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  1. glad you like it. i'll see if there are any more diferent games at the store. would you be interested in the intellivoice?
  2. i wasn't working it at that time. after a year of doing both days out there, i got burnt out and hired a couple of guys to work there for me. One was stealing and the other was practically giving the store away (felt pressured to look like he was making money, so would give vast discounts on volume purchases, which burned through a shit load of inventory; and overall killed the profitability of the site.) I priced the Turbo package at $130. Already a very fair price. I heard it sold for much less than that. I was a sad panda.
  3. http://www.smstributes.co.uk/ http://www.geocities.com/snappa_fcw/sega.html http://www.videogamecritic.net/master.htm unfortunately, all of the SMS sites I used to love a few years ago are gone. there was one place that the main page played the opening sequence from the master system (you know, when you first turn it on).
  4. sorry for the triple post (why is there no edit button?). If you are interested in SMS and Jag, come talk to me. I'm there every Sunday.
  5. I'm still deliberating on that. I don't like haggling either. When we first opened up two years ago, our prices were easily half of what stinky rich and the red-haired grizzly adams guy were charging. However, people would still try to beat me up for discounts. Got very irritating. Especially when I know I have something that I'm not going to have a hard time getting rid of (case in point, I sell N64 systems with one controller, hook ups and ninety day warranty for $20. They consistently sell out. one guy said if I were to throw in an expansion pak and Donkey Kong 64, he'd buy one. F-that.)
  6. The reason for the ton of games is that occasionally someone will stop in and pick up some intellivision games. On the other hand, I've never been able to sell O2 games on their own, and 98% of the pre-NES games I sell are $1 a piece, so i know it's not the pricing. I'd rather move the whole lot, then sell just the hardware, and then have the games sitting around forever.
  7. DEMON ATTACK! and i personally thought stadium mud buggies was awful.
  8. s' funny. the first console I "had" (it was actully my older brother's) was an intellivision. I used to play it all the time (Demon Attack pwns!) and never felt bothered by the controllers. these days I can play for about five minutes before my fingers lock up. Getting old I guess....
  9. glad you like the stuff i sent to the superflea. i'm probably going to take a coleco out tomorrow. (still deciding) out of the intellivision (it's the second model btw) and the odyssey, i'd suggest the intellivision. Odyssey is nice to own, but the intellivision would probably actually be played. as an aside, I'd take $50 for the Odyssey; but being how everyone that shops at the flea market expects money off of the price no matter how cheap the item is, i had my guy jack it up. (still, considering the amount of games that are with it, i think $60 is fair anyway.) If you didn't want the games with the intellivision, i'd drop the price a couple bucks (or give a deal if you bought more). I'm just sick of sending hardware out there, and no one buys anything to go with it. So I've begun bundling stuff with lame-o games.
  10. to be honest? kind of crappy. I don't need reviews for twenty popular arcade game conversions. I'm looking for reviews of stuff I've never heard of, which being that I've been a console games my whole life, shouldn't be that hard.
  11. i too am a newbie, having just picked up a xegs. are there any good review sites (such as lemon64 for the commodore?)
  12. I've worked at a game store for the past five years, and we had both of thoes games at their time of release. I know we didn't order them from Blockbuster.
  13. i can assure you, blues brothers and track and field weren't exclusive.
  14. yes, although now that i've played the game, i'd have been just a happy without it. what a stinker.
  15. no it wasn't exclusive, though it should have been exclusive to the "let's not release this" list.
  16. i see plenty that sold for ~$20. That's way high? Other BB exclusives that I'm aware of included Blitz special edition, clayfighter sculptered edition, razor freestyle. could be wrong, but believe duck dodgers, daikatana, and carmageddon were exclusives that eventually were full releases.
  17. i bought a boxed (no manuals) xegs from a kid with the following games(all loose cartridges):bug hunt, flight simulator II, centipede,deluxe invaders, miner 2049, congo bongo, spider city, and chess. I paid $30. was that too much?
  18. most of these have been said already, but maybe i can list some diiferent ones too. My favs were blazing lasers, ys 1-4, vasteel, the gradius series, spriggan mark2, cybercore, order of the griffon, cotton, riot zone, both gate and lords of thunder, cadash, kaze kiri, macross 2036, psychosis all these off the top of my head. yeah, sort of a shooter fan if you couldn't tell. Victory Run was the first game I bought for my Turbo. I played the hell out of it back in the day. Now I can't play for more than five minutes without getting frustrated. World Court Tennis (the tennis rpg) was cool too.
  19. just wanted to fill all of you in who were keeping track at home. The FDS was sold to-day, for $150.00 american. so, apparently, it was indeed worth that amount, to someone. If anyone is in the area tomorrow (Sunday) and wants to rock some Battlemorph, it will be the featured game of the day.
  20. The only cart racing games I can recall on these systems (other than Mario) are Street Racer on SNES and Diddy Kong, Mickey Speedway, and South Park on N64.
  21. yes, i just bought the CD compendium from Cafe Express, even though I can't use it on my Extiva.(bought the clock too, which is also useless-black hands against a black background-but damn is it sexy) I'm on TNL alot aka kraftwerks.
  22. Always wondered what the Genesis 3 used for sound (wasn't that what the original Genesis used the Z80 for?)
  23. hey, KEV. It's the "I love to drop rare protos" guy. I'm back at the Flea on Sundays. Please don't catorgize us with the Batavia store. Someone should let them know that Beyond Good and Evil has been $19.99 for over a year, so asking $34.99 for a used copy probably is a little high As Rhindle stated, I'm selling the thing for what I paid. If it seems high, so be it. It can sit there forever and be a nice conversation piece. It works fine and has an extra belt for the drive.
  24. I mean Gameboy color games that have extra features that are found only if playing the game on a gaemboy advance. for example, Wendy has three extra levels that can only be played if playing the game on a GBA. Shantae has better graphics/animation and i believe a level (but could be wrong on that front) Zelda Oracles of Ages and Seasons has a shop that can only be encountered on a GBA. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other games that have such features.
  25. To add another subdivision to my collection, I've decided to collect the various GBA enhanced GBC games. The only ones I'm aware of are wendy and shantae, as well as the zelda oracle games. Are there any other games?
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