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  1. I've a question. Are you posting it here because your craigslist ads kept getting flagged?
  2. It took y'all that long? We booted him at my main forum in the late 2000s.
  3. I was at a different forum wherein one person would constantly necrobump old threads. Rather than ban the offending person (to be fair, bots and randos would do it too sometimes), who generally was an alright dude, the admin made it so that threads of a particular age automatically became locked. Is that not something the forum software used here allows?
  4. Friendly bump to help someone I was talking to about this find it easier.
  5. the black and white lettering on the lens cover, also the plastic is a deep black as opposed the dark gray of the original.
  6. These are actually coveted these days? I worked in a game shop when these were rolled out and my memory of them is having a high defect rate. Seemed like 1 in 5 were returned because of non responsive buttons or bad screens.
  7. I bought one 3 years ago for $45 shipped. So since it’s that much older, and thus depreciated, you may wanna take KylJoy up on his offer.
  8. Purchased a boatload of carts and a couple of controllers. Everything looked and functioned as described. Thanks!
  9. jesusc


    Purchased a system and games lot. Everything was as described or better, and the packing job was FANTASTIC. Very happy to have dealt with him. Thanks!
  10. quit following me, stalker.

    1. VicViper


      I have to keep up to date with such a pillar of the community.

    2. Shawn


      You can disable followers in your control panel if you like. I sure did :)

    3. jesusc


      nah, Vic is an irl buddy.


  11. I've been looking for one forever. If you're interested in selling it, I'll give you $2500.
  12. jesusc


    I did, over a week ago and he never responded. He responded to this though, so I guess they're spoken for.
  13. I recently bought out a lot of stuff from a store that closed, and among it all was a ton of Combat, Football, Missile Defense, Pac Man, Asteroids, etc. I have no use for these as I've already a ton of Combat, Football, Missile Defense, Pac Man, Asteroids. If anyone here wants them, they're yours for whatever shipping would cost. I just want them gone. I'll supply pics if there's interest. Some are missing end labels, but the vast majority are not.
  14. He sent the Saturn imports I purchased quickly and nicely packed. Thanks!
  15. I'll take them. PM incoming.
  16. It's ridiculous because you know what I said and responded by adding nothing to anything except +1 to your post count. "People come around every few months complaining about Best and asking if they're legit or not and it gets tiring." -... Anyway, good day to you.
  17. Let me break this ridiculous post down sentence by sentence. "Don't like it, buy those TIA chips from elsewhere.." -As I stated, I tried to. No one else seemed to have NTSC TIA. "Sure the website is outdated but the service is top notch." - Isn't this exactly what I stated? The items arrived quickly, securely, and they worked. I had no complaints about the service. "Would you rather have a nice website with a guy who never responds to emails/call and takes 3 weeks to ship?" - I don't understand why it has to be an either/ or situation. Unless the goal is to hold onto product for as long as possible (and maybe it is!), I don't see why one wouldn't invest the stupid small amount of time, effort, and money to put together a decent retail based website and increase sales/ reach. I may be in the minority on this particular forum, but looking around the internet it seems like a decent amount of potential customers don't become actual customers because of how primitive (and thus "sketchy") Best's operation is. I know I'm not the only one to have these issues/concerns and apparently the proprietor doesn't care that he's leaving money on the table. I just don't understand it. Finally, This is the review/endorsement thread. That's what I used it for.
  18. I fought through the frustration that is the Best Electronics website and ordered two TIA chips because I absolutely could not find any other place to get them. They came quickly and worked, so no complaints on that end. But there is absolutely no reason for a website in 2017 to be so cluttered and obtuse. I shouldn't have to email my credit card info or order crap I don't want to meet a $50 paypal minimum requirement. I had better luck using google to search the site than looking through listings and such. If I sound harsh, well, I mean to be. I'm grateful dude that runs it is doing it, but it's like a dude lost in a desert being glad that someone will spit water in his mouth after first completing an obstacle course.
  19. I picked up a 2gb when I thought I was getting the Zod 2. I'll be looking into how to properly file everything on it so I don't run into the system wiping out on me. Silly design flaw!
  20. Forgot about this thread, figured I'd bump it so I stop hijacking metarog's collection thread. As stated over there, I'm having fun figuring things out and futzing around with the Zod but I'd like it more if information wasn't so hard to come by. Every time I think I find a link to something cool, it's dead. I keep reading about fun little Palm games, but they all seem to have been washed off the internet.
  21. I finally got one! Seller actually shipped it this time and everything! Sadly (even more sadly I'd find out later), it's a Zod 1. But the price was right as far as I was concerned and it seems to work fine. The sadly part has rung true recently because I'm out of memory! I've only put a couple of things on there, and then I started having hotsync issues. (After I figured out why I was having hotsync issues when I first got it- like I couldn't sync at all- it was because I was using a palm desktop manager I downloaded from some site that said it was for the Zod but didn't work at all.) I eventually found a download for the installation CD that came with the Zod -but not my used one- and installed it and everything finally worked. After a few failed syncs, I decided to do what it kept telling me to do and look at the log. I was out of memory! Not only could I not add anything else to it, 2 of the 3 games I had for mame wouldn't run because they use system memory for ram. Anyway, the unit didn't come with any games, but it did come with a case. It's a little fabric pouch deal by Lava Solutions Group. Oh, it also came with a screen protector on it, so that was nice even though at first I thought the screen looked like crap. The protector fit so well it didn't look like an add on. I've left it on for protection, but it's pretty cloudy. So if anyone else pops in here looking for Zodiac info, openhandhelds.org is your friend (as of this typing) and ignore the LJP for Dummies Episode 1 video on youtube, I followed it by the letter and it didn't work. You can build your file system the way you're told, but just hotsync the .prc file. It won't copy over. It really, really stinks that all of the internet documentation is gone. I've been fighting with getting the wifi card to work. It uses WEP, and my router is set up for WPA. I set up a second network with WEP, but I'm still getting connection issues. It connects fine if I turn off the password security, but I'm not leaving myself open. I don't even know why I care about getting this thing online, but it passes the time I suppose.
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