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  1. I bought a Wii and Metal Slug. Being that I already bought Zelda for Gamecube, I'm feeling that I really didn't need a Wii yet. There's nothing decent for it. However, playing all of the Slugs is nice.
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    or maybe everyone has heard you are a bad trader and don't want the headache of dealing with you. Lord knows I don't.
  3. $40 seems high for just a loose cart. keep checking ebay, I've seen them go for $15.
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    AvP is an unplayable mess. Doom wins by default.
  5. Shouldn't you be busy taking credit for games you didn't make?
  6. GTAdvance 3 was pretty solid. I liked the first one, but it had a password save function that was about eight miles long, and it changed with every modification to the car. I haven't played others like Cruis'n Velocity or the Need for Speed games but I have it on good authority that you want to stay away from Corvette.
  7. I just sold a minty used one for $5 on sunday. should have let me know.
  8. First one was a Videogames and Computer Entertainment. It had a strategy section on Alex Kidd in Miracle World.
  9. First, I'm glad to see that I was right. I hate doubting myself. Second, I've got extra cables kicking around. Shoot me a PM if interested. Push reset button on the genesis, that should eject the tray.
  10. Which one can you play Blazing Lazers, Galaga '90, and Military Madness on? I'd get that one. If money is no object and you want the best looking games, Turbo Express can't be beat. The system isn't THAT expensive, I've seen them go for $60. The games on the other hand are a pain to find anywhere other than eBay. Yet even then a lot of the good ones can be had for less than $20 mostly complete, even cheaper for just the game card.
  11. Weird. I've owned both models many times throughout the years and never noticed anything missing when playing games ( i never hooked up the mixing cable). Not that i don't believe you, i'm just really surpised I never noticed a difference. What would be a good game to run to make it evident?
  12. Both Sega CD models use the original Genesis supply. You can't use a yellow tip plug with the 2nd CD unit. I was under the impression that the mixing cable for the first genesis was only to get stereo out of the unit as the first genesis didn't output stereo through the AV jack on the back. That way you could pass the sound from the Genesis into the Sega CD, and then use the stereo out jacks on that.
  13. TZD used to, but I don't see them on the sale list anymore. You might want to shoot them an email to see if they still might have some though.
  14. to each their own, but I personally enjoyed the Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Shining Force, Mickey Mouse, and Xmen series. The Mega Man, Road Rash, Bust A Move, Baku Baku, Ristar ,Tempo, and Earthworm Jim games were great as well. There was a dearth of shooters, but I think that was more because shooters don't translate well to small screens.
  15. THANK YOU! Whenever the blue game gear comes up, everyone mentions the sports pack. I remember Toys R Us having a Lion King bundle with the blue system, and mention it; and get told I'm wrong. Thanks for verifing that once I again, I was right.
  16. A pizza shop near me when I was a kid had the original non pressure button arcade Street Fighter. A friend who pretty much lived there was great at the game and could manage the special moves easily. I on the other hand never could get them to work, so i learned to beat the game with jump kicks.
  17. If you do happen upon any new ones, they'll probably just be the Majesco rereleased systems. Which sounds all good, until you find out that your "new" system is just a refabbed old one complete with scratched up screen. A few years ago we ordered about twenty of the new Majestco systems. Four of them just plain didn't work, two of them the brightness dial didn't work, and only three of the rest of them actually looked new. I'd advise scouring eBay for a mint used one.
  18. Games range from being SNES quality to being really really high end 2D. Most of the more popular games are available on newer machines, but even then (aside from some King of Fighters and Metal Slug) only in Japan.
  19. How can you list something as complete, follow by no cart?
  20. it's crazy how even the stupid games hold their value. I have a system with 8 or 9 games, nothing that great; but the one game I really really want is League Bowling. Don't ask me why, I jsut love that game. However, I'm not willing to pay $50 for it.
  21. FWIW, Halvey lowered his score to a more suitable (?) 8.5
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