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  1. someone on ebay. and maybe someone else on ebay in a week or so.
  2. Picked up a system on the cheap, sadly it was missing the neatest part about it. Got one or two functioning controllers you want to sell? Cool, I'd like to pay no more than $30 shipped for one. Let me know, thanks!
  3. man, you should have put it all on ebay. Then it’d be fair for everyone. (sarcasm)
  4. It was a silly typo. That you all keep flapping your jaws about it like a bunch of vultures is as unpheasant as it is hawkward. This place is for the birds.
  5. Sure it is, this is 2021. I'll concede that I added a tone to the post that was not intended. I'll also point out that I simply asked why it wasn't being done (in my experience) anymore. I never said it was my right to have feedback left or that it was rude that it wasn't being left, so that's where my interpretation of the hostility stemmed from. I felt words were being put in my mouth to then argue against. Anyway, carry on all!
  6. I dont think anything I said warranted your hostility, but I apologize for giving offense by asking a question. Good day!
  7. Yall are in the minority then, or else I wouldnt have made the comment. I’ve purchased from a dozen or so sellers over the last year, only two left feedback for me. A deal just stalled out because I wont friends/family people I havent dealt with before, and the seller didnt trust me enough to do a good/services even if I paid the dumb fees.
  8. Why don't people use the feedback forum? My excuse sucks, but I stopped leaving feedback for the sellers I buy from because I wasn't getting any feedback from them.
  9. That wouldn't be an absurd ask if the box wasn't so dinged up. At least he didn't ask for F&F or buyer pays the PP fees!
  10. Never mind what I said about the extended basic cart, I got confused with the TI-99 EB cart, that was the most valuable cart of the twenty or so I had. Way cool that editing a post is locked behind a paywall. 🙄
  11. No mention of the sweet, sweet guy that just gave it to you? Looking through this thread, I'm kinda sad I sold the MPI that came with it...but I didn't think I'd ever have a use for it and it was stupid money. Also, I now understand why "extended basic" seemed to be my most valuable cart, lol.
  12. As a very pleased Mister owner, I gotta say, I almost wish I didnt have one so that I could buy this setup.
  13. I was very confused for a second. Covid has made prices crazy, so I didn’t immediately surmise this was a necrobump.
  14. I said I understood that this wasn't a sale you WANTED to make, but HAVE to...which is why I didn't give you a hard time until after you lamented the lack of interest. There are no fees with friends and family, but there is also no protection. You could take my money and run and no one (especially Paypal) will do a thing about it. By selling here, people are already saving themselves from the ebay fees, trying to get out of the paypal fees on top (in the case of asking highest price possible) seems greedy. That said, pm incoming.
  15. I understand you’re selling out of necessity, but you wanted the highest possible ebay price (plenty of Bonks have sold for under $700) while incurring zero of the fees. I cant stand when sellers here want full price AND ask for F&F on top or say the buyer has to pay the fee. I may as well just buy from ebay at that point, at least I’ll have some protection for no extra cost.
  16. I, for one, prefer outright buying/selling because there's a layer of protection there that you don't get when trading.
  17. I've a question. Are you posting it here because your craigslist ads kept getting flagged?
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