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  1. bf2k+


  2. What version of SpartaDOS are you using? Ever tried Tom Hunt's RCOPY? What about Hardback?
  3. Lost a tree.. the tree roots took out the cable.
  4. My internet cable was destroyed in Hurricane Michael last week. It should be back up and running now. : 8888
  5. I have plenty of free sectors... upload here!
  6. String of 'UUUUU' sounds like a baud rate mismatch. I've seen this before.
  7. WAY COOL!!! I know I have at least one non-working 1050 around here...
  8. I will have to setup an 8-bit in order to post a screen shot.
  9. Not exactly. The Express cart from Orion was a terminal program... not a BBS program. I have it here.
  10. The original Boot Factory is on the list... even though they didn't have the name correct.
  11. The BBS on port 9000 is always a temporary bbs. I only run it at certain times. It hasn't run in a couple of months.
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