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  1. "Whipping out the joystick and playing Atari." Best euphemism ever.

    1. Reaperman


      Nah.  Not in a world where you can 'Crank one out with a playdate'

    2. retrorussell


      So with Atari's old slogan "Have you played Atari today?", I guess they're expecting you to f*** or jerk it every day?!  Exhausting!!

  2. Monday I went to the local Rite Aid drug store. They still had a couple of PS2 games for sale! Ultimate Board Game Collection & Women's Volleyball Championship for $9.99 each.

    1. jhd


      Wow! I have not seen any new PS 2 games at retail in a VERY long time.


      Ultimate Board Game Collection is surprisingly fun for what it is. The background graphics are quite decent. I probably paid somewhat less than US$10. 

  3. And also "There's some kind of problem with his joy stick and he wants it fixed now!!"
  4. SNES: Illusion of Gaia Soul Blazer Terranigma (It had an English language release in Europe and Australia, but not in the US.)
  5. Today at my Goodwill I found a copy of Densha de GO! for the Japanese PS1 for $2.99. They thought it was a regular music CD and not a game. They also had a copy of Professional Baseball Spirits 6 for the Japanese PS3 for $8.99.
  6. Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Hoshimito Kanashimi no Fukushuki (Kindaichi Case Files: Star Viewing Island: Sad Demon of Revenge)
  7. Here's me at the first day of my local goodwill store.
  8. Today was the opening day of my local Goodwill store. It had a lot of PS2, PSP, and Gamecube games (The GC games I could remember was most of the Sonic The Hedgehog games). A slim PS2 with no hookups for $7.99, an original Playstation with 2 controllers (no A/V cable or AC cord) for $11.99, an Atari Flashback 2 with an odd A/C power supply and no controllers for 12.99, and at least 4 new PS2 controllers in original packaging for $10.99 each. I just bought this plug-n-play game system for 99 cents: http://www.vintagecomputing.com/index.php/archives/419 It did not come with little black A/V adapter shown here: but I had something from another game controller so I could hook up at least the video cable of this to the TV.
  9. I just got a PM that I won the Casio PDA from the other thread!
  10. Either email or PM, however you sent in an answer. I sent my answer to him by PM. After a day I sent him an email to check his PM box. He told me that I won the LOTR bundle by email and a reply to my PM I sent. I sent a few more answers to trivia questions on the other thread last Thursday and Friday, but did not get a reply on those. I was wondering if they were won already.
  11. If anybody has won something in this thread or the other contest thread that rkenneha posted, please post what you won so the other forum members know whats still available for prizes. I found out that I won the Lord Of The Rings bundle in the other thread on Saturday.
  12. I have sent 5 PMs for the Lord Of The Rings bundle, the Original PSX + power cord + AV cord, and all three PS2 game bundles. rkenneha, if I have sent entries for too many prizes, let me know by PM.
  13. I went to neighbor's garage sale across the street from my house and bought a GBA game: March Of The Penguins (cart only), and 3 of the Pokemon cartoon GBA Video carts (cart only) for $1 each. She had a Nintendo DSi (CIB), a little bag filled with GBA and DS game cart holders, extra stylus, a DS power adapter for the car, and CIB copy of Pokemon HeartGold version, all for $85. I passed on that. She said if I come back tomorrow, she will give me a better deal on it. I don't think I will get any money in time if its still there, and if I did, it would be just $30. I think she would say no to that price. She was selling a ton of Naruto comic book & DVDs. Picked one DVD up for $2.
  14. The house behind mine was having a sale. Here's what I picked up, all for $11: Sega CD model 2 (it works) Sega Genesis model 2 (no power supply and the RF switchbox that came with it had a bent connector) 2 AC adapters for the above Sega CD and model 1 Genesis SG Propad 2 six-button controller Genesis 3-button controller an S-video cable (male connectors at both ends) the following loose Genesis carts: Disney's Aladdin Disney's The Jungle Book Chiki Chiki Boys Chester Cheetah: To Cool To Fool Mortal Kombat Home Alone Hook Eternal Champions Strret Fighter II: Champion Edition the following Genesis carts with box Golden Axe Streets Of Rage 2 CastleVania Bloodlines Pit-Fighter Wimbeldon Champion Tennis Fatal Fury Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ("not for resale" crossed ou with marker) Virtua Racing (CIB) The following Sega CD games: Chuck Rock 2: Son Of Chuck (disc only) Supreme Warrior (CIB) Slipheed (CIB, but cracked case) WWF Rage In A Cage (heavily scratched, keep getting "disc error" message) Sewer Shark (disc only)
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