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  1. My definition of "easy" is what makes it sustainable to continue the preservation work we do. Creating distribution channels for the dumps simply doesn't have a high priority and the current method works even if not ideal. If you are interested in doing the work to maintain it on archive.org we can certainly discuss how to support that. Otherwise, you get what you pay for 😝
  2. It's a problem of time and level of effort. Things are still changing so often in the preservation database that it would be a nightmare to keep things on archive.org up to date without building some custom tooling to support it. The torrent approach makes it easy because we can just re-generate the torrent from scratch every release.
  3. Thanks to all that have seeded and/or made download links available. Thanks for pointing this out. It should not have the [a] flag at all. It will be corrected in the next release. As others have said, you should not be seeing a "zip of zips" - if you are, you might be downloading an older torrent release. What you should be seeing is a ZIP file for each release on the website. Each file within the zip is a dump associated with that release (also as shown on the website). So the zip file is leveraged partially as a grouping mechanism. More importantly, however, is that some of the cassette dumps that have audio channels are distributed as large WAV files -- the ZIP files help at least a little to get the size down a bit. 7ZIP at high compression would be even better but I assume that could cause some folks to have problems extracting them.
  4. Thanks for the offer, Mclaneinc. We don't have anything in place to accept donations at the moment but I do appreciate the gesture. Sounds like you have your hands quite full... I hope you can find ways to get assistance and GlowingGhoul mentioned.
  5. I read everything posted both before and after your comment. Your point was valid... but the way you presented it was unkind and I felt obliged to point that out. Based on your "apology" and subsequent postings, I see there's little point in discussing the matter further.
  6. Wow, the condescension here is really uncalled for. We're all grown ups and have taken basic economics. Many of us have run successful businesses for years. Attacking people that have contributed to the community to defend ones that have contributed almost nothing is a strategy I have a difficult time understanding. I honestly expect better from a community we are spending so many hours contributing our work to for free. Reading the responses of some of the people here frankly make me feel like an idiot for giving my time away. Thanks for that 👍
  7. Thanks for releasing it. Looks great!
  8. This will ultimately be a matter of opinion and perspective. Keep in mind that I am not the creator or maintainer of the S-Drive Max project and am not speaking for the project itself. I am merely someone who has contributed a significant amount of effort to improving it. I agree these sellers are providing a helpful paid service to the subset of the community that can't or won't assemble the device themselves. I don't fault them for wanting to make some money doing it. But that is not, in my opinion, contributing back to the project. I would hope that those who monetize any open-source project contribute something back to that project directly. These contributions can take many forms depending on the skills of the people involved: code/hardware design contributions, knowledge sharing, community support, monetary donations, etc. Red Hat has created a very profitable business with this approach -- they create paid products using various open source projects. The thing that keeps them from simply being a company profiting off the hard work of others is that they funnel some of those profits to pay teams of developers that contribute improvements and bug fixes back to those open source projects. What is unacceptable to me, however, is people selling SDM devices with enhancements and refusing to contribute back those enhancements (or creating barriers to open sharing) to retain some sort of competitive advantage. That is simply a slap in the face to those who gave their project contributions away for free and is exactly the type of thing that many open source licenses try to prevent. Anyway, I've said my peace and won't belabor this point any further.
  9. So we've got one person who has already sold 185 S-Drive Max units in a nice custom case that won't share the design yet (maybe in a couple of months). Another has made useful alterations to a community case design and won't share them. And still others are selling what sounds like hundreds of S-Drive Max's at $75-$100 per unit -- are they contributing anything back? Everything they are doing is built on the hard work of members of the Atari community that have chosen to give their contributions away for free. Hearing things like this makes it very difficult to continue to put work into this project ☹️
  10. Sounds good. I'm hoping he'll contribute back to the community given what he is selling.
  11. Sorry, just realized my comment seemed like it was directed at you -- it definitely was not. I just wanted to make sure _The Doctor_'s comment wasn't misinterpreted by anyone to mean we weren't interested in backup copies of originals. However you want to contribute what you dump is fine. We can do any necessary filtering on our side 🙂
  12. Agreed that the XE-style case is nice! Is there a 3D model for it available?
  13. Thanks for taking the time to dump these, @Zarxx Just to make sure it's clear, we are still interested in copies if they retain the original copy protection. They can be helpful for verification purposes especially when we have originals that have corrupted data.
  14. Thanks, @Zarxx. That allowed us to verify Phantom 🙂
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