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  1. This is a very interesting thread... thanks for sharing it.
  2. Very nice well-done video. I never used AMS editor... in fact never even seen it. I did use the older Atari music program (can't remember what it was called) as well as EA's Music Construction Set. I might have some of those old songs somewhere... Anyway nice to finally see what I missed.
  3. I was wondering about SORTDIR... Keith wrote that one (I think before he started working at ICD). But he helped me get mine started back then by encouraging me to read the command line for parameters which I did. I have some of his ICD SpartaDOS Con set books with his notes in them.
  4. And to answer your other question... I wrote mine out of necessity in 1985... before SDX even existed. Now it is a hobby (and much fun) to make it work properly with the new stuff you have so graciously given us. Thank you.
  5. Another question along these lines... As I understand, the DD512 disk format has 512 bytes in secs 1, 2, 3 and all the rest. This is unlike other 128byte and 256byte formats. If I want to detect a DD512 disk and am using SpartaDOS 4.4x, what's the best way to proceed? . First attempt to read sector 1 at 128 bytes? . Trap the resulting error and then attempt to read sector 1 at 512 bytes? Or is there some shortcut I am missing?
  6. Atari equipment (to me) is precious. I don't want to burn it up on a 24/7/365 BBS. My BBS has been running on an emulator since 1999 (8000+ days)... basically non-stop. In the 80's it ran on real hardware. I burned up an MIO (not hard to do with those earlier models) and 2 800XLs although one was the result of an Ingot. PCs are cheap and I am not attached to them... I am actually starting to sniff into the possibility of running the BBS on a Pi 3...
  7. Ditto. I am in the same boat. I have a nice little PI 3 sitting in the box... I'd like to run my BBS on it. Is there an Atari -> Pi 3 for Dummies?
  8. Yep... I see that I have several options. 1. Upgrade the BBS machine to Windows 7 - easy and cheap. 2. Buy myself a new desktop Core i9 machine and move my current desktop into the role of BBS machine. (I like option 2 better)
  9. 1984 QuikLoader by Micropulse (I didn't see it on the list) This is the disk creator (.ARC) and the games disk (.ATR) seen above. 1. Boot DOS 2 and format a blank disk 2. Load the creator (QUIKLOAD.COM) 3. Put the blank disk in D1: 4. Press Start 5. Copy games to disk 6. Lock the games you want to show up. I also didn't see Fender's or RadMenu on the list. Want me to upload those? quikload.arc QLgames.atr
  10. Keith, Chris King and I were all at that Atarifest!
  11. I just tried Altirra v4.00 test 34 on my BBS machine which is a Windows XP 32 bit machine. When I run Altirra.exe, it reports that it is not a Win32 application.
  12. I have Carina working under Atari800Win 2.5c and Altirra.
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