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  1. They have to be difficult so you don't beat the game in 15mins. If any question about schmups should be asked, it's why don't schmups have more levels?
  2. I don't know what is going on with B&C these days, but their communication and shipping times are absolutely horrible. Intuition tells me perhaps they are getting out of it or it's not the priority it once was. B&C sucks. I've called them a few times in the past asking about inventory and whatnot. Each time the guy on the phone had a huge attitude and was acting like a butthole. Goat Store takes weeks to ship and they never get back to any emails. SongBird is the best out of the 3. They get back to you very quick and thier prices are good.
  3. I have it for PC. As a huge Farcry fan I can say that Farcay2 isn't as good as the original. FC2 looks great but, it's almost too open and you can get lost and not know what to do very easy. You can't really approch the enemies like you could in the original, it gets linear when you have to go to a certain place at a certain time. The ememies are dumb too...like what we saw in the console versions of Farcry. I like it though but Farcry is still the better game.
  4. Boxed and complete with everything it originally came with new. The system is in great shape and was built in July of 07. $200+shipping
  5. All complete and in like new condition. PS3: Time Crisis 4 w/ 2 Guncons $80 ****SOLD*** Unchartedrake's Fortune $35 Unreal Tournament III $35 Motorstorm $20 ****SOLD*** Resistance:Fall of Man $20*****SOLD**** Call of Duty 4 $30******SOLD**** Beuwolf $15 All Pro Football 2k8 $10 360: Timeshift $20 ***SOLD*** Monster Madness $10 ****SOLD**** Civil War $15***SOLD*** Wartech $10***SOLD*** Call of Jaurez $15 ***SOLD**** Skate $25
  6. Hey guys why isn't me critical working in a match? So I made Stone Cold and gave him the Stunner as his Critical finisher move.....I do the move in the ring and my opponet gets up with no problem and it doesnt say critical or anything, what am I doing wrong? Man great game but the edit mode is such a frickin headake.
  7. Short SP? What are you guys playing on super easy or are you just that good at FPS'? I'm at the level after Death From Above and i've played probley 6 hrs so far. I'm playing on Hardened and have died alot durning the game. About how far am I in the game? I stil have Act 2 and 3 to go. However Call of Duty 4 SP seems a lot longer than Halo 3's singleplayer....
  8. I love Call of Duty 4 but one thing that really bugs me and kinda ruins the whole experience is the "on rails A.I." When you relalize the A.I. pops out at the same spots and does the same thing everytime, you begin to not get so immeresed. BTW, didnt Call of duty 3 remove the predictable A.I. or was it the same as COD1/2/4? I can't remember but I thought they changed the A.I. on the last game.
  9. congrats on the puchase. I'm happy with the PS3 but at the same time i'm unhappy. I like the new games comming out for PS3 like , Uncharted/Time Crisis 4/Haze ect. but i'm pretty pissed that every game that comes out on multi-platform isn't as good on the PS3 as the 360 counterparts. Other than that one complaint I love the PS3.
  10. I have to wonder if Circuit City is next... How can you talk bad about Circuit City and be a gamer? CC always has the best deals on videogames.
  11. Yeah?those games are probaley old good ones that are cheap now. The Wii ones are newly released crap that nobody cares about.
  12. Yeah, right. $30 I highly doubt it man. Thats insulting TC4 is great fun and I actaully think the Guncon3 is pretty darn good.
  13. Who ever said 360 has the most crap games is the biggest moron. The Wii takes the crown as having a bunch of shit titles(ninjabreadman anyone?) and if you go to Target or Walmart you can already find bundles of shitty wii games for like $30. Nobody even knows the companies of most of those games. It more like 4th party shit. I sold the Wii.....the majority of the games just suck.
  14. Before I pre-order I want to know one thing....Can you still pin enemies to trees with a arrow from your bow, like what was shown in a preview from last year?
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