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  1. Hey Marc, I bought a Donkey Kong PK Is it possible at all to get a box and manual with it??

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Just in case you don't know, this is not a PM. We can all see it on the main forums page.



  2. Is it possible to get a Donkey Kong manual and box????
  3. Can they still be bought somewhere???
  4. Will this ever com out on cart??? the whole game???
  5. Didn't I see an actual cartridge for this????
  6. I'm new to this, can this still be purchased????
  7. Will this play 7800 AND 2600 carts? Can you play Pokey games? If so I want one!!!!!
  8. Soooo will I need TWO for my Atari 5200 for two players????
  9. Sorry guys, here it is again... It is connected via rf adapter/connector via cable outlet. Thanks tons!
  10. I just bought a new/used Atari but the video is distorted...... Can anyone help me???file:///var/folders/ry/qblg_64j7bv3sjbxnpzsmy2w0000gn/T/301C7E98-8E32-4FDC-AC34-5287049F2776%202.jpgfile:///var/folders/ry/qblg_64j7bv3sjbxnpzsmy2w0000gn/T/BD6288CF-7C2F-47BA-9488-D6FCEA249029%202.jpg I tried taking pics.... Can they be viewed?
  11. So you got the POKEY to work doing it this way????? I REALLY need to know.... I am having that issue.... No sound form a POKEY game...
  12. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!!!! Happy New Year!!!
  13. How much and how can I get one??? Can this be used for both players???
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