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  1. RIP Curt. You are already missed...
  2. I think I have one of those here in my collection.
  3. I'm surprised that BBCS will even answer the phone... 😆(maybe the modem is on Auto-Answer.)
  4. I am pretty sure the CTH TDLINE.COM is for SpartaDOS 3... I see you are running SDX. Maybe a different one is required for SDX.
  5. Telnet://bfbbs.no-ip.com : 8888 I recommend XModem-1K for the transfer protocol.
  6. I had one... it was really hard to find the 3" disks. I used it on my early BBS.
  7. It was in the v3 Construction Set. I have original disks here.
  8. I have a ZIP here called ATARDISBBS.ZIP. Don't know if that is what you are looking for but I can send it to you if you like.
  9. bf2k+


  10. What version of SpartaDOS are you using? Ever tried Tom Hunt's RCOPY? What about Hardback?
  11. Lost a tree.. the tree roots took out the cable.
  12. My internet cable was destroyed in Hurricane Michael last week. It should be back up and running now. : 8888
  13. I have plenty of free sectors... upload here!
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