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  1. Excellent, thanks for your feedback 🙂 Kind regards, Luis.
  2. Hi I recently got my eyes on this interesting ebay item: https://www.ebay.com/itm/294157875908 It looks it's an old Atari 800 Multi Cart made in the UK. Unfortunately, the accompanying instructions don't show details on the maker or the year this was released. I searched on Atarimania and I was not able to find an entry for this Multi Cart. Just for future reference, I have OCRd the accompanying documentation from the ebay photos, here it is for you: MULTI-CART SYSTEM OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE RUNNING THE SYSTEM: 1) Write DOS system files to the program disk. (DOS function H) 2) Have available, some blank formatted disks. DOWNLOADING ROMS TO DISK. 1) Open hinged cover of ATARI 400/800. 2) Reset micro switch located at right hand side of cartridge slot(s). This can be accomplished by a biro top or suitable peg and is necessary to stop the machine from switching off. Only push the micro switch as far down as necessary to turn the machine on. 3) Turn on the disk drive and wait until the BUSY light goes out. 3A) Load program disk. 4) Turn on the ATARI and the program will now load. 5) Remove program disk when MULTICART title appears. 6) Insert blank formatted disk. 7) Rest ROM cartridge to be downloaded to disk in cartridge slot.(ATARI 800 - Left hand slot. 8) Firmly press home cartridge. NOTE: If the screen display disappears, or is corrupted, remove blank disk and cartridge, turn off the ATARI and go back to step 3A. Several attempts may be necessary until you have mastered the technique of inserting the cartridge. NO RESPONSIBILITY CAN BE ACCEPTED FOR DAMAGE TO THE MACHINE WHILST PLUGGING IN CARTRIDGES WHILST IN A SWITCHED ON STATE. 9) If screen display has remained unchanged, press any key to continue. 10) The program will now request a file name to be given and shold be in the format: D1: XXXXX where XXXXX is the file name you wish the cartridge file to be called. Note: The format should be strictly adhered to. 11) Press the RETURN key - The cartridge will be downloaded to disk, (A 16k cartridge will take about 1 min. to down load.) 12) If further cartridges are to be downloaded then repeat the process outlined above. RELOADING ROM PROGRAMS FROM DISK 1) Turn on the disk drive. 2) Insert MULTICART cartridge in cartridge slot (Left hand slot of ATARI 800). 3) Load ROM cartridge file disk. 4) Turn on ATARI. 5) Obtain directory listing (DOS function A). 6) Run DOS function L (Binary Load) to load program required. When reverting to normal running, remove MULTICART cartridge. The above procedures are autonated with the MENUMAKER program. Disk version £7.95 Cassette Version £4.95 DOWNLOADING ROMS TO CASSETTE 1) Open hinged cover of Atari 400/800. 2) Carry out step 2 as per disk instructions. 3) Load the machine code program on cassette (As per normal auto-boot tape) 4) Once program has loaded, remove program cassette and load blank cassette (Note: This must be a C20 minimum length). 5) As per step 7 (Roms to disk). 6) As per step 8 (Roms to disk). 7) As per step 9 (Roms to disk). The cartridge will now be downloaded to cassette. RELOADING ROM PROGRAMS FROM CASSETTE. 1) Insert MULTICART cartridge in cartridge slot. (Left hand slot of Atari 800). 2) Load cassette containing Rom file. 3) Press PLAY key on cassette recorder. 4) Switch on Atari 400/800 whilst holding down START key. 5) Press RETURN key. The ROM progrant on cassette will now load. 6) Rewind and remove cassette once program has loaded. MENUMAKER PROGRAM (OPTIONAL SOFTWARE AVAILABLE). 1) Turn on disk drive and wait until BUSY light goes out. 2) Load program disk. 3) Remove any cartridges. 4) Switch on Atari - Program will now load. 5) Remove program disk. 6) Insert disk with previously downloaded ROM files. 7) Depress any key. 8) The program will display each filename on disk, one at a time. 9) Enter menu name required. (15 characters maximum including spaces). 10) Once program has read last file the program will terminate. Cartridge files on disk, that have been processed by the MENUMAKER program, will be displayed automatically when the disk is loaded. Press SELECT key to change choice of program to load. Press START key to load program required. Do you have any additional information on this Multi Cart? Kind regards, Luis.
  3. Hi bfollowell Yes, I had the same problem and fixed it by cutting the problematic part of the cable with scissors, and then using an exacto knife to carefully expose the metal part of the cable. This worked OK for me. Keep in mind that if you need to dettach/attach the cable very often, the problem may happen again. Kind regards, Luis
  4. Hi Last year we made this article on Boot Cassette Maker on Atariware, please use the following link to check the Google Translate version of that article: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&u=https://www.atariware.cl/wiki/Programas/NudmehiBCM Kind regards, Luis.
  5. http://www.atarimania.com/list_games_atari-400-800-xl-xe-cards-solitaire_genre_72_8_G.html Regards, Luis
  6. If you post a picture documenting your findings that would be great. Regards, Luis
  7. Hi I bought an Atari Paint disk from their eBay store on march 5. Kind regards, Luis.
  8. Hi team Long, long time ago I got my hands on this copied cassette that had Blue Max on it, no other games were available on that cassette. I pressume this was a C-46 (not C-64 mind you! 😉) cassette. I rememeber that this was a special version of Blue Max modified to run on XL computers. While loading, it showed a LOADING... message on screen (I think it was displayed using graphics mode 2), and just before ending side A, it showed another message saying to flip over the cassette and press PLAY to continue loading. It continued loading the game on side B for a long time, until the game finally started. I was used to load games from cassette, and I had an idea of how long should it take for a game to load. None of the games on cassette I had at the time took both sides to load, and this Blue Max version had by far the longest loading time of all the games I had on cassette. I never saw that cassette again, this was lent to me and had to return it to the original owner. I recently started thinking on why it took so long to load, and there's only one reason I can think of: The first part of the cassette had a copy of the OS-B operating system, and after loading it in RAM, Blue Max was loaded on top of it. Do you know any other games distributed on cassette that took both sides to load? Do you know any utilities that made a copy of OS-B on cassette in order to be able to load OS-B specific games on XL computers? This would be the cassette equivalent of The Translator... Regards, Luis
  9. Hi The 1400XL is featured on the cover of the book "Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design": I always wondered why did they use that particular model, instead of the more popular 400 or 800... Kind regards, Luis.
  10. Sorry, but...what is RageQuit? Regards, Luis.
  11. Hi matirwin Thanks for reporting this was due to a faulty Pokey. I had exactly the same issue with my 800XL. It started out with a faulty RAM module which I located using Shoestring, and after replacing the faulty module, the computer showed the blue screen and the cursor, but it never showed the READY welcome message. I replaced the Pokey and then it booted without any problems. That PRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound at boot may sound like a fart, but it's music to my ears now XD Regarding Shoestring, I can never stress enough how good is this tool. Man, it's just a matter of burning a 27C128 EPROM with this custom OS and power up your Atari. It will show you exactly what is the RAM module with problems so you can replace it. No need to use a logic probe or an oscilloscope for that matter. Just boot from Shoestring and you're good to go. I really want to thank the author for making this tool available to the community, it really helps to revive our loved computers and bring them back to life. If you haven't installed a 28 pins IC base for your operating system chip, please do so. It is the best decision you can take on your Atari. This opens the door for new and improved operating systems like Shoestring. Kind regards, Luis.
  12. Hi It looks like the first available version for the Atari 800 was the one that shows Pac Man "with legs" on the box. There's another box version that shows Pac Man as we know him (Without legs). I always had this doubt of which one was released first. Thanks for sharing your findings! Luis.
  13. Please post a picture of the back side of that Jungle Hunt box. Thanks in advance, Luis.
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