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  1. The movement in Dr. Hauser doesn't look any more gimped than the movement in Highlander, and it is all real time. Which platform is more powerful? I have no idea from a tech spec point of view, but based on games, I see more textures and better frame rates in the 3DO games. Also the 3DO library smokes the jaguar in all areas but killer app. If I were stranded and could only take either a 3DO or a Jaguar and only one game, it'd be Jag and Tempest. I love me some Star Control II, but it doesn't have that "gotta play again and again" fervor that T2K does. Is it possible for this board to have a reasonable debate concerning what multi platform games were graphically better on either system? There was Doom, Primal Rage, Cannon Fodder, Syndicate, Dragon's Lair, Brain Dead 13, Wolfenstein, Flashback, Myst, and Theme Park. I know Robinson's Requiem was announced for Jag, but did it get to a beta state? I've only played a few recently, but I state: Jag Doom over 3DO Doom, no contest. 3DO Primal Rage over Jag Rage
  2. they are thankfully still around. Unfortunately they don't include the cover discs anymore, but that's not too big a deal. I cringe every time I hand the Barnes and Noble cashier the $12 for it, but once I'm at home reading it, it makes it all worthwhile.
  3. I just want to state that this thread TOTALLY delivers. Please, keep it up.
  4. no. it was $69.99. The worst $69.99 I've ever spent.
  5. There was quite a while where I wouldn't deal with the UK. I got burned three times in a row with buyers filing a dispute and getting their money back, even though I sent the item. One time the person wanted the cheaper surface cost (which takes 4-6 weeks to arrive) three weeks after I sent the ($80) item, he filed a dispute and got his money back. Since then I've been much smarter and more careful when dealing with international buyers, and haven't had a problem. Some of my best customers are Brits.
  6. As you can see there is some label damage (mainly on the 's' and 'h' of shuttle), but otherwise in fair condition. Will mail via USPS Prioirity. PM or respond with an offer, taking into account that it will cost $4.05 to mail out. Added some more stuff. Will ship up to five at a time before I increase shipping charges.
  7. ugh. I hate seeing this spouted over and over. There was no videogame disaster. There was a CONSOLE disaster, sure, but videogames were fine. People were just playing them at arcades or at home on their computers.
  8. I was browsing through Toys R Us and nearly died when I saw Marvel Super Heroes on the shelf. With everyone clearing these out I was sure they weren't going to release it. Unbelievable.
  9. I'll give you $500.00. CASH MONEY! (sorry, dealing with flea market all weekend has rubbed off on me)
  10. Tomb Raider Legend all the way. In fact, I don't think there were any made before Legend. What are we talking about again? ( i try to put games I hate out of my mind)
  11. will buy if still available. do you have references?
  12. they should contact the five of us who paid full price for the PoS, and give us free games along with the whole set of cards for each game. It's sad that we all knew ahead of time this thing would be a disaster, but I would have never guessed just how half-assed this was handled. It's like they got a list of everything that makes games suck and compiled it into one unit.
  13. it used to have a date for the PS2 according to EBgames, but the date kept getting pushed back. I bought a Wii so I haven't checked lately to see if it's still listed.
  14. WD did make a guide. A nice hardcover. I remember bitching at EB because it was almost a month after the game came out that they finally got the guide in.
  15. MY son really likes the Ben 10 game. it's a side scroller, not just a lame-o fighting game. I'm fairly sure there were only three games released. X-men, Ben 10, and the wrestling game (IWL). I know they announced a couple more, but I never saw them on shelves.
  16. I picked up a bunch of the off brand GB players at TRU when they were clearancing them for $5. Based on initial tests, that was still too much to pay. The official one is so much better.
  17. Why is this a prerequisite for having an opinion? I've never driven a ferrari, yet i am of the opinion that it is fast. I've never dropped acid, yet I'm of the opinion it messes up your perception. I've never been in space, yet I'm of the opinion that it would be cool. I've never been to Rome, yet I'm of the opinion that it would be historically interesting. All that is true, but how can it be if I've never done any of those things?
  18. Why is this a prerequisite for having an opinion? What is this biased media jag fans and conservatives always cry about? For every EGM review you can point me to that undeservedly bashed a jag game, i can point you to a GameFan review that undeservedly praised one. The system has a handful of decent games, and many mediocre games. There's not really enough incentive to own one based on those facts. To me it is worth having for Tempest 2000 and Tenpest 2000 alone, but that's just me.
  19. yes, you could probably get $50-$65 for those games. I'm glad Craigslist is working out for you.
  20. yes. I blame Neo Geo (24 bit?), Jaguar (64bit?- i know, just kidding), and Dreamcast (pretty sure it was only 64 bit). But it really ended with Xbox, which I believe is built around a 32 bit processor.
  21. well, anyone who wanted one of these on the cheap should check out Target. Systems are $25, extra controllers are $10, games are $10, and cards are $5 (or basically everything is half off.) They are also clearancing the IWL cards for $2 a pack.
  22. jesusc


    have a new classic controller, what games are you interested in?
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