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  2. What version of SpartaDOS are you using? Ever tried Tom Hunt's RCOPY? What about Hardback?
  3. Lost a tree.. the tree roots took out the cable.
  4. My internet cable was destroyed in Hurricane Michael last week. It should be back up and running now. : 8888
  5. I have plenty of free sectors... upload here!
  6. String of 'UUUUU' sounds like a baud rate mismatch. I've seen this before.
  7. WAY COOL!!! I know I have at least one non-working 1050 around here...
  8. I will have to setup an 8-bit in order to post a screen shot.
  9. Not exactly. The Express cart from Orion was a terminal program... not a BBS program. I have it here.
  10. The original Boot Factory is on the list... even though they didn't have the name correct.
  11. The BBS on port 9000 is always a temporary bbs. I only run it at certain times. It hasn't run in a couple of months.
  12. FoReM XE was definitely NOT PD. My friends bought it for their BBS. I also had a plain jane FoReM written in Atari Basic as well as FoReM MPP. The KEEP was also an Atari8 BBS program. I have that here. Atari Link - I also have that one. Hutch BBS by John Hutchy - have that one too. I guess some of these are questionable as to whether they were commercial or not.
  13. The original 'Sysop Deal' modem was the USR Courier. I still have at least one around here somewhere.
  14. Website was only down for 9hrs 42mins. Back up now.
  15. Didn't know it was down. Something else to check into...
  16. The BBS is back up. That part of the re-arrangement is completed for now. Still a lot of work to do. Lots of computer equipment piled up where I normally park my car.
  17. 8-bit Guild runs on BBS:Express 850 v1... not Pro.
  18. The Boot Factory 2K+ BBS will be down for a few days while I re-arrange my office to make more room for my Ataris.
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