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  1. T/S 1000... first home computer that I ever saw. My little brother had one when he was 14. RIP Sir Clive...
  2. Sounds like ROTO... an Analog game by Mike Stortz. Except I don't remember any water but then I generally don't play any games anyway. Mike Stortz was a buddy who I have lost touch with when he moved away.
  3. Maybe someone already mentioned this but don't be surprised if the print head on the 1027 flies to pieces when you start printing with it. They do that. At one time, someone on here (AA) was looking at creating new heads for these printers but I don't know if this ever went anywhere or not... Good luck with your collection. My son is not interested in mine so I will probably just post it here when I retrieve it from storage...
  4. Exactly! And there is a small utility called CONTROL.COM that Keith wrote to allow toggling on/off the cart. It can be downloaded from my BBS or I can upload it here after I move it from Atari to PC.
  5. Yet I see you made it to my BBS... I updated your access.
  6. Better yet... use this. BobTerm.atr 1. Attach ATR to D1: in Altirra 2. Boot 3. Make sure you set up simulated modem in Altirra. (I always forget this part as all of my different instances of Altirra always have the modem enabled.) 4. Type -BOB at DOS Prompt (D1:) to run the BOB.BAT file and load rs232.com and BobTerm Remember in Bobterm terminal mode, when you type in a URL (atdi bfbbs.no-ip.com 8888 (ctrl)-M), terminate the command with a Ctrl-M (13) rather than an ATASCII return (155) as modems understand ASCII not ATASCII. Or you can use the terminal in ASCII mode although some Atari 8-bit BBSes may restrict access to ASCII user (not me)... but ATARI BBSes are more fun in ATASCII mode. Or type URL in ASCII and switch to ATASCII when connected. And when you're typing in that URL, don't make typos and use the backspace key... it breaks the command.
  7. BobTerm v1.23 (1993-03)(Puff, Robert)(US).xexBobTerm + Altirra + Internet connection can do this... (NOTE: Ctrl-M after the 8888 not Atari Chr$(155)) In SpartaDOS 3 shown here, setup a BOB.BAT file Altirra Simulated Modem This would be able to connect to all those on your list...
  8. Thanks for posting all that. Great memories (I also bought my first 800 in 1981).
  9. I would contribute to that...
  10. It's answering the connection on the port I use for testing BBSes so the port is open. Then it cycles back to the 'waiting' screen and answers again. I might not have any more time this week to mess with it but we'll see. I do have it working on a real A8 machine using the ApeModem...
  11. the FX directory just contains the code beginning at line 25000 of ForemXE as a .LST basic file. I probably did that... don't remember. At any rate, my notes indicate that I definitely did this in A800Win 2.5c, so it has never been run under Altirra... until a little while ago. It is running and answering the incoming connection but not going any farther. I am going to now check into my Altirra modem and 850 settings...
  12. SO I found my old project files for this. I had all of the directories except the birthday ones. But I am running it in a sub-directory... not the main. I wonder if that was part of the problems I had? Also this is hi-speed SIO on a 16mb SpartaDOS disk... I don't know why that would be a problem since it appears to work. I think the next thing to do for me is to actually set it up in Altirra as a practice BBS. Maybe I'll do that today.
  13. Nice. I did this one (FXEP) in the early 2000's as part of my "BBS on a Stick" projects but never finished it as I had some issues with some of the main commands not executing correctly. I think this was before Altirra existed and I was using A800Win 2.5c. I would have to revisit my old project in order to remember which commands had problems... Did you run into anything like this with yours?
  14. There's rampant BS like this everywhere... it is all a matter of who "they" decide that "they" are going to pick on this week...
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