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  1. Wow, so it has been over five years since I created this thread. Just thought I'd ressurect this thread to show my commitment to Atari. Hail Atari!
  2. It turns out that I actually started playing the 'gauntlet' series from its sequel: Gauntlet II. Am going to search for some videos of this game for ol' times sake.
  3. Well, I visited a game-shop near to where I work, and I thought i'll try my luck about asking for Atari Lynx games. And never guess what! The shop keeper had them and even asked me to price some games as he had no idea of their value now. I got Lemmings for £3.50 oh and other games I didn't own.
  4. Was Rainbow Island (on the ST) two players? Can't remember the answer to this!
  5. Ok, I've kept this to myself for a long time as I've given up finding out what this game is called: Console\Computer: Atari ST Game Type: Platform game Game Description: The character you play is dressed as a cave-man (stripped down to his underwear). Like almost every platform game, the aim is to complete each level without being killed. I can't exactly remember what the enemies look like, but what I DO remember is that your character can climb on most rock objects. For its time, the character animation was very smooth and for the attack moves, your character fires some beam-type shots. I also remember that you could jump really high to get to the hard-to-reach platforms. The game design mostly had dull background (darkish) to create that eerie feeling while playing the game.....can't remember much from here. I actually still own the floppy disk to this game, but I don't have an Atari ST near me to find out what this mystery game is (no label). Ive given up hope finding out what it is...
  6. I just remembered another Atari ST game I used to play in my childhood days. BLOOD MONEY! Unless i'm mistaken, it was one of the few games on the ST, which had one-phrase speech lol. Ahh, good ol' days. Any game I remember playing on the ST, I always post it up here, so i can remember them when I revisit this thread Peace!
  7. Did anybody try out Cubase 1.0 on the ST? Its amazing how far technology has gone from the days of making music using the ST sound capabilites! PS: I visit here from time to time Atari will never leave my heart.
  8. wow.....amazing that I come back to this thread from months to months.... Im currently looking for an ST emulator for series 60v3. (OS for a mobile/cell phone).
  9. I tell you one thing quite mysterious. I remember playing Rainbow Island on the ST. One day some object fell on my ST keyboard (nothing serious), and it spawned up another character onto the screen for two players. It is a mystery to me because i still cant seem to get two players running at all. I wonder if anyone here actually knows what im talking about...
  10. I just seemed to remember a game! It was known as 'Buggy Boy' http://www.emunova.net/img/tests/487.gif Was this ever two players?
  11. Does anybody seem to remember Gaunlet? I cant seem to remember properly, but playing this game two-players would give you infinite life.
  12. I think one of the best homebrew apps on the PSP has to be the atari lynx. It brings so much memory. Anyway, i was trying out a couple of ST games, and i cant believe i found 'risky wood'. I mean, i couldnt remember the game until i played it. Good ol' memories
  13. WHHAAA! I actually liked the Atari Lynx version......Well, it was amazing to see an amazing platform game come out on the lynx. I actually wish i own every 'telegames' for the Lynx. But then again, ninja gaiden for the lynx was amazing......the music is still stuck in my head.
  14. How did you managed to emulate the ST on the PSP? Greetings Johannes Of Course, and it is unbelievably amazing! Playing all my favorite ST games on a handheld without ANY problems is really fun. Although you do need a 1.5 firmware PSP to play it. Any questions about that, pm or ask me here.
  15. Anyone? I got the ST to work on the PSP, so im playing it that way.
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