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  1. I'm playing a Tom Clancy game? And liking it? The wonder of 3DS!

  2. weird. I wonder if someone put a larger (or smaller) drive in your other system, because the 40 gigs that Sony introduced to the market were not backwards compatible. Good luck with the sale!
  3. ...only 20, 60, and 4 USB 80 gig were backward compatible.
  4. Title says it all. I have a coleco with two broken controllers and an Intellivision II in which one of the two controllers work. I'd like to get some controllers that work! If for some reason someone is interested in the three above broken controllers, just pay shipping and they're yours. Everything seems to work with the exception of the side action buttons. On the colecos, I could choose which game/skill setting, and move a character around, but couldn't shoot anything. Same deal with the inty controller.
  5. Bought a beautiful ROB from him, shipped quickly and well packaged. Thanks!
  6. Shipped quickly and well packaged. Would buy from again. A+!
  7. *clears throat* I do believe the pack in is Pokemon Crystal, not Silver. *pushes up glasses, exits the thread*
  8. Just bought a boxed Master System from him, thanks for the local pickup!
  9. I've been through the same thing, even sending the buyer a pic of the postal receipt showing that I sent an item to podunksville on the day I told him I sent it. Guy was still a dick. There's nothing you can do but ignore what is written in his messages because it's probably a bunch of threatening garbage and keep responding with the time, date, and DC#.
  10. jesusc


    pm sent. I'll be out and about most of the day, so please don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't respond right away.
  11. Are those joysticks that rare? I have three of them new in box that I picked up a few years ago for $8 a pop.
  12. I'll take that lot of 13 genesis games for $35! But I'm guessing a number is missing from that quote...
  13. Got my stuff yesterday. Thanks!
  14. Bought a Lynx with some crappy games, a Sega CD with some crappy karaoke, and a ton of Genesis games with crappy labels. I can't say one crappy thing about his communication or packaging though. Grade A, would buy from again!
  15. I think the only person who got the shaft was whoever sold these to this guy.
  16. I too have a sealed Stronghold I'd like to sell. Perhaps you could let me know what you got for yours? I don't want to let it go for too much less than I would have to.
  17. Purchased a genesis and broken Sega CD. Took over a month to ship with no communication, but he did eventually ship. Every one can understand that crap happens. You just got to let us know what's going on in the meantime.
  18. hey, I don't have to dig for this thread. Handy! Stuff arrived yesterday, thank you.
  19. Lol at Axe's sandy vagina. You are such a child.
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