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  1. Sold him a promo Atari 2600. Paid fast, communicated well, overall a pleasure to deal with.
  2. There's really no interest in this? I won't mind keeping it or throwing it on eBay, but...wow.
  3. I'm going to be taking offers for this system. Included is the system, two joysticks, a set of paddles, the switch box, and power supply. Also included it the box. The box is in pretty good shape, but as you can see the one side flap is kinda beat. The system is in great shape and works perfectly. Take a look and if you're interested, send me an offer. I'd really prefer to not ship outside of the US, but if you're a long time member or have a decent feedback profile, we can talk. In addition to the "promotional use only" stamp on the bottom of the system, there is also the number 371.
  4. How about $10 and you bring it to me.
  5. I have a loose Yoshi's Story for sale. Looks like some schmuck tried to black out the not for resale sign. Tested and works like it's supposed to. I'm open to offers and will only accept paypal. Thanks!
  6. Received mine over the weekend. Tried it out on my Nomad. Unsurprisingly, that is not the optimal way to play the game
  7. I had one a long time ago. It was cool playing Zero Tolerance with it! But that was about it! It is composite only and as I recall, the graphics were very washed out.
  8. Purchased a coleco controller. It was exactly as described and shipped quickly. Thanks!
  9. jesusc


    I bought an item. He shipped the item quickly. He shipped the item in an oversized box to ensure the item didn't get killed en route. I'm glad I bought the item from this seller. You should buy items from this seller too.
  10. You can't blame sellers for the high prices. The items can only sell for as much as they do because there are enough buyers willing to spend it. I could throw Combat on eBay with a BIN of $100. No one is going to buy it. There is no reason in the world that Final Fantasy VII gets the kind of money it does. It was a multi million seller BEFORE it went greatest hits. It wasn't all that long ago that the local game store had literally stacks of that game in their showcase for $7.99. Then the movie came out and all of a sudden the nerds had to have the game and were willing to pay obscene amounts of money for it. What kind of seller is going to say to himself, "Hey, even though everyone else is getting $30 - $70 dollars for this game, I know this game isn't worth half of that. I'm only going to sell it for $10."
  11. I don't think retro games are too expensive. I think nerds are too willing to pay too much.
  12. This worked out well for everyone in my family. My daughter is into frogs, so she took the naruto key chain. My son snatched the Halo lanyard. My nephew was staying over and is a huge mortal kombat fan, so he got the shirt. I really dig the Dead Space franchise, so that art book made me happy. I was hoping for a promo dvd or something rpg related. I guess expired DLC codes for The Last Remnant counts... One of my nerd friends has a scion, so I'll give him that keychain. The rest of the stuff will get thrown with my other swag in the game room.
  13. Chris Leach. Let me tell you about Chris Leach.
  14. Why not just post a price in the general area you're looking for? I'm interested in some of the CDi stuff, but I'm not going to fish for a price.
  15. For what it's worth, that is an official 3DO controller. It's The 3DO Controller 2, and I agree that it's head and shoulders above the initial Panasonic and Goldstar offerings.
  16. I'm playing a Tom Clancy game? And liking it? The wonder of 3DS!

  17. weird. I wonder if someone put a larger (or smaller) drive in your other system, because the 40 gigs that Sony introduced to the market were not backwards compatible. Good luck with the sale!
  18. ...only 20, 60, and 4 USB 80 gig were backward compatible.
  19. Title says it all. I have a coleco with two broken controllers and an Intellivision II in which one of the two controllers work. I'd like to get some controllers that work! If for some reason someone is interested in the three above broken controllers, just pay shipping and they're yours. Everything seems to work with the exception of the side action buttons. On the colecos, I could choose which game/skill setting, and move a character around, but couldn't shoot anything. Same deal with the inty controller.
  20. Bought a beautiful ROB from him, shipped quickly and well packaged. Thanks!
  21. Shipped quickly and well packaged. Would buy from again. A+!
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