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  1. I, for one, prefer outright buying/selling because there's a layer of protection there that you don't get when trading.
  2. I've a question. Are you posting it here because your craigslist ads kept getting flagged?
  3. It took y'all that long? We booted him at my main forum in the late 2000s.
  4. I was at a different forum wherein one person would constantly necrobump old threads. Rather than ban the offending person (to be fair, bots and randos would do it too sometimes), who generally was an alright dude, the admin made it so that threads of a particular age automatically became locked. Is that not something the forum software used here allows?
  5. Resellers >>> Hoarders. Resellers do nothing except move an item from one market to another. The item still ends up in the hands of someone that wants it. It just doesnt end up in the hands of someone that wants it for below fair market value. The hoarder gets all the stuff cheap, keeps it out of the hands of anyone else even though there’s not enough time in a lifetime to enjoy most of it, and causes the fair market value to increase because their mental illness is decreasing the supply. Everyone likes getting a deal, but no one is entitled to it. If finding a good book/game/movie whatever is THAT important to you, do what you must to get there first.
  6. Friendly bump to help someone I was talking to about this find it easier.
  7. the black and white lettering on the lens cover, also the plastic is a deep black as opposed the dark gray of the original.
  8. These are actually coveted these days? I worked in a game shop when these were rolled out and my memory of them is having a high defect rate. Seemed like 1 in 5 were returned because of non responsive buttons or bad screens.
  9. I bought one 3 years ago for $45 shipped. So since it’s that much older, and thus depreciated, you may wanna take KylJoy up on his offer.
  10. Purchased a boatload of carts and a couple of controllers. Everything looked and functioned as described. Thanks!
  11. jesusc


    Purchased a system and games lot. Everything was as described or better, and the packing job was FANTASTIC. Very happy to have dealt with him. Thanks!
  12. It's the same story every generation except the PS2 era. Whoever wins last gen think that success will carry them over into the next one automatically. Nintendo got arrogant with NES, Sega took over with Genesis. Sega got arrogant during that gen, and both Nintendo and Sega lost to Sony in the following gen (Sony entering the scene solely BECAUSE of Nintendo's arrogance). Sony got arrogant with the PS3 (people will get a second job in order to buy our system!), Microsoft took that gen (yes nintendo might have sold more wiis, but the attach rate sucked, and PS3 definitely made up lost ground at the end of the gen but in the US 360 won overall). Microsoft got arrogant thanks to 360's success, made it so all Sony had to do was say, "yeah, all that stuff Microsoft is doing? We're not doing any of that." Second best mic drop since Steve Race's "Two Ninety Nine" 1995 E3 Presentation. Wii/360/PS3 US sales source: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/06/analysis-xbox-360-poised-to-pass-wii-in-us-sales-by-years-end/
  13. But everything I mentioned, they (Microsoft) did say...They were going to kill consumer rights by killing the used market. They did force the Kinect into every box whether you wanted it or not. I remember it I described because I was there, and being a retailer, their choices were going to directly affect me. I'm not saying they were awful for what they wanted to do. Here we are in 2019 and digital is killing physical and people can't wait for Apple and Google to listen to everything they say. Microsoft was wrong in trying to force it instead of letting people gradually embrace it over time.
  14. If you expect much better, then you don't watch Pat. I'm not up to date on the lingo, what is a FUD? What I recall of Xbox One in 2013 is Microsoft costed(?) itself millions of potential sales by saying they were going to force the digital age, force a stupid camera gimmick, and generally telling the public to go eff itself. I can tell you anecdotally that it was their arrogance that costed them the sale I was going to give them. Instead, my money went to Sony. And again, whether the console is $100, $150, or $200- I doubt anyone listening to Pat's misinformation walked away from his videos thinking "Well if it were under $200 I'd buy it- but no way at $250-$300!" Ouya was only $100 and that didn't work either (I bought one of those at launch as well. I feel I got my money's worth out of it). Anyway, I hope it does as well as you all hope. I just don't see it happening. (Hilarious that most of the people crying about physical games have ended up going digital anyway...)
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