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  1. Oh, I see, I think you meant the "Boy" demo at the top of this thread.
  2. "That demo" referring to what? Here's the opening animation from the Epyx vid.
  3. Excuse my bumping this very old thread, but I recently decided to uprez all the original animations I did for Epyx, discussed above, and after years of searching I've still come up empty handed with a bakers dozen images that might have been some clipart disk for Art Director in Europe. I know some images get converted to other formats, so I thought I'd take a shot and see if anyone here has any of the images in question. I made the following by screen grabbing from a VHS of the original video. I have the Tiger image but sans the text. The image of the landscape—which I think might've been titled SEASON.ART—would cycle palettes to evoke spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  4. Thanks for continuing to scan these. Hope sooner or later my review shows up!
  5. Yeah. I got a gig to help convert monster art from the Monster Manual to C64 graphics. Ended up letting my then-colleague take point on that project, but I do remember doing at least a few of the monster portraits using a KoalaPad and some perhaps proprietary tool that would let you paint the images in a way that produced redefined characters. I have this vague recollection of a screen with 6 images, perhaps several being the frames (they could be animated), a playback, and images showing which characters are were duplicates or something like that. I've found few C64 screenshots of the monsters, and wish I could find a way to rip all of them out of the game so I could figure out which ones we did and add them to my archives.
  6. Hey thanks. I was running KEGS on my Mac to capture stuff from the IIGS, but I'll try AppleWin on my Windows machine.
  7. Hi all. I've been restoring a bunch of early graphics and animation work I did on various computers, notably stuff I did on the Atari XLs and STs, and I'm trying to find a way to rip the graphics out of a C64 game I worked on (Pool of Radiance). I recently used KEGS to recover an image from the IIGS. But the very first computer graphics I ever drew were using a KoalaPad and Microillustrator on an Apple ][+. Sadly, they are probably lost to eternity in electron heaven, but I thought it would be fun to try to recreate the main image since I remember it very clearly. I don't have an actual Apple ][ around, but I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to simulate the KoalaPad in an Apple ][ emulators, and which emulators, if any, do the best job of simulating the artifacting of the pixels on the system. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Finally got a chance to sit down and play it on actual hardware. Weirdly, the cart requires some jimmying to get into the slot of the CX2600A I'm playing on. I know it's old school design but one thing I do not miss about lengthy older games is that every time you lose all your lives you have to tediously repeat all these steps you've done and aced over and over before just to get back to the place where you were having trouble, only to have to do it again and again until you master that one thing that kills ya. I get the structure of the game is such that it's about trying to get a perfect score and there aren't "levels" per se, but it's still frustrating to have to start from square one every time. I find killer giraffe heads amusing. I find the sound a little lacking given how much ROM space they're employing and how they could have had more variety by car. Sometimes just changing the pitch of things slightly would have added a sense of geography.
  9. Yeah, it would probably have been in 1988 since I remember Andy Eddy and I did the interview at the Atari Fair in Worcester, Mass October 1987.
  10. Was just looking through these. I recall writing a review of Spectrum 512 for Computer Shopper...my only piece for them (I mostly wrote for ST-Log), but for the life of me I can't remember what issue is was in! Probably some time in 1988.
  11. The SDRIVE MAX does take a bit of getting the hang of. I'm terrified of accidentally plugging the power supply when in when it's set to SIO mode since that apparently fries it. The silly issue I'm having is that I copied files onto the micro SD from my Mac and every time I do that I get duplicate ._filenames that I now have to figure out how to get rid of. Pretty much every disc I had from 1984–1987 still read and work. Amazing. But there's a LOT of duplicated content, which is why I want to see all the directories and make new virtual disk images that not so redundant.
  12. That one's really neat and would be great since I bounce between PC & Mac. The maddening thing is it doesn't let you save the directory listing...of all things lol. I will perhaps ping the author. Thanks!
  13. Hey all. Just got a SDRIVE MAX and in looking at all the many many floppy images I really want to catalog all the files. Does anyone have a recommendation of a tool I could use on a PC to look at the contents of the disk images?
  14. Space Dungeon — Because it's fun! I just wish someone would hack it so the amount of debris lessens as the levels advance because the game slows to a crawl on higher levels and the play becomes really uneven Qix — I've always loved this, but your controller has to be in tip-top shape or forget it Pengo — I played the crap out of this Moon Patrol — I also played the crap out of this Gremlins — Fun and clever. I just wish the color palette choices were a little nicer Centipede might have made the list but for the bug (ha) where the flea stops dropping after a certain level and this messes up the gameplay because the mushroom field gets thinned out too much.
  15. I think the texts should more directly indicate what is required to run this and where to find it. I had to do some Googling to figure it out.
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