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  1. Hi there I am looking at the Elevator Repairman sources here: https://ksquiggle.neocities.org/asmgames/elevator.htm And this is the main game display list: ; ; The Game Display List ; DLIST .BYTE $70,$70,$C6 MSG .WORD TLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD TOPLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD LLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD RLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD LLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD RLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD LLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD RLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD LLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD RLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD LLINE .BYTE $C7 .WORD RLINE .BYTE $10,$46 .WORD INFOLN .BYTE $06,$41 .WORD DLIST Previously on the sources we have the definitions for TLINE, TOPLINE, LLINE, RLINE and INFOLN: TLINE .SBYTE " " .SBYTE +$80,"000" .SBYTE " " TOPLINE .BYTE 1,$46,0,$46,0,0,$41,0 .BYTE $41,0,$41,0,$46,0,$46,5 LLINE .BYTE 3,$46,0,$46,0,0,$41,0 .BYTE $41,0,$41,0,$46,0,$46,2 RLINE .BYTE 1,$46,0,$46,0,0,$41,0 .BYTE $41,0,$41,0,$46,0,$46,4 INFOLN .SBYTE "SC " I understand the first lines of the Display List: DLIST .BYTE $70,$70,$C6 MSG .WORD TLINE It says "skip 16 blank lines" ($70 $70) and "Display as special 160x20, 2-color graphic mode" ($C) and "Load memory scan from next two bytes" ($6). The next 2 bytes correspond to the address of TLINE. TLINE basically is in charge of displaying 6 spaces followed by the game timer and 7 more spaces. Now to my question. The next lines of the Display List: .BYTE $C7 .WORD TOPLINE It says: "Display as special 160x20, 2-color graphic mode" ($C) and "Set a display list interrupt for the next line" ($7). Here's my question. What do those 16 bytes for TOPLINE mean? Is that the Display List Interrupt source? Because I tried to translate by hand the 16 HEX values to OPCODES, but this does not make sense to me. Look: $01 ORA ($46, X) $46 $00 BRK $46 LSR $0 $00 $00 BRK $41 EOR ($0, X) $00 $41 EOR ($0, X) $00 $41 EOR ($0, X) $00 $46 LSR $0 $00 $46 LSR $0 $05 ORA $? Can you please help me explain what is this? Kind regards, Luis
  2. Avram, I have put together this site https://sites.google.com/site/billwilliamsatarisounds/ It's an online version of Bill William's "Atari Sounds" column, as published by Softside magazine. I think it's worth reading in order to understand how Bill created those amazing sounds. Regards, Luis.
  3. Hi I am trying out this Xetec Graphix AT printing interface I bought some time ago, so I set up my 800XL, my Seikosha GP500A printer, and the Xetec. I don't have the Xetec interface manual, so I am using the one available on Archive.org as a reference ( https://archive.org/details/XetecGraphixAtUserManual/page/n9/mode/2up ). For the moment, I have been able to print normal plain text, but I am having issues trying to print ATASCII special characters, like hearts in my example. Please see this picture: When you execute the LPRINT command, nothing happens. You execute it again, nothing happens. On the third try, the printer prints what you see on the picture. Here's my current dip-switch setting: 1 - on: NLQ on 2 - off: Auto Line Feeds off (in interface) 3 - on: Graphix mode (print text and Atari graphics) 4 - off: Normal (Convert 155 to 13) 5,6,7 - off: Epson 8 - off: Normal (Pass Bit At this point I am not clear if I have a faulty interface, or is it just a matter of mis-configured dip-switches. One thing that I am clear is that this interface needs a little hardware modification in order to be able to use it with a 1200XL computer. However, I am using an 800XL. I have opened the interface, and noticed the board layout is somehow different from the one shown on the manual at Archive.org, the placement of the components does not match exactly as pictured. In addition to that, I found this thread where user MEtalGuy66 provides a switch order different than the one shown on the manual at Archive.org. Are there functionally different versions of this interface? Is there another version of the manual, describing different dip-switch order? Please let me know any recommendations on how to troubleshoot this issue Kind regards, Luis.
  4. Hi Thanks for the recommendation, I was not aware of these ATR Tools, will check them out. Kind regards, Luis.
  5. Thanks, do you know if this does support Single, 1050/Dual and Double Density disks? Kind regards, Luis.
  6. Hi Thanks for the recommendations, I will try them out and see if they fit what I need. I can see that some copiers include a disk sector 'visualizer' as a feature, I was hoping to find this as a stand alone application. On the PC side, do we have an application to see the contents of an ATR that supports Single, 1050/Dual and Double Density disk images? Kind regards, Luis.
  7. Hi there I am looking for a utility than can help me by graphically showing the used and available sectors on a disk, like Speedy 1050 System Software's Disk-Mapper: Unfortunately this tools seems to work only if you have the Speedy hardware add-on installed on your disk drive. Keep in mind that I need to be able to work with Single, 1050/Dual and Double Density disks. Any recommendations? Kind regards, Luis.
  8. Vitoco, I use the MACH app and created a virtual Visa credit card that Ebay accepted with no problem, I recommend you to use this solution. Regards, Luis.
  9. BTW, the Shamus cart requires OS-B, it won't pass the welcome screen on XL/XE computers. Regards, Luis.
  10. Are these available somewhere else? Regards, Luis.
  11. Hi Besides from Lotharek...where do I get one of those 1050-2-PC? Kind regards, Luis.
  12. Does it look like the one on the attached image? Kind regards, Luis.
  13. Montezuma's revenge, Defender, Joust, Alley Cat. Kind regards, Luis.
  14. Hi GameGeezer What happened to that Vectrex of yours? Is it repairable? Are you willing to sell it for parts? Kind regards. Luis.
  15. Hi Maury Thanks for the update. Too bad those scans are incomplete...😥 Kind regards, Luis
  16. Hi Maury Did you check here? https://archive.org/details/OMNI197908 It seems they have most of 1979 issues available for download. Kind regards, Luis
  17. Hi. Is the 1064 still available? Kind regards, Luis
  18. As a fan of Sinclair products too, I am sad to read that Uncle Clive has passed away...Rest in peace. Kind regards, Luis PS: I recommend to take a look at Micro Men TV film as a tribute to the inventor.
  19. Si señor, it holds the cartridge in its place inside the box. Kind regards, Luis.
  20. Hi Rhod Have you checked the Atari Connection magazine scans? I seem to remeber I saw that picture there... Kind regards, Luis.
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