old post but there is no sgm improvement in the game, and sgm is not needed
  9. Its possible to have "bit scrolling" smooth scrolling, but mentioned no hardware support for that at the ColecoVision VDP. A few games/demos from the Colecovision/MSX world.
  10. Black Friday offer Half Price at Intellivision and ColecoVision roms from http://www.mtxworld.dk/romstore You will see the right price at checkout.
  11. Black Friday offer Half Price at Intellivision and ColecoVision roms from http://www.mtxworld.dk/romstore You will see the right price at checkout.
  12. Back on the coding track, work on Intellivision games

  13. Rev, in what way is this picture Intellivision related ?🤔🤣
  14. by the way, MSX had one of the best BASICs around, its easy to make graphics and sprites, even have music commands. If there just was a compiler version it could be cool, I know there was some compiler you could load, but it will not allow all the commands. So you had to turn on and off the compiler in your basic program, i think it was called xbasic and turn on and off by call turbo on or call speed on, I never found that compiler to usefull.
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