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  1. I will try there also. Thank you
  2. Hello all. I have been a member for a while and come on every so often. I'm looking for the main board for the vector monitor onside my asteroids deluxe as mine was fried by the previous owner. I believe It is a wells-gardner 19v2000. I already replaced the bad audio regulator board. Please pm me if you have one for sale thank you
  3. today: all for 30 sega genesis with 8 games and all hookups nes with 8 games all hookups 2 atari 7800 10 games all hookups 32x with all hookups 2 games ti/99 all hookups 1 game Airzonk and samurai ghost loose 10
  4. friday is here, made it through another work week!

  5. friday is here, made it through another work week!

  6. the tcm auction says nothing about being a re-production game,only the box. notice the halloween auction says it is a re-production
  7. 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT, 5spd, 112K miles, 2.8 V6 plus lots of parts, 4.5 liter V8 Caddy engine (for installing into said fiero), with all the needed Caddy bits the 2.8 is an unreliable motor, this always steered me away from the fiero gt, the 4.5 Northstar is a bullet proof motor. i do love the fiero though. mabye put a 350 in it really cruise.
  8. i always wanted a joypad, i am not a huge fan of the prolines but i do like their responsive joystick, just dont like the shape, buttons or the button location
  9. after reading this i could swear you have went out to these places with me. word 4 word what i say every day
  10. soon everywhere will be like this, and we will be stuck with paying crazy prices on ebay, thats when i drop the hobby
  11. today Sega genesis with 15 games including phantasy star III and herzog zewi? 30 nes all hook ups and mario/duck hunt and nintendo 64 all hook ups 4.99 girl thought they were connected
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