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  2. Thanks for sharing, toddtmw. Kind regards, Louis BQ
  3. Hi toddtmw Thanks for sharing the Kryoflux case STL files. What about the floppy drive case? Are you willing to share them also? In addition to that, do you have a picture of the back side of that floppy drive case? Thanks in advance Louis BQ
  4. Datasoft's Le Stick. Regards, Louis BQ
  5. At first I was stressed by this "interactive" thing, I am just not used to it in this context. I remember a Deniro crime movie were you could choose the ending, I didn't like the fact you could interfere with the original story. Just not my kind of thing. So when the first decision showd up on Bandersnatch, I just ignored it and waited to see the thing crash or something like that. But nothing happened. I mean, the thing just made a choice for me, and the thing kept going. Having to make decisions every 5 minutes is distracting for me, but given I like the setting and the production values of the movie , I could say I am more patient. Kind regards, Louis BQ
  6. My old LG smart TV refuses to play Bandersnatch...hooked up the notebook via HDMI port...woohoo! Finally plays, but kids have just arrived from the evening pool...will have to continue watching later. So far I have been able to enjoy the 80s recreation, those close ups of the Chris Foss look alike book cover...I have not been able to enjoy Jeff Minter's acting skills yet...Maybe later. Kind regards, Louis BQ
  7. Hi Gury Glad to hear from you, your site is a staple reference for all things Atari. Feel free to share this information. I made this quick and dirty webpage but it certainly can be improved. Kind regards, Louis BQ
  8. Hi there I have ocr-ed the index of all Analog Computing Magazine issues, and now you can browse it online here: http://drvonbyte.blogspot.com/2018/09/analog-computing-magazine-full-index.html Alternatively you can download the full index as a text file by clicking this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CZxJ3EaYbWT_yXItFUYR83NTldSj-UiW/view?usp=sharing You can check it out and post any comments or corrections here. Kind regards, Louis BQ
  9. Hi JAC Does it work with 1200XL and the 800 (not XL) computers? Kind regards, Louis BQ
  10. Hi Allan, Of course it's OK, I was afraid this document went to oblivion unless I scanned and shared it with the community. Kind regards, Louis BQ
  11. Cool, Kevin! I just checked, now my scan is available on the Archive! Woohoo! Kind regards, Louis BQ
  12. Cool xrbrevin! Can you post a picture of your modified cart? Kind regards, Louis BQ
  13. Hello Peteym5 Sorry, sources are on Sourceforge, not GitHub: https://sourceforge.net/p/nrxa8/ Kind regards, Louis BQ
  14. Hi CrazyChris Sources from the original developer team were handed to AA user starwindz long ago, but I have not seen any recent updates from his side. Kind regards, Louis BQ PS:IIRC, sources are on GitHub, available for the community to download.
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