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  1. Good advice here. It's also worth mentioning that if you begin to hear harsh scraping or squealing noise develop during the course of a dump, it likely means the head has become dirty. I generally abort the dump in such situations, clean the head and re-try. If you let it continue, you run the risk of the gunk on the head damaging the disk surface as it continues to read. I've had mixed results cleaning the disk surface with isopropyl alcohol. The most important part is to be gentle -- I've seen the disk material come off with too aggressive a cleaning.
  2. The current tools rely heavily on some Spring libraries so it might be tough. I've been learning the Go language and have started re-writing the tool using that since it compiles to a native executable. If you're interested in collaborating on it, let me know 😁
  3. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Errors can also be due to protection as well as damage. So don't discount the ATXs with errors completely 🙂 As you have found, you can't use checksums to compare ATX files. If you want to compare things yourself against our ATX files, you can use the a8diskcomp tool I wrote: Just keep in mind that you can't compare ATR files against ATX files with the tool since ATRs don't preserve the sector interleave. Any dumps you have for software that either has no dump on a8preservation or has a dump not marked as "preserved" would be helpful. Even dumps with only partially good data can sometimes be helpful since we may have other dumps that are bad in those areas and thus we can build a working ATX.
  4. M.U.L.E. is likely copy-protected so couldn't be archived with an Atari drive. I would recommend not running that disk through an Atari drive if you are open to sending them to someone for proper dumping.
  5. Thanks for sharing, @RobVWA Did you make this ATR from an original disk?
  6. The challenge with a "wanted" list is that we don't know necessarily know all the titles that are out there. Just look at the rate that Atarimania and a8preservation are still adding new titles to their databases. It would be a shame if someone didn't contribute something we've never heard of because it isn't on the want list. I think a "preserved" list could be better since people would know they have something worth contributing if it is not on the list.
  7. This should also be achievable with the new "repair-load" and "repair-apply" commands in a8diskutils 0.1.15.
  8. Hi tabar, it would be good to get a dump of these disks. We currently have one but need to verify it. Our program disk dump seems to have errors (possibly protection) on track 39. Our dictionary disk dump doesn't have any protection errors but is enhanced density. Neither disk appears bootable. According to the manual, you had to load a DOS disk with BASIC, then insert the program disk and RUN"D1:BOOT".
  9. Thanks for sharing, Tim. Just as an FYI, making PRO images of protected disks can be extremely tough on the media (even to the point of destroying it sometimes). Synapse disks were some of the worst in this regard (both in amount of protection and poor quality of media), but fortunately, it sounds like this one is an early enough release to be an exception 🙂 For example, after dumping 4-5 copies, we still have been unable to find a good copy of the original U.S. disk release of Blue Max!
  10. The ZIP files are created using Clrmamepro from the .DAT file included in every torrent release. If I extract the ZIP on Windows 10 with PowerArchiver, I don't see any problem. So it is possible that Clrmamepro does something that unzip doesn't like. One suggestion would be to run Clrmamepro against what has been unzipped which should (in theory) correct any file naming problems.
  11. Hi @Gearhead Lu, Thanks for reaching out and for your offer to help with our preserving efforts. One thing to note, the want list of Atarimania you refer to is different than ours. Atarimania is focused on building a comprehensive archive where we (the a8preservation.com initiative) focus on building a curated one with provenance back to original media. So there will be things that are not on their list that we need and vice versa. The two sites collaborate but their goal and accumulated assets are different. If you want to send me a full list of what you have, I can compare it to our site. Or you can use our search function to look up each title and see whether we have already preserved it. From the list you posted, the following would be helpful because we either don't already have a dump or haven't yet verified our existing one: Aztec Challenge There are several releases of this: http://a8preservation.com/#/software/title/2646. Do you know which one you have? Blue Max Synapse Software Disk This has been a challenging title to preserve and we can use as many different dumps as we can get! Captivity Program Design Inc. Tape Claim Jumper Synapse Software Disk Mercenary -The second City Datasoft Disk Mig Alley Ace Microprose Software Disk Of course, even titles we already consider "preserved" may be interesting to dump in case it is an unknown variant (which we run across more often than you would think). I'll PM you to work out where you can send things to be dumped. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks @Wilheim. I assume this is a patch you applied to our ATX? If so, this is certainly interesting to the community. Thanks for sharing. EDIT: Could you describe the bug in more detail so we can add it to the site?
  13. Oh, and agreed, fantastic work on this. Thank you for making it available!
  14. People have also expressed concerns specifically about not trusting Mega 😛 Some are afraid of torrents, some are afraid of Mega, some don't like having to download over 1Gb of data each time there is a new release. When I proposed killing the torrent and distributing individual files via direct download, some didn't like it because it would put work on them to keep their collections up to date. I think no matter what solutions we choose, someone will be unhappy with it. This is just life and it's pointless to try to make everyone happy. Oh, and the reason we don't do incremental releases currently is because I haven't yet built the automation to make that approach sustainable. The fact of the matter is, I don't want to let distribution of our content take valuable time away from actually doing the preservation work. That is our top priority and will remain so. For folks that feel like our current distribution mechanisms are insufficient, I welcome them to volunteer to collaborate with us to improve them in a manner that is consistent with the project goals and ways of working. And that means helping to do the actual work. @remowilliams has been generous enough to help with Mega links and @thedoctor has been kind enough to help with torrents and I thank them both for that. Since @Mr Robot has also shown initiative in this area, I've invited him to work with us as well. I think archive.org is an amazing site and I wholeheartedly support what they are trying to achieve. I just want to make sure we leverage it in a manner that doesn't create confusion, risk or unnecessary overhead for the project. As you already know, we do this 😉 But that only distributes it to a very small subset of the community.
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