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  1. Are we comparing these systems poly for poly? Those 100,000 pps you mention for the N64, that is with all the available tricks for the polys turned on right? If so, are the 50,000 pps for the jag equiped with the exact same tricks? Or is there stuff missing that the Jag couldn't do? Even if true, explain to me how you can take a game like Rogue Squadron, erase half of the polygons in the frame, and still have it resemble Rogue Squadron. I jsut don't see it happening, unless you figure that Double Dragon on the 7800 closely resembles Double Dragon on the Genesis.
  2. Out of curiosity what reviews are you going by? GamePro? Next Gen and Game Fan while imo were great mags, their opinions often differed considerably when looking at the Saturn, so you would need another source to even things out. You've taken EGM out of play, so what is left? edit: forgot to delete the mile long quotes
  3. how reasonable is reasonable?
  4. are these going to be free tools, or will there be a licensing structure in place?
  5. That would mean a lot more to me if Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness didn't exist
  6. A cold hard fact that makes this particular sega drone cry himself to sleep at night.
  7. For the Saturn at least, I don't think there was ever any doubt. That was one of the funny things about Dreamcast vs Playstation 2. All the developers who were whining about how hard it was to develop for Saturn were now saying that Dreamcast was a breeze, and PS2 was a bitch.
  8. admittedly it's been two or three weeks since I played my Nuon, but that is not how they look on my TV. I have it up hooked via component
  9. Lol. When I was typing that up, I was thinking "watch someone bring up Powerslave." I want to guess that that was one of the few times where a game was ported from Saturn to Playstation, and not the other way around. I miss Lobotomy, they definitely knew how to make the Saturn shine when it came to FPS.
  10. NO YORE WRONG!!!1!! Actually, we are not discussing 3D. We are discussing 2D. I never said the Saturn 3D games looked better. Even a sega drone could not make that argument. Well, I suppose one could if one detached himself from reality. If that were the case, then one could say that 3D games on Saturn looked better than their PSX counterpoints. But for one to make that statement, and believe it would be laughable. Almost as laughable as one saying the opposite was true when comparing 2D games.
  11. I thought the Laseractive was cool until I got one. Apparently they have a common problem of not working when the pac is installed. For instance, if I have the pac plugged in, the tray on the player won't work, and it won't play genesis games. I remove the pac and the tray works fine, it plays movies fine. Mine stopped working about five months of me purchasing it. What really sucked was that I only had about three hours of actual use on it. As far as import/us collecting, unless something was heavily censored (kato & ken/jj&jeff) I always just get the US version. Knowing that most platformers and shooters are playable no matter what the language used in their menus are, I still prefer to see English as much as possible. Plus, the American box art usually blows away the japanese crap
  12. Yes, you hit the nail on the head. Reality has nothing to do with it. The games only look and perform better because I am a sega drone. Sreenshots in gaming mags, yes, a great way to identify frames of animation That is quite untrue, but being that I am not about to go digging through my old mags to prove it, I guess we'll just have to rely on conjecture and anecdotal evidence.
  13. Those pics look kinda weird. They are fuzzy, yet the actual images look more jaggy than I'm recall the game being. What kind of connection did you use to grab the images?
  14. I'm really trying to wrap my head around this statement. The Xbox360 has all the balls it needs to out do the Jaguar...but outside of prettier polygons, so far its power has been greatly wasted. Wtf?
  15. You'd have to be blind to not notice the differences between X-men Cota, Megaman 8, and Megaman X4 on Saturn and PSX. Add in the ram carts, and then compare King of Fighters 95, Vampire Savior, and the Capcom Vs. games that were released on both systems. One systems library featured smaller sprites and almost half the animation, I'll let you guess which one.
  16. I think screens comparing Merlin Racing and Mario Kart or Diddy Kong Racing would be a better comparison.
  17. I've tried playing through it a few times. I just can't get past how crappy the control is.
  18. While I've owned just about every Jag game (except Battlesphere) at one point or another, right now I only have the ones that I'd actually play: Tempest 2000 Raiden Battlemorph Iron Soldier I&II Power Drive Rally Raiden Highlander-ok, I'll never play this, but for some reason I keep it. On a lark and because Gorf has been pimping it's "clean" textures so much, I picked up Hoverstrike Unconquered Land to see if my memory of it being quite unimpressive still rang true. It was only $7.99 brand new, so no big loss if it stinks as much as I recall.
  19. I'm no Jaguar fanboy by any means, but even I would have to argue that hardware wise the Jaguar is more than "slightly" above the Sega CD and CD32.
  20. Thea Realm Fighters would be much more interesting to me than MK3. If I'm going to have to pay a premium above current gen prices, I'd prefer it to be for something original. However, if Atariage started charging $.10 per smiley, I'm sure BuddyBuddies overuse of them could fund full licensing and development of MK3.
  21. gunstar's melting down. The mods should prepare for an influx of "ban spiffyone" emails.
  22. jesusc

    Towers II

    CRPG= Computer Role Playing Game, basically just another name for western RPGs.
  23. yeah. Many CD32 users complained that most developers followed the Sega CD model of taking an existing game (in the CD32 case, an old Amiga game), adding some redbook audio and reselling the game without adding anything that would really take advantage of the extra hardware.
  24. Ive owned one a few times over the years. It usually only takes me a day or two after I buy them again to figure out why I keep selling them. First off, the controller feels very cheap and chinsy. Until I picked up a Hyperscan controller, I didn't think it would be possible to make one as bad as the CD32. The hardware itself seemed to be pretty hardy. I never had any problems with hardware failure. Games to check out imo are Beneath a Steel Sky, Chaos Engine (aka Soldiers of Fortune on Genesis/Snes), D/Generation, Flink (also released on Sega CD), Last Ninja 3, Pirates Gold (Genesis), Project X, Simon the Sorcerer, Skeleton Crew (Genesis), and Total Carnage (SNES). I'm not a fan of first person shooters, but there were a few available, like Gloom and Alien Breed 3D. General concensus is that they are pretty framey. My biggest gripe is that it doesn't have any real killer apps. Everything is either already available on other hardware, or not good enough to justify a system purchase. With the exception of audio, most of the games aren't any more enhanced over their genesis/snes counterparts.
  25. For what it's worth, if you have a mouse for the CD32, you can make it boot in NTSC.
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