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  1. I'd love to know what bizarro world exists that Double Switch and Cliffhanger go for $15-$20. $150 shipped for the lot?
  2. And purchased. Thanks! I looked through some stuff on eBay, but it seemed like every auction I clicked on was for some off brand crap.
  3. I contacted B&C about the power cord. They want $11 to ship it. I'm not paying $20 for a power cord when I can get a whole system for $50 or less.
  4. I bought from him again. Buying crap from him is like eating Lays potato chips. It's great at the time, but you're left feeling all greasy and bloated after wards.
  5. I just bought a Jaguar (prolly my tenth one by now)off of one the Atari Age members. Came with boxed Tempest (the only reason I keep coming back to Jaguar), Iron Solder, Cannon Fodder, and a couple of loose games. I still had Towers II, Zero 5, and Rayman in the collection. Anyhow, it came with a Genesis power supply. I've heard arguments for and against it's use with the Jag. What's the final word? Is it potentially harmful to the system to use it?
  6. Whisky? Tango? Foxtrot? What are you, fucking three years old? How hard would it have been to reply to a PM and say, "Sorry dude, life is being a hassle. Will send as soon as humanly possible." 4 or 5 seconds? You've been on AA multiple times. Even if it's for a few seconds at a time, I don't think it's asking too much that you respond to a pm! You think it makes more sense to leave three customers hanging in the wind? You see it as a broken ass Sega CD and Genesis 2. I see it as $30 that could have been spent elsewhere as well as planting a seed of doubt that every seller after you will have to deal with. Finally, don't take a tone with me over a situation that is COMPLETELY your fault. If you had handled things properly, none of this would have started. Yes, I said some silly internet tough guy crap that is completely and utterly meaningless for reasons too stupid to list. But I think when a month has passed with NO COMMUNICATION from the seller, some degree of hostility/need to vent is justified and to be expected.
  7. He's ignored multiple PMs here. Why should I believe it'd be any different there?
  8. Congratulations! You're the first guy on Atari Age to rip me off!

    I only wish we lived nearer each other, so I could give you your prize!

  9. Exclamation Points! Try Reading! Golden Age and Silver Age! Comic Books!

  10. Exclamation Points! Try Reading! Golden Age and Silver Age! Comic Books!

  11. saturn gameshark w/serial port 1541 disk drive - untested but working last I tried - $1 Jane's Addiction - Kettle Whistle Lunar Demo Disc complete but opened 7x Mario variants (smb/dh, smb, smb/dh/wctm) I would like all of these. PM a total and I'll gift paypal you.
  12. GarretCRW. I bought a broken Sega CD and Genesis off of him December 14 for $30. As of this morning, I've not received anything. Last monday I sent him a PM asking if and when he mailed the stuff out. I got no answer. I then bumped his sale thread with an inquiry to the general public if anyone else had issues receiving their stuff. Last thursday, I sent another PM asking him to let me know what's up. Still no reply. I've been checking his profile and he's been online many times since I sent the PMs, so I'm pretty sure it's not a case of "I haven't been around, sorry."
  13. The Easy Pro can be bought for around $130. The one I have is around $450.
  14. I have the "real" JFJ Single Arm resurfacer. I swear they've made the pads and fluid crappier and crappier over the years. It used to be that unless a game was seriously gouged, a minute with the white pad and polish would make the disc brand new. I didn't use the blue polish for the first two years I had the machine! Then all of a sudden, only using the white stuff didn't make the disc look as good anymore. You could see swirls all over the disc. So I had to start using the Blue polish. Then, one minute wasn't taking out scratches. Had to bump up to two minutes, and the pads seem softer, meaning I'm burning through them quicker. Now, unless the scratch is very light, I gotta sand with the soft sand paper, two minutes white pad, one to two minutes blue pad. I'm on my second JFJ. I'm ready to take the plunge on the Azuradisc machine. Yeah, it's $1500, but it does in 30 seconds what the JFJ is taking me 4-5 minutes to do.
  15. jesusc


    I guess I gotta know what you "value" the FFXII standee to be worth so I can make a fair offer. I'd say $30 is fair for a shipped, clean dreamcast. What if I threw in these intendo sixty 4 tapes? # Bottom of the 9th # International Track & Field 2000 # Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 # NBA Hang Time # NHL Breakaway 99 # Spider-man # Triple Play 2000
  16. I always say I've never seen a system that didn't have at least a few games on it that were worth playing. But then, I've never seen a VIS.
  17. jesusc


    I has Dreamcast that fits yer description...I also still has interest in a couple of yer standees...what you think?
  18. You want $115 for a possibly banned console that has HDMI. You can get a non banned console with a year warranty for a few dollars more at Gamestop.
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