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  1. Hi all, it long overdue for a new preservation torrent. If anyone is interested in creating and seeding one for us, please PM me. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the ATX files. Caverns of Mars isn't protected but also doesn't match any dump we have - the sector interleave is different. I am uncertain if this is a legitimate variant or a side effect of the way it was dumped. Choplifter also doesn't match any verified dump we have. The closest match is to our [a] dump but it has data differences in the first two sectors and the interleave of the protection track is different. I'm also not sure here what the cause of the difference might be.
  3. @toddtmw beat me to it. I'd give both sides of Top Gunner Collection a shot since it's already preserved, would test missing sectors, duplicate sectors and whether skew alignment is replicated correctly.
  4. You can certainly try that. Ultima disks are a very trivial example I would expect to work fine since they only leverage simple missing sectors. Just be aware that these old disks will vary in what kind of shape they are in and how many reads they will be able to tolerate before they begin suffering permanent data loss. So it is possible that a test boot or a test dump is the only completely good read you get. I've heard folks in the past disagree with that statement, but I've personally dumped and processed well over 1000 disks and have seen this phenomenon first hand. Update: If you try to dump them yourself, be sure to check the drive head in between each dump to check if debris has accumulated. If so, clean the head before the next dump. The build-up of head debris can easily prevent a good dump and possibly destroy the disk.
  5. @djmat56, it's great to hear from you! I hope you are doing well. Yes, many of the tape images in our archive are yours. Fortunately, we've been able to verify many of them over the past few years with contributions from others 🙂 Thank you for putting the list together. And thanks @toddtmw for cross-referencing the list with the preservation database 👍 As @toddtmw indicated, we often have a better chance of preserving disks if we can do a flux dump with Kryoflux or SuperCard Pro. If you would be willing to send them to me in Germany, I can dump them and return them to you. However, I understand if you don't want to incur risk or cost to send disks, so we'll take dumps made on an Atari drive as a last resort. I honestly don't know the quality of an ATX that Respeqt generates as I don't even own an Atari drive anymore 😛 There will be titles that simply can't be dumped accurately using such a method (not sure if any of yours fall in that category though).
  6. Thanks for pointing out the problems you found. A number had already been corrected in the database and I've fixed the others that I am able to. As @ijor said, some of them are ATX files that were made a long time ago. $74 is the creator for my a8diskutils.
  7. I recall Archon having this behavior as well. I didn't think the floating bus had anything to do with the EA protection but I could be wrong. I know one title whose protection was affected by the A800's floating bus was Coleco's WarGames. I had contacted phaeron about it because the verified ATX worked on a real Atari but not Altirra. As I recall, the floating bus emulation was pretty CPU intensive so was off by default.
  8. I'll assume you meant CRC "5ca7b209" as the preservation ATX. The difference between it and Atarimania's is the starting sector for each track and variations in sector positioning as we would expect from ATX files made from different dumps. The sector data, sector interleave and protection sectors are identical between the two (our criteria for considering two dumps identical). With D : acceleration turned on, the protection check appears to fail on both but it manifests itself in different ways as you have noticed. On our dump, the Altirra A8 machine crashes. On the Atarimania dump, the monsters stop moving and garbage appears at the bottom of the screen. I don't know what behavior a protection failure would manifest on a real Atari. I suspect the differences in sector position could be causing different behavior in Altirra but I have no way of knowing this for sure. Overall, it is not recommended to use D : acceleration when using protected ATX files since many protection checks rely on accurate drive timing. You will find many other examples such as this. I always leave it off and use F1 to accelerate loading if I need to which won't cause protection failures.
  9. Yes, I was using -r and pointing at track00.1.raw. Here is one you can test with: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y6e5_Ka_l_x_5G-ickOhHLy__nvlBMAK/view?usp=sharing I tried the -g option but I'm still not sure how I create an ATX/ATR of side 2?
  10. FYI, it seems like the -r option is not working properly anymore in 0.94. It's showing Kryo B sides as blank.
  11. Thank you for continued work on this, @phaeron! It is so nice to see proper enhanced density ATX support!
  12. Good advice here. It's also worth mentioning that if you begin to hear harsh scraping or squealing noise develop during the course of a dump, it likely means the head has become dirty. I generally abort the dump in such situations, clean the head and re-try. If you let it continue, you run the risk of the gunk on the head damaging the disk surface as it continues to read. I've had mixed results cleaning the disk surface with isopropyl alcohol. The most important part is to be gentle -- I've seen the disk material come off with too aggressive a cleaning.
  13. The current tools rely heavily on some Spring libraries so it might be tough. I've been learning the Go language and have started re-writing the tool using that since it compiles to a native executable. If you're interested in collaborating on it, let me know 😁
  14. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Errors can also be due to protection as well as damage. So don't discount the ATXs with errors completely 🙂 As you have found, you can't use checksums to compare ATX files. If you want to compare things yourself against our ATX files, you can use the a8diskcomp tool I wrote: Just keep in mind that you can't compare ATR files against ATX files with the tool since ATRs don't preserve the sector interleave. Any dumps you have for software that either has no dump on a8preservation or has a dump not marked as "preserved" would be helpful. Even dumps with only partially good data can sometimes be helpful since we may have other dumps that are bad in those areas and thus we can build a working ATX.
  15. M.U.L.E. is likely copy-protected so couldn't be archived with an Atari drive. I would recommend not running that disk through an Atari drive if you are open to sending them to someone for proper dumping.
  16. Thanks for sharing, @RobVWA Did you make this ATR from an original disk?
  17. The challenge with a "wanted" list is that we don't know necessarily know all the titles that are out there. Just look at the rate that Atarimania and a8preservation are still adding new titles to their databases. It would be a shame if someone didn't contribute something we've never heard of because it isn't on the want list. I think a "preserved" list could be better since people would know they have something worth contributing if it is not on the list.
  18. This should also be achievable with the new "repair-load" and "repair-apply" commands in a8diskutils 0.1.15.
  19. Hi tabar, it would be good to get a dump of these disks. We currently have one but need to verify it. Our program disk dump seems to have errors (possibly protection) on track 39. Our dictionary disk dump doesn't have any protection errors but is enhanced density. Neither disk appears bootable. According to the manual, you had to load a DOS disk with BASIC, then insert the program disk and RUN"D1:BOOT".
  20. Thanks for sharing, Tim. Just as an FYI, making PRO images of protected disks can be extremely tough on the media (even to the point of destroying it sometimes). Synapse disks were some of the worst in this regard (both in amount of protection and poor quality of media), but fortunately, it sounds like this one is an early enough release to be an exception 🙂 For example, after dumping 4-5 copies, we still have been unable to find a good copy of the original U.S. disk release of Blue Max!
  21. The ZIP files are created using Clrmamepro from the .DAT file included in every torrent release. If I extract the ZIP on Windows 10 with PowerArchiver, I don't see any problem. So it is possible that Clrmamepro does something that unzip doesn't like. One suggestion would be to run Clrmamepro against what has been unzipped which should (in theory) correct any file naming problems.
  22. Hi @Gearhead Lu, Thanks for reaching out and for your offer to help with our preserving efforts. One thing to note, the want list of Atarimania you refer to is different than ours. Atarimania is focused on building a comprehensive archive where we (the a8preservation.com initiative) focus on building a curated one with provenance back to original media. So there will be things that are not on their list that we need and vice versa. The two sites collaborate but their goal and accumulated assets are different. If you want to send me a full list of what you have, I can compare it to our site. Or you can use our search function to look up each title and see whether we have already preserved it. From the list you posted, the following would be helpful because we either don't already have a dump or haven't yet verified our existing one: Aztec Challenge There are several releases of this: http://a8preservation.com/#/software/title/2646. Do you know which one you have? Blue Max Synapse Software Disk This has been a challenging title to preserve and we can use as many different dumps as we can get! Captivity Program Design Inc. Tape Claim Jumper Synapse Software Disk Mercenary -The second City Datasoft Disk Mig Alley Ace Microprose Software Disk Of course, even titles we already consider "preserved" may be interesting to dump in case it is an unknown variant (which we run across more often than you would think). I'll PM you to work out where you can send things to be dumped. Thanks again.
  23. Thanks @Wilheim. I assume this is a patch you applied to our ATX? If so, this is certainly interesting to the community. Thanks for sharing. EDIT: Could you describe the bug in more detail so we can add it to the site?
  24. Oh, and agreed, fantastic work on this. Thank you for making it available!
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