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  1. Thanks for the info. I thought I had it on there, but I re-did things a couple of times and missed in on the final pass. -JM
  2. TI-99/4A - White model has F18A installed PEB with the following cards installed into it: Disk Controller Card Flex Cable Interface 1MB SAMS Card (this is the newer one designed by Ksarul) TIPI Card (with RPi 3 installed on it). 5.25" and 3.25" drives 2nd TI-99/4A - Black model Cassette Recorder - White model Cartridges Dragon's Lair Extended Basic 2.7 Suite Disc Manager 2 2 x Extended Basic Assembly/Editor TI Writer Final Rom Cart Adventure Munch Man The black console, tape recorder, spare 5.25" drive, and 3 x Lantronix boxes are all untested. There is a HDX card included, but it is non-working. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the card or the user, but I could never get it to work after building it. I've also got a full-height TI 5.25" drive that's in the box that goes with it if I can find it. There's a box of cables I kept with it for projects and I'll throw in a couple of boxes of sealed 5.25" DS/DD floppies and a handful of 3.5" 720K floppies with the equipment. I want $700 for the lot. This stuff weighs a ton and would take too much effort and money to ship anything except for freight. Because of that, it's local pickup only for now. 15 miles north of Mobile, AL.
  3. Add one more card to the list. I'd prefer assembled or as a parts kit. Thanks, -JM
  4. I'd like one of these boards when they become available, so put me on the list, if there is a list. Thanks, -JM
  5. I'm late to the party, but could use 2 basic kit if any are available from the order or if someone else backs out of there order. Thanks, -JM
  6. Okay, thanks for the info. I'm trying to find a of the boards and chip layout. I've got two of the larger chips that get too hot to touch after the power has been on for a couple of minutes. I was sure that the 400 wouldn't be working since I could hear parts moving around in it, but it just ended up being a loose screw and speaker. It boots, so I can use it to start testing some of the other hardware that came with the systems. Thanks again, -JM
  7. I'm new to the 8-bit Atari machines. Just picked up an 800XL and 400 today. The first one I started tinkering with was the XL and of course it wouldn't boot. I pulled the covers off to see if anything was obviously a problem or if there were any loose or missing parts. When I got it opened I found some sort of mod that is a small board with several chips on it, a ribbon cable, and several jumper wires. So the question is, what the heck is this thing and should I try to troubleshoot the board with the mod in place? Is it better to get the board back to original before checking for problems? Thanks, -JM
  8. It's that and a lot more. I think the two folders that are on that site has a couple of hundred files. The stuff I've found so far is over 1,100. I'm still looking for the games and other fun stuff, but I have a ton of media to go though. The Zip disks are the first thing I went through, which is where this batch came from. Next batch is CD's. I've had a burner of one type or another since the early 90's , so I've probably got discs going back to 92 or 93. The only problem is that they've not held up well. I can rember Kodak advertising a 400 year archival date on their discs back then. It eventually changed to about 100 years, but we started noticing problems at about ten years. These things are over 20 years old now and may no longer work, so I'll be surprised if I get anything usefull off of them. Floppies will be last, as time allows, but there are hundreds of them. Fortunately, I have a handful of 3.5" that are marked as TI stuff and can start there. -JM
  9. I've still got the original Zip-100 disk and now a copy on the laptop. I'm going to make a few extra copies tomorrow, so that there will be an off-site backup at work. It doesn't look like the whole forum's set of files. No game stuff that I can tell, just mainly applications and utilities. But I've still got a lot of stuff to go through, so there may be more of it eventually. I actually found out how to figure out the cat zip files by finding a partial listing as a text file on another disk. At the top was the name of the file's original name, which I remembered seeing in one of the directories. So the lists I've been looking for over several days was hiding in plain sight, I just didn't know what I was looking at until then. -JM
  10. Okay, making some progress on it. I'm just kind of rusty on the old Compuserve stuff since it's been a few years. It looks like each forum has a zip file with the long description of each file, file size, date loaded, etc. So the next question is - what to do with it? Any way to figure out if this stuff is already on the Internet for folks to grab as needed or should I put it up somewhere. If so, where should I post it? Now that I've got a file listing I can at least go through and get the stuff I can use and ignore files I'll never use. -JM
  11. I'm going through a bunch of my old disks and found what looks like an archive of all of the download files from the TI forum on Compuserve from about 1996. I might not ever find the catalog files for these files, so does anyone out there possibly have a list of files that were hosted on Compuserve from around that time? It's 1,100+ files so I don't think I'd ever make it through one at a time figuring out what they are and how to extract, load, etc. to get them working. I can remember having printed everything out on paper, punching holes in it, and putting it into a binder, but I can't find that either. Last time I remember seeing the stuff was back when I still had a Geneve, so it was probably 10 or more years ago. I've also moved twice since then, so it's also possible that they were tossed a long time ago. Anyhow, if anyone has got something on it then let me know. Thanks, -JM
  12. The disk labels don't look that great. It looks like the glue has leeched through over the years, so the white areas have dark spots on them. It was nice opening a fresh kit. The last time I did that was on Christmas day in the early 80's when I got an Extended Basic and a cassette recorder under the tree. -JM
  13. Okay, thanks for the info. I'll look up the info on getting an image downloaded and will see if I can get it installed back on the originals. -JM
  14. I picked up the Editor/Assembly kit off of eBay a few weeks ago. It was still shrinkwrapped and in the box, but I think the disks may be bad. When trying to copy them I get an error 6 from the Disk Manager 2. Is there anything other than bad disks that would cause this? If not, can the disk images from one of the emulators be used to recreate a physical copy of the bad disks? I can read, write, copy other disks. Thanks, -JM
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