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  1. My games arrived safe, properly packaged and they are in great shape. I recommend buying from this seller, Curious Sofa. The best. Kind regards, Luis.
  2. That is interesting, first time I read somehing like that. Years ago I made a hardware device that allowed me to plug a cartridge while the device was plugged on the EPROM programmer. It half-worked, and haven't had the chance to go back and fix it... Is there a picture anywhere of this harness for the Bytewriter? Kind regards, Luis
  3. Congratulations on your purchase. Bytewriter info is scarce, so thanks for sharing those details 🙂 kind regards, Luis.
  4. Hi, as recommended, I have just sent money to Ben through Western Union. Kind regards, Luis.
  5. @netcoord99 check here: I see one in the pictures, but don't know if it's still for sale. Kind regards, Luis.
  6. Hi Guys I got in touch with Ben regarding some stuff I want to buy that he has currently listed. He answered and asked me to send him a Postal Money Order and once he receives it, he will send my stuff. Anyways, since I am located outside the US, I need the help from somebody within the US who I can send a Paypal Payment and he or she can buy a Postal Money Order and send it to Ben. Any volunteers? Kind regards, Luis.
  7. Thanks, FlorianD, this looks great!!!
  8. Hi Mr. Video Those are very nice J-cards you have made, thank you very much for sharing them. Kind regards, Luis.
  9. drpeter, thanks for your work, it turned out pretty nice 🙂 A friendly clarification: the name of the country is Colombia, so Egan Bernal is colombian, not columbian 😉 Kind regards and take care. Luis.
  10. Vaya con Dios, señor Curt...
  11. Nice posts, abbotkinneydude...lot's of information, thanks for sharing. I took a look at those german catalogs on Atarimania, and this one came to my attention: http://www.atarimania.com/catalog-atari-atari-germany-atari-600xl-08-83_342_8.html It shows the mockup boxes I have attached to this post. It looks like these were made earlier than the ones you showed above, these feature a square picture of the game (Instead of a rectangle), no muticolor line below the word ATARI, the word CARTRIDGE can be seen on the lower right corner, and a german word (I pressume, I cannot identify) on the upper right corner. Oh and that red rectangle with some text in black...It looks to me that these were targeted specifically to the German market, though... Kind regards, Luis.
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