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  1. The SDRIVE MAX does take a bit of getting the hang of. I'm terrified of accidentally plugging the power supply when in when it's set to SIO mode since that apparently fries it. The silly issue I'm having is that I copied files onto the micro SD from my Mac and every time I do that I get duplicate ._filenames that I now have to figure out how to get rid of. Pretty much every disc I had from 1984–1987 still read and work. Amazing. But there's a LOT of duplicated content, which is why I want to see all the directories and make new virtual disk images that not so redundant.
  2. That one's really neat and would be great since I bounce between PC & Mac. The maddening thing is it doesn't let you save the directory listing...of all things lol. I will perhaps ping the author. Thanks!
  3. Hey all. Just got a SDRIVE MAX and in looking at all the many many floppy images I really want to catalog all the files. Does anyone have a recommendation of a tool I could use on a PC to look at the contents of the disk images?
  4. Space Dungeon — Because it's fun! I just wish someone would hack it so the amount of debris lessens as the levels advance because the game slows to a crawl on higher levels and the play becomes really uneven Qix — I've always loved this, but your controller has to be in tip-top shape or forget it Pengo — I played the crap out of this Moon Patrol — I also played the crap out of this Gremlins — Fun and clever. I just wish the color palette choices were a little nicer Centipede might have made the list but for the bug (ha) where the flea stops dropping after a certain level and this messes up the gameplay because the mushroom field gets thinned out too much.
  5. I think the texts should more directly indicate what is required to run this and where to find it. I had to do some Googling to figure it out.
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else see frogs where the manual says octopi? A plague of frogs feels more Biblical.
  7. I know this topic is ancient. But the game existed and can be played via emulation on the Internet Archive. Keys are typical MAME. It's clearly not a hack of PAC-MAN.
  8. Remind me to forward that to Leonard...
  9. My issue with the game play-wise was always that the map was too damned hard to navigate (which is why I mapped it out) because there is no "geography" to anything to help you orient yourself (even with the very simple graphics it could be done)... and, related to that, I hate that there are two screens you can exit and cannot return to by reversing directions. That's just fucking with the player, I always thought there should be a "hard" game where if you put the bridge back together before jailing Lex and his gang, if any of them enter the bridge screen, they blow it up again.
  10. Hey all. I've poked around various file archives looking for some programs and utilities written by Charles F. Johnson and John Eidsvoog and I've had a devil of a time finding some of them. I contacted John and he doesn't have the stuff I'm looking for (at least, not where he can get to it). One thing I am in desperate need of is the old TopDown loader that John wrote, which you put in your Auto folder and forced desk accessories etc. to be loaded at the top of the available memory rather than the bottom, which got them out of the way of programs which committed the sin of being hard addressed (looking at you, Art & Film Director). Does anyone have this? Or an archive of LGF/CodeHead/Johnson/Eidsvoog goodies? Thanks in advance,
  11. Howard is not full of himself, except in a playful fashion. I've known him for a while and had lunch with him. Recognizing the 2600 wasn't an ideal platform for Star Castle and making a game perhaps better suited to its capabilities isn't a bad thing. The biggest issue I have with Yars', and a lot of VCS games, frankly, is the really flat difficulty curve. Nothing new is introduced after the second level, and it's just A, B, A, B, harder and harder. Some more variation between levels (no ion zone in one, etc.) would have kept it fresher and more interesting.
  12. Big_Mo

    Superman Hack?

    So I did some playing around with the game and, yeah, it cheats. I plopped goons into the bridge screen and they just blithely walk across the empty space where the bridge was. When I'm Clark I can't do that. But, even powerless, Superman can walk across the same space. If you drop Lois in the bridgeless gap she often gets momentarily stuck. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice this, but Lois always faces the opposite way Superman does, rather than just facing Superman no matter where he is. I think you could be able to easily grab whatever the helicopter is carrying. Right now you mostly end up grabbing the copter. I realize the play mechanic would be affected, but it always seemed silly that pieces of the bridge and even the helicopter can be inside the subways or Daily Planet. They ought to bounce off the doorway. Lois is sometimes at the Daily Planet as you arrive in it as Clark. She ought to always be there once you arrive, trying to file her story before yours.
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