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  1. 2600-Combat 5200-Pac Man or Super Breakout, both excellent games. Colecovision- Donkey Kong NES- Super Mario Bros Genesis-Altered Beast SuperNes-Super Mario World If Cybermorph is a ten, you must be using a scale of 100.
  2. jesusc

    Turbo grafx stuff

    I have an intellivision III. It's in good shape but is missing the cord to hook it up to a television. Yours for $20, local pick up only.
  3. I'll take just about anything as I'm just starting to build this collection (again). Had one years ago, sold it and about 40 games off, now the bug bit me again.
  4. I paid $400 at launch! $125 seems like a steal to me!
  5. Phonedork is awesome! He's like the Bizarro Buddybuddies. Got to be a joke account.
  6. is lost and found 3 out yet? I preordered on 8/8 and haven't heard a word about it. Also on 9/20 I bought Icebreaker 2 and Powerslide. Still haven't received them. Is there an email on the website that I'm just not seeing?
  7. Every month I tell myself I need to stop wasting $12 on a mag full of stuff I can read about on the net for free. Every month I keep going back to Barnes and Noble and buying the mag anyway. Great read!
  8. there's potential, but definitely need more members. For reviews, you can't beat the 3DO kids site. http://fz1-3do.blog.co.uk/
  9. Without looking at the results, I voted for who I thought would be the underdogs. I was wrong on one of them.
  10. that's what it looks like. Weird. This is the second "where the hell did this come from" thing I've found this week. I was at a thrift store, and they had European Super League (a PAL dreamcast soccer game) mixed in among a couple of playstation games. No Dreamcast or other games in sight, just this one. I picked it up just because the case it was in was mint, and I could use it for one of my Shenmue 2 cases.
  11. if that were the case, wouldn't it have some moon language on it? the sticker on the back is all English. Says MODEL No. :HGG-3210 BLUE serial number os P41200221
  12. I just picked this up because I've never seen this color before. I already have the darker blue one that was part of the sports and Lion King package. Anyone have any info on this one?
  13. are those really genesis? What is it some hack of sorts? I used to have Yu Yu Hakusho. Paid $180 for it, and literally never played it. I so don't miss the days of collecting just for the sake of collecting.
  14. They already stated that the first Lost and Found goes for hundreds of dollars on eBay. Obviously there is still demand for it. Seems stupid to me for them to be missing out on easily gained income.
  15. I read the first one I saw. I'll tackle the other one when time permits. review states: "Sure, there are frames missing in the home version..." Ok, so after a few more years of working with the hardware, capcom was able to get an almost arcade perfect port out on psx. It still wasn't perfect, unlike the Saturn version.
  16. That's what I don't get. Why limit your sales, only to help the hoarding few turn a profit later on. These are CDs we're talking about, can't they be made to order?
  17. *sighs Wrongheaded or not, if you look at the game libraries for 3DO and Jag, there are grounds to lump them into either generation. If I met a guy who had no idea what the Jag was or should have been, and only gave him Dragon, Kasumi Ninja, Brutal Sports, Bubsy, Pitfall, Syndicate, and Double Dragon to play on it, do you think it'd be easy to convince him that it was next generation compared to Snes/Genesis? Take another guy and show him Doom, Iron Soldier, Battlesphere, Tempest, and AVP. You'd have no argument that this was next gen. That's what I meant by transitional. The ties to the older generation weren't quite severed yet, though ground was being broken for the next generation. You've made a LOT of good points throughout this, and I love the debate. Please don't ruin it with condescension.
  18. $300,000 for a one of a kind Jag game? That's worth it.
  19. I preordered Lost and Found 3. I had the Japanese version of Deep Fear and liked it a lot. It was a pretty solid Resident Evil clone (much better than Blue Stinger or Extermination).
  20. I look at the jag, CD32, and 3DO as being part of a transitional generation,much like the Dreamcast. Certainly better than the previously released systems, but not yet quite ready for the prime time of the next generation. If I had to lump them into one or the other, then certainly jag/3DO would go with the other 32 bit systems and Dreamcast would go with Xbox, Gamecube, and Playstation 2.
  21. I will say this, whether I agree with his point of view or not, if Gorf puts this much passion and fervor into whatever game he may be creating for the Jag, it ought to be something special if and when it arrives.
  22. From the Vs. review: "...what makes this job even harder is knowing that a company's previous outing of the same game, but on a different system is literally a hundred times better...I have to admit I'm a little disappointed in Capcom's ability to port MVSF to the PSX...animation...has taken a turn for the worse." gee, that sounds exactly like what I and others have stated. This is where it gets sticky: "As far as gameplay goes, though, MVSF does manage to deliver the same smack-down as its arcade counterpart. Sure, like X-Men vs. SF you still can't switch between your characters during rounds but come on there was a time when no one thought conversions of this caliber were even possible...Ok, so MVSF isn't a perfect translation, and yes it may be lacking in more than a few departments..." I generally loved GameFan, but this review is an example of one of the things I didn't like about it. First, why would you have a person who admittedly "isn't very fond" of a particular game do a review on it? A person who hates on a game isn't going to take the time to notice and detail all the intricate parts of the game. They are just going to blow through it so they can write up their review and get their paycheck. Secondly, the game obviously does NOT deliver the same smack down as it's arcade (and Saturn) counterpoint. YOU CAN'T SWITCH CHARACTERS! That is an integral part of the friggin' gameplay and many strategies use that feature. That's like taking Bump and Jump and removing the Jump. It's no longer the same game. The whole review boils down to this: This version is fine for those who have never played the arcade original and just want to have a fighting game to mess around with. It's like saying london broil is a fine steak as long as you've never had filet mignon.
  23. More available polys and do you have even the first idea of what it takes to code the Jaguar to do anything? The comparison is silly. Trust me. I changed two words and it still seems to fit the conversation.
  24. i don't think gorf would agree with you. I think there is a correlation there... I did the 7800/genesis comparison because even though both Jag and N64 are (this is hard for me to type) 64 bits, they are a generation apart. That is more important to me than "bitness" of a system. Is it fair to compare intellivision games to Genesis? Why not, they're both 16 bit. But here's a Master System screen anyway. Still looks a hundred times better.
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